KLAS TV: Interactive Robot Lesson with Faith Lutheran Students

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(dramatic music)
– [Announcer] Now live, this is 8 News Now at six. – Bringing technology
to the classroom for a very interactive life lesson. Today, Faith Lutheran
neurosurgeon, Dr. Scott Glickman, gave students a demonstration
with a device he uses at Mountain View Hospital
during surgeries. It’s called the Synaptive robot, basically a robot that improves
and controls his ability to move, interact, and use
the camera during surgeries, allowing him to have a different
perspective and a much more powerful magnification in
a more comfortable position than he would without it. – This device allows
me to do some surgeries a little bit more accurately. It adds an extra layer of
precision to an already very precise specialty of medicine. – It’s crazy to think about how technology has an impact on human life. Like it’s crazy to think
that robots could control how we help ourselves, like
computers can save our lives. – [Kirsten] Dr. Glickman
will also be speaking to the robotic students at
Cimarron High School tomorrow. – [Reporter] That’s cool. – Yeah, it’s a great program.


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