K.O Talks: Divinity – Trine 3 – WoW – Mad Max (and more)

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Whats up guys, welcome to a new episode of K.O Talks today is just me and you so lets get started First on the list we have Divinity: Original Sin It’s a turn based fantasy RPG it’s been only on PC lately It is coming for PS4 and Xbox One Next on the list we got Trine 3 2.5D action, fantasy platformer Goblins & Knights & Wizards & Swords & Arrows Speaking of fantasy games, another beautiful one has been WoW Lich King expansion, and thats when I got tired of MMO’s Lately they announced the Burning Legion expansion


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  1. Swarth2300

    August 22, 2015 10:29 am

    its weird i watched a lot of mad max videos, some of them seem way too easy and others look very challenging even going as far to compare it to the dark souls series(at least how they do health) i am hoping they have difficulty settings


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