Judge Faith – Transmission Fail (Season 1: Episode #68)


Judge FaithWhen his prize BMW
broke down,
he took it
to their auto shop,
but says they only made
the problem worse.
We got the keys from him,
we got in the car, we drove it two miles, broke down. Broke completely down. NARRATOR:But they say
his story is a lie.
We put 75 miles on it,
it never faltered one time. NARRATOR:Now,
Judge Faith will decide
whose story is factand whose is fiction.See, whenever someone
starts a sentence with, “What happened was,” I know they’re
stalling for time. NARRATOR:Faith Jenkins.Her distinguished
legal career
began when she graduated
first in her law school class.
She quickly became
a tough New York City
and then a preeminent
legal analyst
on cable news.
And now, she’s the judge
in her own courtroom.
Her cases are real,
and her rulings are final.
She isJudge Faith.Plaintiff Robert Matthews says
he hired the defendant
to rebuild a transmission
for his car,
but the vehicle
still doesn’t run properly.
He’s suing for a refund
on the car.
Defendant Dave Miller says
the plaintiff is lying about
the condition of his car,
and he doesn’t owe anything
because he finished the job.
He’s countersuing
for fraud.
He’s accompanied in court
by Derrick Grimes.
Remain seated
and come to order. Court is now in session. The honorable Judge
Faith Jenkins presiding. Your Honor, we have
Matthews v. Miller.
Thank you, Barbara. Robert Matthews? Yes, Your Honor? JUDGE FAITH:
You are suing the defendant Travis Miller and also Dave Miller for $3,000 for a refund
for a car transmission? That’s correct. JUDGE FAITH: And you are
countersuing, sir, for $5,000 for fraud? Correct. JUDGE FAITH: So, as I
understand it, Mr. Matthews, you took a car
to the defendant’s
son’s auto shop… That’s correct. …to have
some work done? Yes. JUDGE FAITH: Okay,
why don’t you start? What was the issue? Uh, the transmission
was slipping and the lights were
coming on on the dashboard which means
it needed servicing. I asked him how much
he would charge me to rebuild that whole
transmission, and he quoted me
a price of $2,200
to rebuild the whole thing. So, he quoted you $2,200? That’s correct. JUDGE FAITH: How long have you
been working on cars? Thirty-five years in the
transmission industry, my parents ran it
for 50 years. I’ve been on my own
for 25 years, going on 30. And when did you
pass the company
down to your son? Uh, about a year ago.
So, it’s third generation
right now. My parents for 50,
then I was in it for 25, and then Travis
has taken over
in the last year. And is your specialty
rebuilding transmissions? We do… well, now
we do full automotive… For the first 25 years,
that’s all we did was transmissions. JUDGE FAITH: Okay. So, now we do full
automotive transmissions
and all car aspects. You rebuild the transmission? Completely overhauled. JUDGE FAITH: Okay, got it. And so do you
have an invoice
for the first time? ‘Cause I know you said
you had to take it back but do you have an invoice
for the first time
he rebuilt the transmission? Yes, I do, Your Honor. May I see that please? And so, you paid
the full price for the defendant
rebuilding the transmission
the first time, right? How long did it take you
to do that, sir? Uh, we had some issues
with his tranny. Uh, it took us
approximately I think about 30 days. JUDGE FAITH: And by tranny,
you mean transmission, that’s the short form for it? MILLER: Yeah, yeah. Did you work on it? GRIMES: Yes, ma’am. MILLER: Derek’s the builder. JUDGE FAITH: Stand up. Oh, you actually
did the work? I’m the transmission builder. JUDGE FAITH: Okay,
step on over here. So I was the one
that actually
built the transmission. I tore it apart,
I rebuilt it, I put all the parts
in the transmission. I wasn’t the guy
who put the transmission
in the vehicle, but I’m the one
that did the diagnostics. When he came in,
scanned it, I talked to, um, Mr. Matthews
personally when he came in
with the vehicle. He said that there
were some codes
that weren’t in the car, that he took out
of the car when he had scanned it. Now, he had mentioned
that there was
a diagnostic code, uh, with a transmission
control module. Now, he was
supposed to show me
what that code was, never showed me
the code. Let me ask you this,
you… so you
were overseeing this process? Okay. MILLER: Correct. So, after you rebuild
the transmission you call him up,
and you say,
“It’s finished, “it’s ready to go”? Correct. Did you think that
there were any problems after you rebuilt
the transmission? I know any time
you’re dealing with
a 2000 BMW, a car that’s that old, and you’re rebuilding
a transmission, you never know what
you’re going to run into
once it’s done. But, in your expert opinion,
after you rebuilt
the transmission, did you foresee
any problems with it? No. You went and picked up
the car after five days. You rebuilt the transmission,
you say your work is good, it was done. GRIMES: Yes,
Your Honor. You go pick up the car,
what happened? I went down there
a few days later,
he says, “I need a week “to fix the car, a week.” Okay, give it a week. Came down there
a week later, he didn’t even call me,
I just came down because, you know,
I hadn’t heard from him. Went down, and he said,
“Oh, car’s ready. “It’s over there,
it’s ready. “It’s cherry,
it runs beautiful.
Everything is fine.” So, me and the wife, we got the keys from him,
we got in the car, we drove it two miles, broke down. Broke completely down. She was behind the wheel. Hang on, sir. Lights coming on
in the dashboard, and we didn’t know
what was going on. So, she was nervous,
people blowing the horn
at her and everything, and I was like,
“Pull over,
just pull over,” and she couldn’t even
pull over, so I got out, and took over, and I
drove it back to his shop. So, you didn’t even
drive it home? Okay. MATTHEWS: No. We drove it back
to his shop. Got it to his shop,
and I said, “Dave, “this thing is messed up.” He said, “Oh,
let me look at it.
Oh, okay, well, “leave it here. I can’t
do anything today,
’cause it’s too late.” He says, “But,
we’ll check it out and
let you know what’s up.” Three days went by,
didn’t hear nothing from him. So, I went down,
asked him what’s going on. He says, “It’s ready.” I said, “It’s ready?”
He says, “It’s ready.” He told me, he said, uh,
“You know what it was?” I said, “What was it?”
“A fuse.” A fuse? I’ve never…
And I’ve worked on cars, too,
just like him. I’ve never heard of a fuse
for a transmission. Never. He drives the car back,
he picks it up, he drives it back
to your shop. You don’t dispute that,
right? No, we don’t… Okay, so what happens
when he gets back
to your shop? NARRATOR:Coming up
Judge Faith,was his BMW a classic
or a clunker?
We went on a test drive. We didn’t even get
six blocks from his shop, and it broke down. The car had multiple
electronic problems that his son created. JUDGE FAITH: You’re telling me
they told you one thing, they’re telling me
they said something
completely different. I’m gonna solve this,
because I’m going to
call these people. NARRATOR:Plaintiff
Robert Matthews says
he took his classic BMW
to the defendant’s shop
and he returned it
in worse condition.
He’s suing for a refund
on a car transmission.
Defendant Dave Miller sayshe doesn’t owe
the plaintiff anything
because the car was fixed
when it left his shop.
He’s countersuing for fraud.Sir, please go on. We did some more
diagnostic on the vehicle,
and, um, it had a blown fuse,
and it was putting the
vehicle into Limp Mode, which the car
will start out
in a higher gear. It’s the computer’s way
of making sure that it doesn’t wound
the transmission any more. So, we changed the fuse
and it seemed to work
really well. Okay, so how long did it
take to change the fuse? Well, we did more diagnostic
than just the fuse. MATTHEWS:
More diagnostics? Because the car had multiple
electronic problems that his son created, by going into
the window regulator, that rolls the window
up and down. They had spliced wires
into the computer, into the transmission
control module computer. Um… When he brought
the car back, you have it
for three days… MILLER: Correct. …and you’re saying
in that three-day period,
you did more tests, but your conclusion was
the fuse needed to be changed and then the car
will work fine? We didn’t know
for sure, 100%,
until we got that done and then… JUDGE FAITH:
Or the transmission would be fine.
That’s your… MILLER: Correct. …opinion. MATTHEWS: Can I say
something, Your Honor? We don’t dispute anything about Mr. Matthew’s claim, that he did have issues
with the first transmission. Yes. We couldn’t correct it, so the transmission
had an internal defect. So I told him,
“We’re gonna go out
and buy another unit, “a ZF5HP19,
and rebuild it all over “and put it back
in the vehicle,”
which we did, and the vehicle
worked absolutely perfect. We put 75 miles on it,
it never faltered one time. We ran it
with the computer all the way up
towards Mahaffey and back… And did you charge him
for that? MILLER: No, no charge. GRIMES: No. MILLER: Drove it
around town a little bit
the following day, it never faltered one time. We had the computer
plugged into it. Did you do that test after
he brought the car back or before? GRIMES: After. After. JUDGE FAITH: After,
so this was all done after he brought
the car back. All right. Correct. JUDGE FAITH: So, and this
was all done on your dime? One thing
I would like to add that when we purchased
that other core, it was 725 bucks
which we paid out of our pocket. JUDGE FAITH: May I see that? MATTHEWS: Your Honor,
can I say something? So, Mr. Matthews, help me
understand this now, because they paid $725
for your new transmission. You’ve paid them $2,500,
so what is the issue?
What happened? They left out
a whole lot of stuff here. No, I just want you
to pick up from when
you picked up the car the second time around,
what happened? When I went back
to get the car,
they had the hood up. They were putting
radiator hoses
on the car. No, no, Your Honor. Oh, come on. That happened
the first time. Okay, Mr. Matthews,
I want you to stop. I want you to stop.
I want you to listen to me. I am now to the point
where you go back
the second time. We’ve discussed how
you left with your wife
and the car broke down, and you took it back. Now, you go back
three days later and you pick the car up,
and you leave this time. Tell me what happens. MATTHEWS: I didn’t leave.
I took the car. Derek took me
on a test drive… JUDGE FAITH: Mmm-hmm. …’cause
he said it’s fixed. JUDGE FAITH: Mmm-hmm. Okay? We went
on a test drive. We didn’t even get
six blocks from his shop
and it broke down, and I asked him,
“What’s the matter? “What’s wrong with the car?” He said, “I don’t know.” He said…
This was his words.
He says, “I’ma take it back,
we’re gonna pull
the transmission up, “go onto the Internet
and see “what your car has
that I can find out…” That’s the first time,
Your Honor. Where’s the car now? Where’s the car now? It’s in the garage,
sitting at home. JUDGE FAITH: In your garage? Yes. Okay, how did you get
the car home?
That’s what I’m getting to. We towed it home
with a dolly. You towed the car
from their shop to your house? MATTHEWS: No, no, no,
we towed it from their shop, this was in, uh,
Palmdale. When did you drive the car
from their shop to your house? Me and my wife,
we got it from his shop, we took it, we drove it, ’cause we were
going down to… She had to go
some place in Palmdale. I took it down…
As we were getting
on the freeway, we felt it jerk,
and we didn’t know
what was going on. Six miles down the road, the car started smoking… You could smell,
you could actually smell the transmission fluid. So, right there, she said,
“I smell something burning.” I said, “Yeah, I’ll get off.”
I got off the freeway, we pulled over,
and then the car
really started to smoke. So, people were backing up. They weren’t coming
toward us. They thought
we were on fire. So, I got out,
raised the hood up, and it wasn’t
nothing in the hood,
it was underneath. I looked underneath,
and it was just smoke
just coming out. JUDGE FAITH: Okay. And the transmission
was leaking. JUDGE FAITH:
What did you do then? I called for a tow truck. Who did you call
to tow the car? Um, I called AAA. Do you have proof that the car
was towed on that day, sir? Yes. JUDGE FAITH:
May I see that, please? Where did you have
the car towed to? MATTHEWS:
It was towed from, uh… I had it towed to
East Side Auto Transmission. Okay, so you just
looked up another
transmission company? No, I asked
the tow truck driver where was a good spot
to take this car, ’cause it was
obviously transmission, and he said,
“There’s a place
up the street that you…” JUDGE FAITH: East Side
Auto Transmission. Barbara, would you
hand me that? And what did they tell you
at East Side Auto? They told me that… They did a road test, and they couldn’t get it
to go like they, you know, normal cars. And the guy brought it back,
and he told me, he said, “It’s gonna cost
$3,000 to rebuild it.
$3,500.” So this is what they wrote? MATTHEWS:
That’s it right there. Did you pay $3,2000
to this new company? No I didn’t. JUDGE FAITH: What did you do? What happened was… They told me that
they would do the work, you know, if I left
the car with them. I didn’t have
that kind of money ’cause I just gave
all my money to him. I told him,
I says, “Well, “can we just leave it here
until I can find some way
to get it home?” He said, “If you
leave it here,
I’m not responsible for it “and I might have
to charge you for storage.” JUDGE FAITH: So what’d you do? So we went and got a trailer
from a friend of mine, and we put it on the trailer
and we took it to my house, and that’s where… And that’s where
it is now. All right. NARRATOR:Next,
Judge Faith,is Robert the victim
of a shady auto shop,
or is Dave being convicted
by a con artist?
This guy is friends
with these people… He’s been in business
25 years. That’s why he can
come up here and tell you that never happened,
when it did. Just tell the truth.
That’s all we want.
Tell the truth. I’m going to give
one of you an opportunity
to tell me the truth, because one of you
lied to me. Who’s it gonna be? NARRATOR:Plaintiff
Robert Matthews says
the defendant never
correctly repaired his BMW.
He’s suing for a refund
on a car transmission.
Defendant Dave Miller sayshe properly repaired
the plaintiff’s vehicle,
and doesn’t owe him anything.He’s countersuing for fraud.You can speak. MILLER: Your Honor, this guy is flat out,
flat out lying. MATTHEWS: Oh, my God… We got a receipt
from East Side Auto and Transmission Repair, from the technician
that drove the car, stating that there was
no fault found, no computer diagnostic
issues with the car. He told me… JUDGE FAITH:
How did you get this? Barbara, would you
hand it to me? I went… I called him up… How did you know
that he towed the car? I told him. He didn’t tow it, he drove it there. No. I didn’t drive… I had it towed there,
Your Honor. That’s a lie right there. The tow truck…
The… AAA towed it
to that shop. I did not
drive that car there. GRIMES: Your Honor? Yes? GRIMES: AAA does not
give a receipt. They never have. No. MATTHEWS: Yes, they do! They do not.
We deal with AAA
all the time. That is not
what they give you
for towing your vehicle. That’s AAA, you can
call them and find out
right there. All right, you know what?
And guess what? GRIMES:
You said you towed… Mr. Miller, Mr. Grimes… MATTHEWS:
No, I towed it home. JUDGE FAITH: This is what
I’m going to do. You’ve both submitted
evidence to me, this is really…
This is a really simple
thing to resolve, because all I have to do
is call the shop where you say you had
the car towed to. So you say you had
the car towed here, correct? Right. I just wanna
be clear before I call them, and I speak to this person
who wrote this letter. The owner’s name
is on the yellow sticky, the person that
drove the car’s name is on the signature portion
of the document. JUDGE FAITH: Okay, because I’m gonna tell you… MATTHEWS: Your Honor. No, I’m gonna tell you
what this letter says, sir, because this letter says that
you brought the car in, and that you complained about
a transmission malfunction, and that the car
was test-driven, and no issues
were found, okay? This is what he’s presenting
as a letter from the shop. (STAMMERS)
What the deal was was they didn’t take
the transmission apart. This was his… (GRIMES LAUGHS) JUDGE FAITH: Sir, sir,
you just told me… I know what I just heard.
You just gave me this letter. You said that they
told you the transmission
was defective, and would cost $3,200 to fix. They… This is
what they said.
They said they couldn’t… They couldn’t take
the transmission apart
right there while I was standing there,
they couldn’t do that. What they told me is that
if they did the work
on the transmission, more than likely… The guy tried
to drive the car around,
it wouldn’t drive. So he told me,
he said, to fix that transmission
is gonna cost
that right there. Right, you told me that
they said the transmission
needed to be rebuilt. That’s what it has
right here. MATTHEWS: Right, because it wasn’t moving.
It wasn’t moving… JUDGE FAITH: Okay, so
that’s all I’m trying to get
before I call them, I just wanna be clear. You said that they told you
the transmission needed
to be rebuilt, someone from the shop
wrote this note,
this isn’t your handwriting. Someone from the shop
wrote this note,
that’s your testimony? And they told you
it’ll cost $3,200? Right. JUDGE FAITH: Okay. You’re telling me
they told you one thing, they’re telling me
they said something
completely different. I’m gonna solve this,
because I’m going to
call these people. Amen. JUDGE FAITH: We’re in recess.
(POUNDS GAVEL) We’re in recess. NARRATOR:And now,
Judge Faithrules…Okay, I called the auto shop, and I found out
the information that
I needed to find out to resolve this case
and this matter. Before I do that, I’m going
to give one of you an opportunity
to tell me the truth, because one of you
lied to me. Who’s it gonna be? I’ll talk to you on whatever
you wanna know, Your Honor. What do you have to say,
Mr. Matthews? MATTHEWS: I have pictures. (CROWD JEERS) I have pictures of
the transmission, Your Honor. Mr. Matthews, I spoke
to the person who
actually did the test, with you on the transmission
at this auto shop. Your car was not towed there,
you drove it there. MATTHEWS: No, I didn’t. Okay? Second, second. I spoke
to the auto shop, sir. This is not testimony
coming from them. Did you call AAA? Sir, I’m calling the shop
you said you took the car to. MATTHEWS: They’re the ones
that towed it. Your Honor… Let me finish,
let me finish. MATTHEWS: Okay. They said they
test-drove the car,
and that you told them that you didn’t really see
that there was a real issue
with the transmission, but your wife was complaining, so that’s why you were
bringing the car in to them. Do you recall
telling them that, sir? (STAMMERS) Your Honor,
what I told… What I…
What happened was… They brought the car… See, whenever someone
starts a sentence with,
“What happened was,” I know they’re
stalling for time. Did you tell them that, sir? No, I didn’t, Your Honor. JUDGE FAITH: Okay. Next… This is what I… JUDGE FAITH: Sir, they told me that they test-drove the car, and they could not
find any issues
with the transmission. They never told you
the transmission needed
to be rebuilt. They never told you
that it would cost $3,200… Can I say something,
Your Honor? Oh, yes,
you can say something if you want
to start telling me the truth. MATTHEWS:
I’m telling you the truth. This guy’s friends
with these people… They’ve been in business
25 years. He knows these people,
and they… That’s why he can
come up here and tell you that that never happened
when it did. Just tell the truth.
Just tell the truth.
That’s all we want. Just tell the truth. MATTHEWS:
I’m telling the truth. You’re not. JUDGE FAITH: Mr. Matthews, Mr. Matthews,
Mr. Matthews. Before I left to go out
and call these people, you said, “Oh, go ahead,
call them.” Yes. Yes. Now, I come back in
and it’s not the answer
you wanna hear and now you’re saying,
“Oh, they’ve been friends
with them for 25 years.” Sir, you did not… You came in here
and you committed
bold-faced perjury, and you blame these people
who worked on your car. You cannot do that. If you wanna come into court, and you’re gonna
bring a lawsuit, and you’re
gonna bring a case,
tell the truth. Your case is dismissed. However, because
you committed perjury, I am ordering you
to pay them punitive damages in the amount of $500,
judgment for the defendants. NARRATOR:If you
or someone you know
has a dispute,
don’t take the law
into your own hands.
Let Judge Faith
rule on it for you.
To submit your case,
go to judgefaith.com
and tell us your story.
See you in court.


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  23. Kat woman

    July 23, 2019 4:47 am

    Those macanics are dodgy as they get there mate to cover up there scam of a business they get caught one day you can tell wen people lie by there body language look at there faces you can see it I hope they get investigated by the federal police and sent to gaol

  24. Tini Boyd

    August 20, 2019 3:00 pm

    The case was so good I watched it twice lol. Liar Liar Pants on fire πŸ”₯ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  25. motorcycle man

    September 24, 2019 7:17 pm

    Shop owner with a nice little smug look on his face the whole time he knew another shop was going to say what he wanted

  26. Tom Sawyer

    October 22, 2019 4:57 am

    After she came back instead of just telling the true he even lied more and piss her off that why she had to make him pay them


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