Life of Faith, Part 1


(Music) JERRY: Hello everyone.
Thank you for joining me today. I’m Jerry Savelle. Welcome to
our broadcast and I trust over the next few moments, you’ll
have the opportunity just to relax, sit back, and enjoy the
Word of God. I believe I have some great things to share with
you today. We’re going to talk about the subject of faith.
Faith, man I love it. I’ve been living by faith for 48 years and
I’m telling you, it is the only way to live. Faith is the
victory that overcometh the world. We’re going to talk about
the life of faith. Once again, I began this walk and this way of
life 48 years ago. I remember running from God, running from
the call of God and not wanting to hear another sermon. I
thought all those preachers were just alike. But, a man named
Kenneth Copeland came to Shreveport, Louisiana, my
hometown, and preached the Word of God like I had never heard
before. He talked about the subject of faith. You know, I’d
heard preachers say, in the past, “You ought to have faith,
but nobody told me how to get it. I heard preachers say in the
past, if you had faith you could do great things. But, it seemed
like nobody ever got to how do you get it and how do you use
it? But, when Kenneth Copeland came, I’m telling you I heard
the message of faith, the Word of God like I’d never heard
before. It instantly changed my life and I made the decision
that I was going to serve the Lord. I was going to live by
faith. I was going to answer the call to preach, and I’ve been
doing that now for 48 years. Now, I’ve had a lot of people
that have said to me, over the years, “Well, you know, that
faith stuff just doesn’t work.” Oh yes it does. Please give me
credit for being a little bit intelligent. If it didn’t work,
don’t you think I would have found out by now? Forty-eight
years have come and gone, well, it’s still working and praise
God, I’m still living this way. I’m determined in my heart that
I’m going to live this way for the rest of my life. So, let’s
get right into the subject on the life of faith. Now, I want
to make this statement to you. It’s only by living a life of
faith that we have access to everything that God has provided
through His son, Jesus Christ. Let me say that once again. It
is only by living the life of faith that we have access to
everything that God has provided through His son, Jesus Christ.
Don’t you want everything that God has provided? Don’t you want
God’s best in your life? Then, you’re going to have to make the
decision that you’re going to live by faith. Now, let’s go to
Hebrews, chapter 11, and verse one. “Now, faith is the
substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not
seen.” Notice that God is not against you having things. Once
again it says, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for.”
Do you have things in your life that you are hoping for? Are
there things in your life that you need? Are there things in
your life that is a must, a requirement in order for you to
live life as God wants you to? Well, the Bible says that faith
is the substance of things hoped for. Now, I want to remind you,
once again, that God’s not against you having things. It’s
just a matter of, make Him the number one pursuit of your life.
Don’t seek things. Seek God, and the Bible says that if you “seek
first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all these
things will be added unto you.” That’s Matthew chapter 6, and
verse 33. “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His
righteousness, then all these things,” and if you go read that
chapter, Matthew chapter 6, the things He was referring to are
the material necessities of life. Everything that you need
to live a good life, God says if you will put Him first place in
your life, then all these other things will be added unto you.
The way they’re added is through your faith. Let’s remember Psalm
37 and verse 4 says, “Delight thyself in the Lord, and He
shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” Notice, God’s not
only interested in you having things, but He’s also interested
in you having the desires of your heart. You know, I can’t
think of one thing that I’ve ever desired that God hasn’t
brought to pass in my life. And, I might add, He even brought it
to pass better than I dreamed about it. You know, as a young
boy, I dreamed of certain things, having certain things,
doing certain things. And, everything I’ve ever dreamed,
God has brought it to pass. I’ve had to dream new dreams. Praise
God, but notice once again, “if I delight myself in the Lord,”
if He is first place in my life, if I delight myself in serving
Him, then He promises that He will fulfill every desire in my
life. Once again, God’s not against you having things, and
He’s not even against you having the desires of your heart. Now,
Jesus said in Mark, the eleventh chapter and the twenty-fourth
verse, “What thing so ever ye desire, believe that you receive
them, and you shall have them.” Once again, notice He’s not
against you having the desires of your heart. He’s not against
you having things. He says if you believe that you receive
them, when you pray, then you shall have them. So, what’s the
key here? Faith. Faith. It’s the life of faith, so once again,
God wants you to have things. God wants you to have the
desires of your heart fulfilled. God wants to fulfill your
dreams. God wants you to enjoy a great life. I’m living a great
life. I really wouldn’t want to trade places with anybody else
on the planet because I’m living a great life and I discovered
how to do that 48 years ago and that is through faith in God.
Faith in His Word. So, I want to encourage you to listen very
closely and I’ll teach you from experience and from the Word of
God how that you can live the life of faith and God fulfilling
the desires of your heart and causing your dreams to come to
pass. I’m telling you, it’s a wonderful way to live. Now,
Hebrews chapter 11, and verse 6 makes this statement, “But
without faith, it is impossible to please Him.” Without faith,
it is impossible to please God. Now, what does that do with the
people that go around saying faith is just a movement and
it’s come and gone? Faith is not a movement, folks. If it was a
movement, when do you know that it’s passed? When do you know
that it’s over? Faith is not a movement. It is a lifestyle. The
just shall live by faith, the Bible says. Once again, if faith
is a movement, and it’s over now, then that tells me I have
no way to please God because without faith, it is impossible
to please God. Let’s let the Bible be finally authority and
not what somebody else thinks about it. Go to the Word of God.
The Word of God should become final authority in your life
and the Bible says that it is impossible to please God without
faith. Now, I’m going to make a bold statement. You may not like
it, but I’m basing it on what I just quoted from the Word of
God. If you’re not living by faith, then you’re not
pleasing God. Did you hear that statement? If you’re not living
by faith, then you’re not pleasing God because it is
impossible to please God without faith. Now, faith pleases God.
Get that down into your heart. Faith, the life of faith,
pleases God. Contrary to what a lot of people are teaching,
faith is a movement and it’s over, it’s not, folks. Don’t
listen to that lie. It is not over. God expects you to live
your life in faith, by faith, and He expects you to do so for
the rest of your life. In fact, when you get to Heaven, you’re
going to continue to live by faith, but the great thing is,
when you get to Heaven, you’ll find out the devil is not there,
so that means there will be no resistance to your faith. But,
God is a creature of faith. God lives by faith. Everything He
does is by faith. The Bible says the worlds were created by
faith. God created the world through His faith. That’s the
way He lives. We are partakers of His divine nature. We are
created in His image, and that’s the way He has designed for you
and I to live, and we’re supposed to live this way
throughout eternity. Hebrews 10:38 and 39 says, “Now the just
shall live by faith.” Another translation says, “The just
shall have their lives sustained by their faith.” Your life is to
be sustained by your faith. The word sustained means provided
for or supplied by. In other words, it is your faith that
brings provision. It is your faith that causes your life to
be supplied. God promises, in his Word, that, “He will supply
your every need according to his riches and glory by Christ
Jesus.” But the way that he does that, is through your faith in
him and your faith in his Word. Hebrews 10 is not the only place
where this phrase is found, the just will live by faith. It’s
also found in Habakkuk, Chapter 2, and Verse 4. It’s also found
in Galatians, Chapter 3, and Verse 11. Once again, the just
shall live by faith. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not a movement.
It’s not a fad. It’s not something that’s popular one day
and not popular the next, even though some people try to make
it an unpopular message, but listen to me folks. You’re going
to need your faith for the rest of your life. I’m telling you,
if you haven’t learned to develop faith in God, you better
do so and get to doing it very quickly because things down the
road are not going to get any easier. If anything, they’re
going to get tougher. Thank God, the Bible says in 1 John,
Chapter 5, and Verse 4, “And this is the victory that
overcometh the world, even our faith.” Faith is
our method of victory over every onslaught of the devil.
Every crisis, every trial, every test, it is our
faith that causes us to become and overcomer.
Folks, listen to me. Don’t accept the idea and even the lie
that faith is a movement, it’s a fad, it’s gone, it’s over, you
don’t need that faith teaching anymore. Yes, you do. In fact,
you need it more now than you’ve ever needed it in your life.
Now, once again, it is a lifestyle. God’s way of living.
We are made in his image. Hebrews Chapter 12, and Verse 2,
makes this statement. “Jesus, the author and the finisher of
our faith.” Let me read it from the Amplified. He is the
perfecter of our faith. He’s the one who brings our faith into
maturity. He is the one who started this in us. Jesus is the
one who started this faith walk in me. Jesus is the one who’s
going to finish this faith walk in me. He is the author of our
faith. He’s also the perfecter of our faith. He is the one that
will bring it into maturity. Once again, folks, you need to
learn to live by faith. Learn to live the life of faith. Don’t
ever be ashamed of being called a faith person. You know, I
remember many years ago, I was invited to speak at a graduation
of a major Bible school here in the nation. I mean, it is well
known. The founder of that Bible school was certainly a man of
faith. His wife was a lady of faith, a woman of faith. I had
been there on several occasions to teach. They had invited me to
come and to give the graduation address to the students. The
founders were there. They loved me. They loved my message. They
loved the life that I had chosen to live and that is the life of
faith. The dean of the school, when he opened the ceremony, he
said, “Today’s speaker is Jerry Savelle. He’s one of them faith
preachers.” He said it very sarcastically. He said it like I
had leprosy or something. He said, “Let’s welcome Jerry
Savelle, one of those faith teachers.” I’m sitting there
listening to him talk about this and I got a little bit upset.
I said, “Lord, he don’t have to treat me like that. He probably
doesn’t even know me. He’s probably never heard a sermon
that I’ve preached.” The Lord said, “What the matter with
you?” I said, “I don’t like the way he introduced me.” He said,
“When is that such a problem with you?” I said, “You heard
him. Here’s Jerry Savelle, that faith preacher. It sounded like
I had leprosy or something.” You know, don’t get too close to
him. This might rub off on you. I said, “Why did he have to
address me like that? Why did he have to introduce me like that?”
He said, “What is your problem?” I said, “Lord, you heard how he
addressed me. He said, ‘I’m one of them faith preachers, like I
had some kind of disease.'” He said, “Son, what is your
problem? Don’t you understand that the fact that he addressed
you as a faith teacher, he can’t even think of your name without
thinking of faith? That’s not all that bad, son.” I thought,
“Yeah, that’s not all that bad. He can’t think of me or my name
without thinking faith.” Hey, I got up and preached on faith.
Praise God. Now, I’m sure that he didn’t like it, but
nevertheless, he couldn’t think of my name or even mention my
name without adding to it, “He’s a faith preacher.” I tell you,
I’m not ashamed of being a faith preacher. I’m not ashamed of
living the life of faith. I’m not ashamed to continue to
preach it because for 48 years, it’s worked for me. Forty-eight
years, it’s met every need in my life. For 48 years, it has
sustained me. Praise God, I am so glad that Kenneth Copeland
came back there in 1969 and preached the message of faith
and I grabbed ahold of it and I have been living that way ever
since. Thank you, Brother Copeland, for not compromising.
Thank you for living that life before me and showing me that it
works and it will continue to work as long as you put it to
work. Folks, listen to me. You need to develop your faith in
God. You need to start right away. I’m telling you, this life
of faith is the life of victory. Don’t listen to people that put
it down, that say it’s over, that say it’s done. It’s not
done. It’s not over. Hey, we’re just getting started real good.
I want to encourage you, get in the Word of God and learn how to
develop your faith. The Bible says, excuse me, in Romans
10:17, “So then, faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word
of God.” You just keep feeding your faith, stay in the Word of
God. The more you’re in the Word of God, then the stronger your
faith will become and praise God, eventually, you’ll get to
the place to where you’re not moved by what you see. You’re
not moved by what you hear. You’ve not moved by what you
feel. You’re only moved by what you believe and you believe the
Word of God. That’s the life of faith. It’s the only way to
live. Praise God. I want to encourage you to watch our
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live. The life of faith. JEREMIAH: I am Jeremiah
Emmanuel. This is my partner story. In the back of my
Bible, there are sermons back there. One of those sermons was
from Dr. Jerry Savelle and was it was titled, The Authority of
the Believer. After studying through that sermon and
realizing the power I had in God, I felt led to search the
internet for anything I could find from Dr. Savelle. From
there, I found Heritage of Faith Christian Center and while I was
watching one of their online services, the Lord had told me,
in my heart, go to Crowley and you will be blessed. We came
down here in June just for a church visit. My wife and I
didn’t quite understand why we were coming down, but we were
just wanting to follow what God told us to do. During an amazing
church service there, we felt the leading of the Lord
to make this our church home. We didn’t know
what we were going to do. We were totally intimidated
by the fact of moving all the way from Tulsa to
Texas in three weeks, but we knew that if God was asking us
to do this, He would supply us with everything we needed to be
successful. One morning while I was serving at the church an
opportunity opened up when someone came by the church and
let me know that there was an opening here at Jerry Savelle
Ministries International in their shipping department. Now
I’m completely used to working in call centers and customer
service jobs and things like that, so working in a shipping
department was totally different for me. I felt God telling me to
take this opportunity to seize the provision he put forth. I
went ahead and came to the ministry to ask about this open
job. I did receive the job and I started in October of 2015. It’s
a totally different job than anything I was ever used to, but
I knew that as I was here. God was working on restoring my life
in bigger and better ways than I could’ve ever tried to. Only
a few months after I started working in the shipping
department, an opportunity opened up to manage the Prayer
and Partner arm of this ministry, where we deal one on
one with partners doing the things that I used to do in
those call center jobs I did before. It was absolutely
perfect the way God used that old knowledge to supply a gift
to be used at this ministry. As I’ve gone on serving this
ministry in each of the areas that I worked in, I keep going
by keeping myself grounded in the Word and in all the
teachings from Dr. Savelle. Everything that he puts out, all
the information he gives us, it just provides so much knowledge
for us to be able to live the life of faith God has called all
of us to live. I am eternally thankful to Jerry Savelle
Ministries and the partners of the ministry that helped to make
all these materials available to people hungry for the Word
so that way they can have that one piece of information
to get their life back on track in the right
way. I am Jeremiah Emanuel. This is
my partner story. JERRY: Wasn’t that a
great testimony? I love it when our partners send us their
testimonies and share with us how the things they’re learning
on this broadcast is working in their life. I want you to know
that it doesn’t just work for me, God’s no respecter of
persons. He will see to it that it will work for anyone who will
dare put it to work. I have several other testimonies that
we’ve received from friends and partners of the ministry. Here’s
one from Chris in Minnesota. He says his nephew has been
delivered from oppression and from drugs. His mother was
healed of dementia and the Lord kept their house from being
placed in foreclosure and they were able to modify their loan
and not be able to lose their house. He’s giving all the
praise to God. I’d join with you Chris. Here’s one from Deb from
Texas. “Praise God. I had approximately $60,000 of
cancellation of debt. Thank you Jesus. I am coming up to the
next level. Amen.” Deb we rejoice with you. We have many
of our partners that give us this testimony of supernatural
debt cancellation and I’m so glad that you’re one of them.
Praise God. Here’s Waldo from Louisiana. “I overcame heart
failure in 2006. I wasn’t supposed to live more than one
year and I have been going strong for the last eight
years.” Praise God. I rejoice with you Waldo. I know that’s
like and I rejoice with you that God has restored your health.
Here’s one from Arthur in Texas. He said, “I have been cancer
free for the last nine months. Partnership is so valuable.
Thank you for teaching me how to live by faith Brother Jerry.”
Praise God Arthur. I rejoice with you that you’re free from
that cancer. God is a good God and I believe, praise God, that
He’s going to keep you free and your faith has made you whole.
Then one more from Jane, also from Louisiana. “Thank you so
much for your books that you have donated to my ministry. I
took them into the prison ministry. We’ve had many saved,
many healed, and many filled with the Holy Spirit.” Jane I
rejoice with you. Praise God. I believe that the best is yet to
come and you’re going to be able to minister to many, many more
people that are in prison with your knowledge of the Word and
the material that we’ve sent you that’s helping you greatly.
Thank you Jane for writing and sharing with us that good
report. I want to encourage you once again to place your order
for the special offer. This is our Life of Faith curriculum.
Now in this, I’m not going to take it all out of the
container, but in this, I will take this out, I’ve got one out,
the Life of Faith book, on the subject of the Life of Faith.
Along with it is a study guide and along with that is DVDs and
CDs. It is a curriculum that you can take and put it in your
home, listen to it, every member of the family listen to it. We
also have churches that order this curriculum and use it as
Sunday School material and Bible Study material. It’s available
to you, The Life of Faith. If you’re just starting out in this
Life of faith, then do what I did. I got a hold of every
message Kenneth Copeland had on the subject of faith, I got
a hold of every message that Kenneth Hagin or Oral Roberts or
T.L. Osborn had on the subject of faith and I listened to it
and I read those books. Faith comes by hearing and hearing
by the Word of God. We have prepared this and designed it to
build your faith. Place your order today so that we can send
it to you right away. Don’t delay now, while it’s fresh on
your mind, the curriculum, The Life of Faith. Praise God. I
want to encourage you also to go to our new website. I think
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lot of new products, lot of new material that I know will
benefit you and bless you and inspire your faith. Also on that
website be sure to look up where I will be conducting meetings
and come and join me so that you can get in a service where the
word of faith is being preached and you will grow and you will
develop and your faith will never be the same. I want
to thank you for joining me today. Bless you and I call to
remembrance this from the Word of God and I like
to close it on every broadcast. Your faith will
overcome the world. (Music) (Music)


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    God bless u and Brother Kenneth Copeland, His Generals! You have impacted millions of lives for Jesus!

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    Thank you Jerry I'm 14 and faith has changed my life and please pray for middle school and high school students these days teens need Christ more than ever.


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