Mormon Doctrine and Racism | 3 Mormons

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We did an episode previously about
blacks in the priesthood but this time we’re gonna expand. We’re gonna give some more meat, some more stuffing. we’re gonna touch on some stuff to expand your minds and blow your freakin ideas out the wazoo.
I don’t know what I’m saying anymore. Alright! So let’s talk about– No, no wait! So our videos are about 10 minutes long so we can’t literally talk about everything. These episodes are to start a conversation so let’s dig into it. We’re
going to talk about doctrine. Now we said that the priesthood ban wasn’t
doctrine and that is true in a sense but also we should expand what doctrine is. So when we say doctrine or at least when I say doctrine, I almost always mean core
doctrine. You know Shrek is kind of like, “there’s lots of layers inside of an ogre.”
Yeah there’s lots of layers when it comes to God’s teaching and also the
teaching of men. Yes definitely. Core doctrine is eternal truth. It is God
lives, the creation of mankind, the creation of the world, the atonement of
Jesus Christ; these are core doctrines. These will never change. And then there’s policy. For example, Jesus Christ is the son of God who tells
us that we need to preach his gospel to all ends of the earth, that is the core
doctrine but there are nuances in there and these nuances are policy. For a
while nineteen-year-old men preached the gospel and 21 year old women preached
the gospel on missions. Yeah so if you’re an ordained,
full-time missionary. That changed recently around 2012 where now it’s 18
year old boys- men (they kind of seem like boys) and 19 year old females, women
preach the gospel. This was a policy that changed but the core maintained the same
which is preaching the gospel to all nations, kindreds and tongues. So the
ban put on African American men being barred from holding the priesthood was
policy. It was not core doctrine of the church. Now you’re going to think that
“Brigham Young said this” , “George Albert Smith said this”, and “they said
it was doctrine.” We’re going to explain that okay? Chill. From
a christian perspective for our non-LDS friends watching we can see examples of
this in the Bible. We know that Brigham Young and certain prophets have said
like this is from God black’s cannot hold the priesthood or
whatever they want to put in there and not just Brigham Young. Grandpa, I’ve got you. I’m not related to you. Well we are brothers
technically. Stop it, he’s my grandpa. Grandpa Briggy. In the New Testament
in Galatians Paul says this, he says there’s neither Jew nor Greek, there is
neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female, for you’re all one in
Christ Jesus. That is a core doctrine right there, that’s a fun doctrine. Here comes the nuance. But
then in his letter to Timothy “but what if Paul maybe didn’t write to
Timothy”– in his letter to Timothy he says this, “Wherefore I am ordained a
preacher and an apostle, I speak the truth in Christ and lie not. A teacher
of the Gentiles and faith and very. So he’s declaring his apostolic authority
there and then what does he say a few lines later, “But I suffer not a woman to
teach nor to usurp authority over the man but to be in silence.” Now right there
in the Bible, I mean we have that record of Paul giving his authority in the same sentence. Yeah, no yeah! In the same sentence! He’s like, “I have a calling from God.” True. “I will not lie.” I’m sure he didn’t want to lie. I
don’t think he’s gonna go out deceiving people. Giving people fake
coupons. But what happens is he gives that nuance saying but women will not
teach the gospel or usurp. Culturally I’m sure that made lots of sense back in the
day but you look at that and you go yikes you know he definitely wasn’t
watching Lena Dunham. Because before he says every man is one unto
Christ we’re one body were all equal. The core doctrine actually of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is that after death it doesn’t matter what
rank you are, it doesn’t matter who you are. After death, exaltation is given unto
everyone if they if they choose to follow the gospel Jesus Christ. So then after Christ’s resurrection what does he say to the Apostles and the
Prophet Peter? He says look we need to preach the gospel not just to the Jews
but to the Gentiles as well which is huge news for all the Apostles and so
he then goes back into heaven which leaves 12 men to figure out what he
meant by that and so you know there will be conflict in the conversations that
happened right after that and what happened? They didn’t go teaching to the Gentiles. They just kept teaching to the Jews but
what did Christ say? Teach to everyone. It came to the point where Christ had
to keep coming back down telling Peter to preach to the Gentiles and he’s like okayyyyy. It was culturally ingrained into his
mind not to do that. They were segregated but the gospel was
to preach unto everyone. So we can see how easy it is to take parts of culture
and put it in the gospel when the two should be separate and we see that in
the Bible and now let’s read from Brigham Young because I know they’re
going to quote it in the comments. Let’s just read it.
Brigham Young said any man having one drop of the seed of Cain in hand can not
hold the priesthood and if no other prophet ever spake it before I will say
now in the name of Jesus Christ. So that’s pretty similar to Paul’s
apostolic declaration but Brigham Young also says it’s nothing to do with the
blood for one blood has God made all flesh. So those two things seem to be in
contradiction. I want to put myself in his shoes you know he receives one piece
of doctrine which is all are one unto God but then he also has this idea but
everyone else around me is racist. Yeah that’s the culture he’s born into. So this idea of going against going against culture with your religion
is the right thing to do but it’s very difficult. It’s not always done and even
the best of men, even apostles fell into that trap. It’s important to understand that the
apostles and prophets are given a holy ordained calling from God but they’re
still men. I bet Wilford Woodruff sometimes sneezed without you know doing
a little dab. I bet he did that. That was a mistake? Yeah. That’s
like a minor mistake we’re talking about Yeah, that’s got nothing to do, not even kind of comparable. Dieter F Uchtdorf, the second counselor in the presidency of the
Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints has a great talk that is, Are You
Sleeping Through the Restoration? This idea was news to me when I heard of
the fact that we are still receiving revelation and that just ties right back
into the lifting of the ban of the priesthood. I’m not saying that we
figured out, “Oh man we shouldn’t be racist, we should probably change
this.” What I’m saying is mortal men are still in
charge of the organization of the church on earth. Christ is leading it but mortal men… In the end or on the earth making the
decisions. If the Prophet were literally perfect there would be no reason for the
Savior. Oooo dang. If he were to say everything perfectly and if he were to live a perfect life, the Prophet, Jesus Christ would have no
purpose, the Atonement have no purpose, many of these core doctrines would have
no purpose and so we need to understand that these men are fallible, they will
try their best with their holy callings to do what is right but there will time
and time again be moments where they make mistakes. Since the
restoration, God has promised that the Prophet will never lead us into a into
an apostasy, this is the last dispensation. This is the end of times
where we are preparing for the Lord to come unto the earth. And so we need
to understand that when prophets make mistakes, it’s not them leading us into
apostasy, it’s them being men. The priesthood will maintain itself, the covenants will
maintain itself, the ordinance, the gospel will maintain itself. If you believe that the
prophets have the authority then you also believe in Heavenly Father and you
believe in Jesus Christ and you know, they’ve got our back. Now there’s certain
things in church history and certain quotes that are pretty uncomfortable
about race and even some actions taken that are pretty uncomfortable
regarding race. I think feeling uncomfortable isn’t bad. No it’s not bad
at all, it’s human nature. If you don’t feel uncomfortable with some things in history, you probably should. But I want to talk about how sometimes these things
are put onto the Latter day Saints and they said look at this, you know, Wilford
Woodruff said this, David McKay said this and we completely take the context of
racism in Christianity out of it which is a no-no. And if I may I think we
should give some examples just to understand the world that the gospel was
restored in in regards to race. So we accept the fact that they said these
things. We don’t deny that. They said it, we own it, that’s our history,
right? That’s part of it. But it’s not just Christianity that had the problem,
let’s talk about humanity that can have a problem. Oh yeah, humanity has a problem,
it’s not like you go to places where religion has been totally outlawed, North
Korea, basically Russia, China and everything’s great. No! Those countries
are also fallible, they have their own… It’s not like taking religion or the
belief and trust in God out makes everything better. That makes it worse.
For the the LDS folklore of the curse of Cain and things like that,
some people think we came up with that… We actually didn’t. In 1873 Pope Pius
the 9th actually prayed for the Nigerian continent that God would remove the
curse of Cain so he gave this prayer asking to remove the curse of Cain from
the continent. You know we had we had St. Augustine, Pope Martin the first, the
entire third later, and council Pope Gregory and a bunch of people endorsing
slavery in a couple of early Christian folks even owned slaves. We all hate
Catholics, that’s what they’re thinking. No we don’t hate Catholics! I actually think Catholicism has beautiful elements. But it’s just really important for us to
remember that it was not just the Latter day Saints, okay? Everyone had their hand
in racism except for the Quakers. I don’t know
why they got a ride but the Quakers, good to you. I won’t be a Quaker because I’m
not going to be Kwaku the Quaker. Now let’s also talk about what
can we learn from this? What have we learned from you know the ancient
mistakes and the modern mistakes because if the restoration is still happening, it
seems like we have to restore peace between peoples. I think
that’s a part of it. My testimony as a Mormon and as someone who is I’m not
Asian all right? I think we can I think we can get it. Hey, y’all people out
there on the internet calling him the black Mormon. Yeah, like my name is in the
in the bio and they go out of the way to– not Kwaku, the black Mormon. We’re so
intellectual, you guys have this ban on this black Mormon. That’s all he is?
He’s just the black Mormon. Well it’s so funny because it’s like, “Your church is racist, look at the black Mormon hahaha.” He’s talking so that the PR is good. It’s just…my testimony as a latter-day Saint is that this church is true. I was not
led to this church by mistake I know this church is true and I know
that our gospel is true and I know that this is the best gospel for those who
look like me who have my skin color I know that. Can I ask you a question? How do you reconcile with the past? How do I reconcile with the past? That’s what a lot of
people ask you right? Oh yeah yes true How do you reconcile with it? How do you reconcile with the past? I love being in America.
America did some shady stuff in the beginning, okay? How do you how do you
reconcile anything? I know that Jesus Christ in his gospel is not one of
racism. That’s what I know. If some prophets did that in the past, so? I don’t
belong to the church of Wilford Woodruff! I don’t belong to the Church of Brigham
Young! I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ, okay? So I’m not going to let some
other person’s mean words or something like that hurt my testimony,
what I know to be true. That’s dumb. If you believe you can’t be a
member of this church because of the racist things in the past, that’s
Satan talking to you. You can be a member of the church because Jesus
Christ wants you. He absolutely wants you okay? And if you meet someone who’s LDS
and said something racist then they’re stupid so you’re fine! It’s going to be totally okay! So social media people out
there who subscribe to ethno-nationalistic pride views and mingle them with
doctrine that is eternal… Don’t do that. Just follow the doctrine and be kind to
everyone okay? Just be nice. Follow Jesus Christ. Sounds like a sweet rap.
Just be nice, follow Jesus Christ. One day this world’s gonna fade away but the
people still be left as we’re eternal. Also yo like, subscribe. Gosh we’re so like… hey, rapping’s cool! Drugs are bad! No, subscribe haha! Subscribe,
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we get to heaven we’re going to be in the majority of people that exist
are asian, right? When we die and get into heaven, we’ll be like wow were the
Buddhists right? No we’re right but it’s gonna be all Asian. If you think that heaven looks like Utah, you’re wrong. It looks like Taiwan.


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