Judge Faith – Too Legit to Evict (Season 1: Episode #34)


Today on Judge Faith. Who’s twisting
the truth in court? We’re having a breakdown
in communication. She owes me
three days of storage. When we were leaving,
he agreed, he was going to let me
come back to the house to get the rest of my stuff. I don’t know why
this went negative. I do not like when people
come into my courtroom, and look me right in my face,
and lie to me. JUDGE FAITH:
And that is what you did. NARRATOR: Faith Jenkins. Her distinguished legal career
began when she graduated first in her law school class. She quickly became a tough
New York City prosecutor, and then a preeminent
legal analyst on cable news. And now, she’s the judge
in her own courtroom. Her cases are real,
and her rulings are final. She is Judge Faith. Plaintiff Jennifer Hudick says her former landlord
evicted her without notice, and is refusing
to return her belongings. She’s suing for the cost
of her personal property. She’s accompanied in court
by James Barnett. Defendant Tre Jackson says the plaintiff
was legally evicted, when she didn’t follow
the rules of the house. He’s countersuing for
back rent and fees. Remain seated
and come to order. Court is now in session. The honorable Judge
Faith Jenkins presiding. Your Honor, this case is
Hudick v. Jackson. Thank you, Barbara. Jennifer Hudick…
HUDICK: Mmm-hmm. …you are suing the defendant for $3,000 for cost incurred
for an illegal eviction. Right.
And you are countersuing,
Mr. Jackson, for $4,065 for
back rent, late fees, storage cost, utilities
and administrative costs? JACKSON: That’s correct.
Okay. We’ll start with you,
Miss Hudick. Can you tell me what
kind of place it was? Um, it was a property where
they rented all the rooms
to different people. HUDICK: Okay, most of
the rooms, they were all…
There were four rooms. Mine was at the very bottom.
It was a three-level house. All the rooms were rented
to college kids. Okay? They would throw
big parties… So you rented a room
in the house. Who else lived with you
at that time? With me? My two daughters. I have a ten-year-old and
a seven-year-old, at the time. Okay, so they lived
in the room with you?
HUDICK: Right. And he was coming and he was
staying quite regularly. But he wasn’t living there.
And who are you, sir? I… I’m her boyfriend. Okay, Mr. Barnett? Yes.
Okay, I was staying there.
I’d go there, just at night. And sleep with, you know,
and go home in the morning. I had my own place. Um… This is all in one room? HUDICK: Yeah, it was…
It was like
a garage-size room. Like a double car
garage-sized room. So you were living
in this room,
with your two daughters. How much were you
paying in rent?
$800 a month. JUDGE FAITH: Did you have
a lease agreement
with the defendant? No. Never did. Okay, but at some point,
you come to
an agreement with him. Not a written lease,
but an oral lease. Right.
Okay, go ahead. Okay, everything
went fine and then Tre told me
at one time, that he was only
going to move in people who were like,
family-oriented. Make it like a family home.
People who had kids. Okay, because you have
two daughters.
Right. You’re telling me that
there was a problem with the other people
living in the unit. So you were in
a month-to-month, correct? HUDICK: Right, yeah.
So why didn’t you move, if you didn’t
like living there? Um, I didn’t have
anywhere to go. I didn’t have any money
to move. We’d been living there…
I’d been there
for a year and a half. With not one complaint,
not one problem.
Not one. And then…
That’s key. JUDGE FAITH: Okay, tell me…
What he said. JACKSON: “We’d” been
living there.
Tell me what’s going on, sir. When I acquired the property, as the new owner
in transition… Um, I have a property
management company, that works under
my enterprise. We buy property, and then my property
management company,
manages the property. The former owner placed
all these tenants.
JUDGE FAITH: Right. She didn’t make
good decisions.
I’m gonna give her that. As far as the placement. There were
college kids there. It’s near a college. So when I came in, she was almost like
a hostage situation, far as, being able
to move around
the house, with her kids. Right.
JACKSON: I get that. So when she said,
“Tre, can you come over “and do a pop-up visit and
see what I’m going through?” I did that. The tenants
that were there,
that was college kids. They were doing
Facebook parties. 100, 200 people
would show up…
Right. Disturbing the whole
neighborhood. JACKSON: So I was…
What is a Facebook party? Oh, where they post
on Facebook, there’s a party at
this address and everybody
comes over. Okay. And this is a residence.
This is not a hall. JUDGE FAITH: Right.
So it was out of control. I did a pop-up visit. I came into a dining area, which she was not
allowed to come in,
because they took it over. And I see things on the table
that were very disturbing. Like what?
JACKSON: Paraphernalia. Drug paraphernalia, okay. So if I was those kids’,
her daughters’,
dad, uncle, brother… You wouldn’t want
them to be there?
JACKSON: I would’ve lost it. So, I stayed professional. I did the process, through
the courts, got them out. I was championing her
seven-year-old, and
ten-year-old daughter. That’s what it was
really about. I don’t know
why this went negative. NARRATOR: Coming up. Tre calls the couple out
in court. But Jennifer fights back. He was there every night. Is she not supposed to
have overnight guests? I have rules right here,
that she signed off. No, I did not sign anything. You never returned it.
I have it. You didn’t give it to me until
the last month before I moved. Because you have
dangerous intentions. NARRATOR:
And Judge Faith gets real. Let me tell you something. Don’t come in this courtroom,
and pretend to know anything about me,
what I say, or don’t say. NARRATOR: Plaintiff
Jennifer Hudick says, her former landlord refused
to return her belongings, after evicting her illegally. She’s suing for the cost
of her personal property. Defendant Tre Jackson says, if the plaintiff had just
followed the house rules, she wouldn’t have
had a problem. He’s countersuing
for back rent and fees. Why did you
evict the plaintiff? Mainly because of him and
his presence at the facility. What happened?
He was there every night. (HUDICK SCOFFS)
From the hours… This is not hearsay.
She told me to my face. (CHUCKLES)
He comes between
11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Right.
He’s not on the lease. Is she not supposed to
have overnight guests? No, never was there
any rule about it, at all. I have rules right here
that she signed off. HUDICK: No,
I did not sign anything. You never returned it.
I have it. You didn’t give it to me until
the last month before I moved. Because you have
dangerous intentions.
The last month before… That’s why you
never returned it. So you didn’t want her
boyfriend staying overnight. One night guest per week.
Wrong. For sanitary reasons,
safety reasons, okay?
Wrong. And you’re saying
that he’s staying
there every night? When I found that out, through
complaints of the new tenant. Who she got…
Were you staying there
every night, sir? Yeah, well, practically.
Almost. And like you said,
I didn’t have nothing. I never took showers there.
I have my own place. Never used the kitchen,
never used anything. Never used…
Yeah, didn’t have… How are you there
every day, and don’t use… HUDICK: Didn’t do
his laundry there.
He didn’t take (BLEEP)? He might have
went to the bathroom.
Okay, that’s utilities. All right, go ahead, sir.
That’s what he’s told me. Go ahead.
Okay, so… She, in her mind… Her loop-di-doo mind, that’s not living there
because, if he’s just… Using the facilities
that’s the restroom, then he’s not officially
living there… Okay, so, at what point
did you get to file for
a notice of eviction? When she was
breaking all the rules. I gave her
a three-day covenant.
(HUDICK SCOFFS) So you say that the eviction
was unlawful, but I have paperwork here,
from the courts
and from the sheriff. He didn’t lock you out. The sheriff came
and locked you out.
Sheriff locked me out. So the eviction, by law, he can’t do that, unless
you’ve been given notice, and a writ of possession
has been issued. What’s your issue?
Why do you say it’s unlawful? I don’t believe
that I was served right. I don’t believe I was…
JUDGE FAITH: You were, ma’am. I read the paperwork
HUDICK: Okay. There was a notice
of eviction filed. HUDICK: Right.
And you were notified. You went to court…
Then he came to me, and told me I could stay.
Did you not? Until August 12th.
JUDGE FAITH: Ma’am. You got notice that an
eviction had been filed. You went down to court, and you paid the court
rent, in the amount of $800. And it was stayed
for 30 days. Which would have
put me out on the 13th. JUDGE FAITH: Thirty days only. It would have put me
out on the 13th. You got another notice,
that the sheriff would come. Because this is how
the law works.
I never got another notice. In five days, your things
will be put out. And that’s what happens
when the sheriff comes. The sheriff gets a
court order… Can I tell you something? The sheriff does not get
an order from the defendant. The sheriff gets
an order from court. HUDICK: I understand that.
I understand that. And he comes to me
again and says
he’s going to pull it. I believe him. Did you tell her that you
weren’t going to evict her? No, no. I never told… This last time,
when she was actually
evicted by the sheriff, did you tell her that you were
not going to evict her? No, I didn’t because, she put
in a stay of execution in May. JUDGE FAITH: Right.
When she did that, she let me know
that she’s a smart girl. She knows how to deal
with the law and stop things. So I said “Okay,
I’ll deal with that. “You’re holding up
my rent money, “because you got to
pay it to the court,” and I had to wait four weeks
to get that check. And she put it in
the former owner’s name,
so I really had to wait. JACKSON: So she know how
to deal with the court. So what happened
after the 30 days? JACKSON: After the 30 days, uh, her rent was due back up, and the 30 days of
eviction, kick back in.
Right. It’s her job, not for
me to call and say “Hey please hold
my rent again, by going
down to the court.” It’s her job to go back
to the court and say, “Hey, I need more time
to find a job.” ‘Cause she went to
the court and the excuse that she gave the judge was, “My ankle’s broken, Your Honor
I need more time to move out.” And that’s when
the 30-day stay came in? They kicked me out
on the 13th of June. Okay? Why would they…
The sheriff come
and locked me out. Ma’am, it is not
an unlawful eviction. HUDICK: Okay.
When the sheriff comes… Oh, I get that part.
And we already know that the eviction process
was started, you went down to court,
you had a 30-day stay…
HUDICK: Right. Shortly after that…
I get that. The sheriff came
and you are evicted. I get that part.
JUDGE FAITH: Okay. What’s the next issue?
HUDICK: Okay. The next issue is… You said that
he locked you out and didn’t let you
get your things? Because you’re
allowed by law…
He stole off my property. By 15 days, you are required by law 15 days, to keep your
property for 15 days. During that time period,
you can come
and get your property. What happened?
If you notice,
she’s a real judge, right? She knows what she’s talking
about. You know that right?
Let’s play, Tre, let’s play. This is not play-play.
Okay. I tried to go get
my property, okay? I went back the very
same day that I was locked out
if you remember, okay? HUDICK: I went back there
with him and my daughters and a friend of mine. We all went up there
to go get my stuff. He told me I can go in and
get whatever I could. I went in, later he comes in and he tells me,
“Okay, you got 15 minutes.” So, it was like hurry up, hustle get out,
you know whatever… Did I give you
only 15 minutes? Don’t lie.
Twenty minutes. I gave you an hour
and twenty minutes.
Oh, my God! He gave us
about 45 minutes… And then about,
then he said…
No, half of it was talking. We got 20 more
minutes left, so… Okay, so you had 45 minutes
plus 20 minutes. So an hour to get your things? NARRATOR: Coming up
onJudge Faith. A shocking statement
stuns the courtroom. She ran up to me, she said,
“Tre my kids are crying.” I was locked out
by the sheriff.
That’s not my problem. She said,
“Well we both parents,
you should know how it is.” I said, “The difference
between me and you, “is that, yeah we both
are parents, but, “I would never let
my kids be homeless.” Is that not rude?
She turns red, she ran up to my face,
Your Honor, and say,
“You know what, Tre? “You ain’t gonna be nothing
but an N-word for
the rest of your life.” No, I did not,
Your Honor, look at me. You can’t even say that
with a straight face. Did you call him that? NARRATOR: Plaintiff
Jennifer Hudick says her former landlord refused
to return her belongings after evicting her illegally. She’s suing for the cost
of her personal property. Defendant Tre Jackson says if the plaintiff had just
followed the house rules, she wouldn’t have
had a problem. He’s countersuing
for back rent and fees. So, up until this point,
this is accurate? Right, when we were leaving, he agreed he was going to
let me come back to the house, to get the rest of my stuff. Okay, I went back to go
to the house, up there
to go get the rest… What day did you go back? Um, I don’t know,
what day was that? Three days later,
it was on a Friday. Yeah, it was on a Friday,
I think it was on the 10th. I agree with that. By the way, what was the real
reason for the eviction? All of these problems,
in addition to it, was
nonpayment of rent as well? It was nonpayment of rent and
I was gonna leave it there. JUDGE FAITH:
Okay, nonpayment of rent. When you evict
someone lawfully, by law, you have
to give them a time to come and get their things
within their 15 days. Yeah, I know that.
So if she showed back up… You say there’s damages
to the property. There’s other ways
you go about getting… Right. Restitution for those damages. But if she comes back,
and you tell her to come back and she’s trying
to get her things, you can’t stop her
from going in and then charge
her storage for keeping
her things there. May I have the list
of the property
you say was left? HUDICK: Yes.
And do you have any proof? Do you have any proof
that this property was left, and…
HUDICK: I have. I don’t have proof,
he has all of my property. Do you still…
Where’s the stuff? And some of it, Your Honor, I went up there,
he told me I can go up there, and pick up my stuff
on a Friday, I went up there to go get it,
I could go up there and get my mattress,
that’s what he told me. So what happened
when she start calling,
trying to get her property? We were having
a breakdown in communication. She owes me three days
of storage when she came back. She did not have
any payment for that, so I do not have
to give her anything, if she don’t have
the three days. I just wanted
the three days minimum. Do you have any proof
that this property
was left inside of your… Of your unit.
Everything I own,
he has. I was locked out
by the sheriff, I don’t know what else
could I prove. She wasn’t home,
when they locked her out. It was her daughter
who was home. So she has… Everything
was left behind. Where’s the property now? The property is in storage. HUDICK: No, half of it
might be in storage. I want her to
have her stuff back. I even brought family pictures
that she cried to me about, I brought them with me
today, ’cause I want her
to have those. Well, you’re welcome,
from the Demon. HUDICK: You’re so good.
So here’s the deal. So she owes you
three days of storage, and that’s it? Nothing else?
HUDICK: That’s it. So if that is…
She didn’t have
the money that day. Sir, listen
to what I’m saying. I understand she didn’t have
the money that day, but she’s only required
to pay for those days. Yes. From the date
that she was evicted up until the date
that she came and tried to get her things.
I agree. What else do you have? JACKSON: This is what I have.
What else do you have? What else I have is,
the day I denied
her to get her stuff when she wouldn’t sign
the release. She ran up to me, she said,
“Tre my kids are crying, “they want their toys and
you won’t let them have them.” I said,
“That’s not my problem.” She said, “We’re both parents,
you should know how it is.” I said, “The difference
between me and you, “is that yeah,
we’re both parents, but, “I would never let
my kids be homeless. “That’s the difference.”
She took five seconds… Right? Is that not rude? JACKSON: She turns red,
she ran up to
my face, Your Honor, and say, “You know what Tre? “You ain’t gonna be
nothing but an N-word,
for the rest of your life.” And when I say N-word,
it wasn’t “G-A,” it was “E-R.” Like we was in 1951. Did you call him that?
HUDICK: Look at me. No, I did not,
Your Honor, look at me. You can’t even say that
with a straight face. I can’t, I never
called you that, Tre. I don’t call anybody that.
You never called me that? After she called me
the N-word, she was about five inches
away from my face. Spitting on me and everything,
as I’m sitting in my truck. In a truck? You weren’t
even in a truck. There she goes, Your Honor. Okay, I’m sorry,
I was in my car. There she goes, Your Honor.
“For the rest of your life, “no matter what
kind of cars you’ve got, “no matter
what property you have, “you’re forever be
a big lip N-word.” You are such…
Oh, my God. I can take the N-word,
’cause I’ve been called worse, but “big lips”,
that drew the line.
That drew the line. Sexy lips, maybe, but no. I drew the line on that.
And I have a voicemail
to prove that, that she used that word. Okay, let me hear
the voicemail. Because she say,
she doesn’t use that word. JACKSON: She used that word.
HUDICK: Let’s hear it. She doesn’t use it. (HUDICK SPEAKING
Oh, there you go. Okay, I apologize,
I did say that, then. No, you thought…
I don’t remember saying that. JACKSON: Let me
tell you something.
Wow! JACKSON: On your phone,
there’s a red button. That says “End”.
Hey! I don’t
remember saying that. You should practice
pushing the red button. Whatever.
BARBARA: Okay, folks, listen.
Talk to the judge please. I do not remember
saying that, Your Honor. Well, it sounds just like it. Obviously I did, okay,
but I do not remember. Do you remember
how mad I was? That’s beside the point.
Okay, that doesn’t matter. Ma’am you just told me…
HUDICK: Hey, I apologize. You just testified before me, that you didn’t call him the N-word to his face. That day, that day.
I do not… No, I do not recall…
You said that you don’t
use that word, and as a matter of fact,
you’ve said you’ve never called someone the N-word.
HUDICK: I don’t call
people that word. And then five seconds later,
he plays a voicemail, and how many times
did you say it? Two, three times?
Three times, Your Honor. Is that what… Is that what
you refer to black people as? In general?
HUDICK: No, it’s not. Or just when you’re
upset with them? No, it’s not, of course… The same black landlord
that gave you
$100 cash, 2013. How many times are you gonna
throw that in my face? Because landlords don’t give,
they take $100 cash. Sir, I want you to stop. I want you to stop talking.
JACKSON: I’m sorry,
I apologize. Because I do not like,
when people come
into my courtroom… HUDICK: Okay, I apologize,
I do not recall. I’m not finished.
Mmm-hmm. I do not like when people
come into my courtroom and look me right in
my face and lie to me. JUDGE FAITH:
And that is what you did. HUDICK: I did not
intentionally lie to you. Ma’am.
Okay. Not only are you
demonstrating to me right now, that you use the most racist, derogatory, insulting,
insensitive word
towards black people, but you’re demonstrating
to me right now, you cannot even admit it
and tell me the truth. My daughters are mixed. I don’t care if your
best friend is black. It doesn’t matter. I heard you call
him the N-word. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Wow! It’s ridiculous! I cannot stand, because that is the number one
thing people say, “Oh I’m not racist.” “I just…”
But you know what, I just… My kids are biracial. I don’t… So what? So you’re not a racist because
your kids are biracial? No, I’m a racist
against him. I do not recall
saying that. So, he’s the N-word,
but no other black person.
(SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY) That’s your excuse for that? NARRATOR: And now,
Judge Faith rules. I am just amazed,
that in 2014, people still talk like that and refer to black people
as the N-word. That’s how they refer
to each other though. Yeah.
Excuse me? That’s how they refer
to each other. Oh, okay, so I see
you’re just as ignorant
as your little girlfriend. Let me tell you something,
don’t come in this courtroom and pretend to know
anything about me, or what I say or don’t say. But let me inform
you of something, there are a lot
of black people that choose
not to use that word, because we understand
the degrading and historical context
from which it stems. It doesn’t matter
if Jay-Z says it. It doesn’t matter
if Kanye West says it. Stop making excuses
for your own personal choices. And don’t play dumb. You know that there’s
a difference in the context, and that word being thrown
around in some rap lyrics, and when you use it
in a hurling and
insulting manner. Well, let me tell you why
I’m dismissing your case. Because you’re going to think
that I’m dismissing your case because you’re
an ignorant racist. But that’s not why
I’m dismissing your case. I’m dismissing it
because you’re a liar. You came into court
and you lied to me to my face. Judgment in this case
is for the defendant and the amount
of $4,065. And I’m ordering you
to return her property. Judgment for the defendant.


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