Keeping The Faith – 18 DAYS


…then why fight when our defeat is assured? Nothing is assured in battle, Abhimanyu. War is too complex for such certainty. Who knows what tomorrow will bring What twist of fate… Bheeshma is not immortal, He is destined to die one day. We have no means of defeating him at present. We must continue on our strategy to stay out of Bheeshma’s range. It’s the only way… It is not the only way, great king. There are such weapons created during an earlier age than ours. Astras that even mighty Bheeshma cannot withstand. They lie abandoned in the ruins of the great city across the desert Why have you never mentioned this before? I mention it now, King Yudish! These weapons are dangerous to both the wielder and the target. Like a treacherous sword, they cut both ways. You have the means of victory at hand without these instruments of destruction. You have righteousness and justice on your side. All that is required is to have faith in your cause. Faith? That is in short supply. It does not heal our wounded. It does not guard our armies from the astras of Bheeshma. Look outside the tent, my friend. Look at the fields of dead Bheeshma has sown. Faith is little comfort to the widows and orphans freshly made today.


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  1. Prasanna Kamatkar

    December 27, 2019 11:52 pm

    Are these trailers of something thts coming? Where are Nakul and Sahadev??? Didn't they fought war?? Why no mention of chakravyvueh


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