Law of Attraction VS Belief Systems Who wins? the BEST way to manifest


this video I’m gonna be showing you who
wins when we’re looking at belief systems versus the law of attraction I’m
going to show you exactly which route to take and which will make the most
profound change in your life welcome back to another video my name’s Erin and
I hope you will expand their consciousness now in this video I’m
going to be sharing with you more about understanding how you create your own
reality and not only how you create your own reality but how you can go about
making inner change in your own life and many times the missing key to you
attracting what you want because a lot of times what happens is we we learn
something and then we learn it and then we begin to apply it and then we get a
certain result in life now what happens is sometimes there are these things that
are unconscious that we’re not aware of and when there’s things that are
unconscious we’re not aware of we may be experiencing resistance we may be
experiencing self-sabotage blocks that come up and all that is is that’s an
unawareness of certain things that are running the show certain things that are
on autopilot now when the movie the secret first came out you know on the
law of attraction there was this understanding that we create our own
reality that we can attract that which we want based on our own thoughts now
when we’re talking about which is more powerful between that of the law of
attraction which is that we attract that which we are thinking about but we could
even say that the law of attraction maybe isn’t just what we’re thinking
about but it’s also who we are I’ve said before and many of my prior videos that
we don’t always get in like that which we want because that which we want we
are vibrationally saying we don’t currently have but it could be that it’s
we get in life that which we are we get in life and we get in life that which is
equal to who we are who we are showing up that’s the story that we tell our
self about who we are the consistent thoughts feelings and emotions we have
and we change at that level that’s when reality really begins to change so you
can think of a lamborghini all you want you can think of a relationship all you
want but do you believe that you deserve a
Lamborghini do you believe that you deserve a relationship are you the kind
of person that is giving an exiting a certain amount of love that then people
want to be around are you the kind of person that adds so much value into the
world that people are willing to give you in exchange the abundance back to
where then you could go and be the kind of person that has something called a
Lamborghini you see these are these are ships that make all the difference now
here’s the thing if you don’t believe you deserve it if you don’t believe it’s
possible for you then you won’t experience it anyways no matter how much
you want to attract it no matter how much you focus on it and I’ve
experienced a lot of resistance before when especially early on when I was
learning about the law of attraction by just focusing on certain goals here’s
something I realized though I used to have that nine-to-five job selling
women’s shoes at Nordstrom’s I first learned about the law of attraction I
started to get better results almost immediately I started realizing well if
I focus on these certain goals if I focus on having a certain goal of like
you know selling a certain amount per day you know I went in everyday he
started to zero because it’s a commission based job I got a percentage
of the amount of shoes that I sold and every day I started at zero and I would
go in and I would see a direct correlation between what I was thinking
feeling and experiencing now a huge change happened when I made this one
little shit what I realized is every day I’m going to work and the the top sales
employees from the day before there’d be a list of every sales employee in the
department for the day before and how much they sold and you could go in and
say oh this person sold this much as a little bit of maybes a little bit
intrusive you could kind of you know you can be able to see how much people money
people were making but it was part of like the competition I don’t know it’s
part of the experience of knowing where you you know compared to other people so
I’d go in every day and I used to always see myself as the kind of person that
was right in the middle you know I wasn’t that passionate about selling
shoes but I saw myself in the middle and you know I was I wasn’t I wasn’t also
like one of the you know I was just right like right the middle sometimes
towards the top but you know right about there well something happened I became
aware of how our self-image controls our the way we see ourselves the way we see
ourselves is on a cybernetic cybernetic means it always reverts back down to the
base points for example there’s like a thermometer somewhere over here that
like shows the temperature of this room and there’s an AC unit and if you were
to turn up the AC or down the AC either the heater would turn on or the AC would
turn on probably just the AC here it was already I’m from the Costa Rica right
now and it would moderate it back to that setpoint well do you see yourselves
as the kind of person that’s in the middle of this list of people every day
when you check your numbers then that’s on autopilot now when I did is I became
aware of that and then what I did is I started to simply believe that I was
somebody that was the kind of person my identities I’m somebody that’s active at
the top I thought everyone else is well you know
lower or not as good as me but I just started to be my I started see myself as
this best version of me that was just like a top salesperson and guess what
happened within days and I was consistently a top salesperson because I
changed my belief about Who I am so that’s when things really begin to
change is when I change my belief so maybe you view yourself as somebody
that’s like it’s hard to lose weight it’s hard for you to be at the ideal
body image it’s hard for you to attract love and relationships you don’t view
yourself as worthy of it you don’t view yourself as the kind you know if you
believe you can only make 50,000 a year your thoughts your emotions and your
actions will be equal to you making $50,000 per year you see but when you
change your beliefs you then change your life when you change the way you see
yourself you then we’ll find that naturally you have certain thoughts
certain emotions certain feelings that are equal to that new way that you see
yourself so that’s where my life has changed the most is changing my beliefs
about Who I am and the way you do that is you simply become aware of the
beliefs you currently have about who you currently are and this the way that
you’re currently showing up in the world I used to have a belief that I had to
work a nine-to-five job I used to have a belief that I wasn’t worthy of love I
used to have a belief that you know it was it was hard for me to be at my ideal
body weight and cuz of that he was of resistance was
lots of struggle a lot of blocks a lot of self-sabotage feeling like I’m not
worthy feel like it’s not working this whole law of attraction thing that I’m
learned it’s like it’s not really working for me why not
why am I focused on what I want woods remember what we want we are
vibrationally saying we don’t currently have it we lacked it in the present
moment right now rather than knowing you can wire in any emotion any story any
any way of being giving yourself permission to be the way that you want
you can give yourself permission now and by giving yourself permission now you’ll
find that your life begins to change in a very powerful way but the key to this
whole process is understanding that the way it works let’s look at this law of
attraction which normally means thoughts when people normally say the law of
attraction it depends upon the way that you relate to the idea of the law of
attraction most people will think of the law of attraction as your thoughts
create your reality however let’s look at this this is the way it works we have
our beliefs and then after our beliefs we have our feelings the beliefs
generate feelings you must first believe something to be true to generate a
feeling for example if you believe that losing your job is horrible you’ll feel
negative emotion if you believe leaving your job and getting fired was the best
thing ever because you didn’t even care about that job then you’ll feel positive
emotion if you believe that it raining today is horrible then you’ll have
you’ll feel sad about it if you believe that it raining is awesome as you want
water do you love the the feeling of that then you’ll feel amazing beliefs
then stem feelings from feelings you then will have certain thoughts I used
to think it was the other way around like no thoughts then come feelings no
feelings generate from the meanings we give which are beliefs meanings are
beliefs then in that state we think of many of the thoughts that we have are
going to be equal to that so for example Tony Robbins talks a lot
change your state change your state to change your life you don’t want to be
want to be in a good state and when you’re in a good state guess what you
change your feeling when you’re in a good feeling then your thoughts are
easier you have more access think of it like when you think certain thoughts
you’re in a certain frequency know when you feel certain
when you feel a certain way you’re in a certain frequency and then it’s very
easy for you to think thoughts that are equal to that frequency it’s almost like
you have access to thoughts that are equal to so if you’re feeling good
you’ll find more reasons to feel good you’ll think thoughts that make you feel
good you’ll think of gratitude you’ll find people that also resonate with that
level of gratitude it works all the way around so you have beliefs you have
feelings then you have thoughts the thoughts that you have so thoughts that
are equal to the feelings you have the meat which are generated from the
meanings you give things so you have beliefs feelings thoughts after thoughts
you have action action talks of many and then and then what happens is that is
your acting in a certain way as you’re doing certain things you’re then many
times it’ll help you get to a certain state and then from those those actions
then come results so think of it like there’s an arrow going from beliefs to
feelings an arrow from feelings to thoughts an arrow from thoughts to
actions an arrow from actions to results and then an arrow from results to
beliefs because then it reaffirms those beliefs so when we’re talking about
belief systems understand who wins the law of attraction versus belief systems
well that’s the thing is you can think all you want about a Lamborghini you can
think all you want about being in the perfect relationship and maybe you think
so much about it that you change the meanings to certain things and you start
to change your beliefs but what happens is unless you change your beliefs those
things can’t come into your life they are vibrationally locked from coming
into your experience because remember how you think feel and act is reflected
back to you and if your being the kind of person that’s not worthy if you’re
being the kind of person that can only make a limited amount of money per year
and if you’re being the kind of person that that doesn’t believe your your
you’re worthy of success or happiness or any of these emotions then everything in
your reality will be equal to that and it won’t come into your life
so the key and sometimes when people say Law of Attraction that I mean the
feeling you know but many times I see 99% of the time most people don’t focus
on their own beliefs now here’s something
do you believe that it is hard to change what are your beliefs about beliefs
because many times I’ll show a certain process that is super powerful I’ve seen
people transform their lives by changing their beliefs you change their beliefs
you change your life but if you have a belief that it is hard to change theirs
in order to get your subconscious mind you got to do years of transformational
work you need to go to years of therapy you need years of all of these kinds of
help then that may be what’s holding you back because you believe you have to go
through a dark night of the soul you believe that things have to be difficult
you believe it can’t just be that easy but when you become aware of your
beliefs about beliefs that’s where things really begin to change here’s the
thing – every moment you’re changing every moment you’re changing every
moment you’re changing but many people change do the same things over and over
and over again because of their beliefs about who they are and that the process
has to be hard and that and that things just are that way but when you challenge
your beliefs when you challenge who you are and you realize the truth the truth
is and quantum physics is showing us is that every moment is a completely new
moment our cells are dying and being reborn every second but they continue to
recreate themselves in the way that we’ve passed been in the past
so that’s on autopilot so we are powerfully recreating the old illusions
over and over and over again based on our level of identity but when you
become aware of that that’s when things can begin to change and you realize that
you’re recreating yourself every moment anyways but do you want to recreate
yourself to be the past version of you or do you want to recreate yourself to
be new to be new to be new to be new you’re changed in regardless but your
might you might just be changing to be more of the same the same story the same
identity the key to this process is becoming aware of your beliefs about who
you are because the story that you consistently tell yourself is what’s got
you locked into a certain bandwidth of information a certain vibrational state
of consciousness a certain type of reality if you want to change your life
you have to change your beliefs about who you are you have to realize you’re
worthy of having that you’re worthy of having the love in your
life you’re worthy of having the abundance in your life you’re worthy of
doing what you love for a living you’re worthy of having that ideal body image
you’re ideal you’re you’re worthy of all of this but you might have beliefs that
say you’re not worthy because the people in your past didn’t feel worthy and they
gave you those beliefs Society gave you those beliefs family members gave you
those beliefs because they didn’t know they didn’t know that they were on
autopilot they didn’t know they were thrusting their beliefs on you for they
know not what they do they didn’t know that’s all you don’t to
be mad at them mave absorb the beliefs that you’re not abundant from your mommy
or dad you may have you may have absorbed the beliefs you know I’ve seen
my dad go through two divorces and and because of that there’s beliefs that I
may have that hold me from thinking that that kind of thing is scary that love is
something like that that could be really really painful like that so don’t want
don’t want the relationship stuff don’t want stuff like that those are just
beliefs though and when you see it as a belief that’s when your life can be in
to change but one thing I would really encourage you to do is to become aware
of your beliefs about who you are your beliefs about what kind of money you can
make your beliefs about the kind of relationship you’re in the beliefs about
how much you can enjoy your life become aware of those beliefs and then see them
for what they are just beliefs things you make meanings you gave to the past
belief is meaning meaning to get into the past that you thought this is Who I
am and because of that it was on autopilot
then you become aware of it that’s when it changes beep 90% of transformation is
awareness becoming aware of the old patterns becoming aware of the old
beliefs become other way are the old stories you tell yourself and guess what
come aware of it that’s when your life changes because then you see it for what
it is just to believe but if you want to change your life don’t do it from the
level of thought don’t do it for even a level of feeling do it from the level of
belief of identity of who you are one of the strongest transformations you will
ever have in your life is becoming aware that even this ego story that you may
tell yourself who you are you’ll realize you are an
eternal spiritual being having a temporary human experience you go beyond
identity itself that’s the most powerful transformation you can have and you have
that transformation as you start to realize who you are not and I’ll tell
you you’re not your painful past you’re not what your friends or your family
thinks about you you are not the limitations you have you are not the
beliefs even you are an eternal spiritual beam of love of light you may
have forgotten that when we come into this reality we forget that’s who we are
because part of the game part of this illusion is remembering who we are but
here’s the thing once you become aware that this is a game once you become
aware of that it becomes so much more flexible so much more fun so much more
easy and then you realize well why am I going to continue to create this
resistant story why am I going to continue to create from this limitation
and then what you say is well this looks a little bit better and then you’ll
start being this new winning and then eventually you’ll go beyond that and
you’ll just keep continuing to redefine yourself to let go of the old layers to
let go of the old beliefs and realize at the core you are beyond all of this
but if you’re gonna play the game of separation which is what we’re playing
we can start to realize we’re all in unity we’re all connected what you can
begin to do is do it with awareness do it with their awareness so we’re talking
about belief systems versus thoughts belief systems always win because from
the meanings we give things in our life from our level of identity then spawns
the feelings we have dance pose the thoughts we have thoughts is 3in think
about that thoughts has three levels down it’s not this thoughts are are much
more surface beliefs identity is where transformation happens so becoming aware
of those thoughts becoming aware of those beliefs if you haven’t seen it
already there is something that I have called the shift experience which helps
you shift beyond beliefs and into being into a new vibrational state of
consciousness that changes everything and odd that of the shift webinar what
we do is an activation that activates this transformation within us using
frequency using a certain sound and everyone being there
to that energy it’s called the shift experience webinar it’s down in the
description below there’s an activation there that we do and it’ll change your
life it’ll spawn you’ll start to see things in your life begin to change
because you start to resonate at a new frequency so you can listen to that
below click on it you’ll see the times available and you can join that of the
meditation which is super powerful and transformative right now I’ve got two
more days here and then I go to another part of Costa Rica and then after that
11:00 should be going back to Vegas and in Vegas I’ll be I’ll be starting to do
live events here with the next couple months too so I’m super excited I’ll be
doing shift experience live events stuff like that anyways I just wanted to make
this video real quick to share with you the power of belief the power of belief
and also the power of not believe the power of letting go of beliefs the power
of being in a higher frequency the power of going beyond your identity and if you
could like this video if you want me to make more videos like this one smash
that like button let me know what you think and then that as always I will see
you on the next vid peace much love and namaste


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  1. Nena Lavonne

    December 26, 2019 6:37 pm

    Whatever strategy works for you, the most important aspect is understanding this reality already exists and we simply need to align ourselves with it. Nothing is beyond reach, and 2020 is the time to finally create the life we truly want to lead. Wishing everyone incredible blessings in the new year. Thank you, Aaron for following your own dreams and being such a shining example! You are appreciated more than you know! 😊β™₯️✨

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  3. Daysy Rosas

    December 26, 2019 6:42 pm

    Wake up everyday stating what you’re grateful for NOW.
    Do something each day that is going to help you reach that goal.
    Go to bed appreciating your day, knowing you’re working towards that and envisioning what you want to manifest βœ¨πŸ™πŸ½

  4. Erika K

    December 26, 2019 6:45 pm

    Your whole world changes the moment you start believing in yourself, the moment you decide that you're powerful and worthy. It is your beliefs that create reality, whatever you believe in, that's what you'll manifest into your life.

  5. Lanie Gardner

    December 26, 2019 6:48 pm

    Word! I wake up every morning, look in the mirror and say.."You sexy little bitch"! Haha..yes believe! I love your videos, keep them coming!

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    Thanks Aaron! Love your videos – they are great touchstones in my own journey! πŸ€— β™₯️&πŸ’‘

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    hey i feel things are getting better, doing one of the meditations for 5 days now its going to be great in the 21 day an before lol, thanks Aaron HOORAH

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    You are a true inspiration dude!! We are creator gods!! I AM grateful for all you do brother!! Bless you, Namaste πŸ™πŸ˜Š

  9. Marna Carney

    December 26, 2019 7:00 pm

    Hon, I've divorced two different men (one my twin flame) to escape abusive situations that nearly killed me. Do you know what that taught me about love?

    No matter what, LOVE IS WORTH IT. Love opens you up to becoming a version of yourself you never imagined. Love shows you what true harmony between souls can be. Love is the promise the Universe makes of what we can become.

    Don't give up on love because you fear pain. Love shows where you are growing too; pain speeds up getting there.

  10. Angelina Slattery

    December 26, 2019 7:03 pm

    I was nodding a lot to this video and picturing my beliefs as a yeti with a baby yeti on top (the beliefs about my beliefs).

  11. W.M. MaGustavo

    December 26, 2019 7:09 pm

    Along my journey I have come to discover that it is very important that we understand both the Law of Attraction and the belief systems stored in our Sub-conscious minds. This is because the beliefs we hold in our sub-conscious minds, are directly tied into the e-motions (energy-in-motion) which is then being sent out and reflected back to us through the law of attraction. Once we shift our identity from that of limitation into that of expansion, by seeing ourselves as fully capable and worthy of our goals and intentions, we will be manifesting an experience that feels and looks like heaven on earth, effortlessly and easily. Thank you. Peace.

  12. Keisha Boyce

    December 26, 2019 7:16 pm

    Wow Aaron this video is amazing. Our beliefs create our feelings, our feelings create our thoughts, our thoughts create our actions, our actions create our results and our results create our beliefs. I especially love this video and the ones on choosing our reality.

  13. Zhyon Davis

    December 26, 2019 7:23 pm

    Hey Aaron!! Your videos inspire me! Do you think it is possible to one day shift to an alternate reality where my mom didn't pass away, where i have more than one sibling from her and where my uncle isn't deaf and had children and where my grandad didn't lose his legs to diabetes? Is this possible or should or do i just have to wait until i reincarnate into a parallel life with those possiblities? I am so desperate to know!! Help me please!! πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ
    Edit: also whee my great grandmother lived to be 95-100 and where being bisexual is the norm. Lol, I'm biromantic and gay. Oh and i also feel possessed by demons and i hear voices and am on different medications. I want that gone too. I turned 18 yesrs old last month in november.

  14. Shirley Hogan

    December 26, 2019 8:07 pm

    These beliefs are actually even older than parents or grandparents even older than theirs, and on and on. Lots of joy, love, peace, and enthusiasm for the journey be yours from now on. Here's to each moment coming up fresh living it and allowing it to fall away as to be ready for the next. Dare to love life as it loves you. May many blessings flow effortlessly into your life now and forever, and so it is. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  15. Robert Wilson

    December 26, 2019 8:12 pm

    Ok. So i know i'm decent looking, i know i make woman laugh, i don't think i'm unworthy of a relationship. I've had many in the past, but my social circles have kinda dried up. I've spent the last year looking after my mother so getting out has been dificult. I'd date a single mother and would love her kids, i love all kids and animals. I believe all this, yet still i'm single, i haven't bumped into the right person in the supermarket or out shopping for forever wtf. Whats going on. Lifes literally grinding me down.

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    I think we are living in a generation of laziness ,we cant seem to get out of our comfort zone and we seek a magical solution ,, the ego loves the idea that we can have whatever we wants , everyone wants to win the lottery( 1st prize) but it can only go to 1 or 2 people . You see we must accept REALITY (the now) Not a better version of you in a paralelle universe
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