Islam is a Religion of Peace – Debunked (Islam is Peaceful – Refuted)


Peace is defined as a lack of conflict and
a freedom from fear of violence. It’s tranquility and harmony, and a critical component to happiness…
and Islam my friends, is precisely not that… this is, Islam is a Religion of Peace – Debunked. Okay, I might have been a bit facetious in my intro, but I nevertheless stand by the
sentiment of what I said – Islam is not a religion of peace, and in this video, I
want to predominately explain why. However, for the purpose of clarity, I want to first
put this assertion in a syllogistic form: Peace is defined as a lack of conflict and
a freedom from fear of violence. Islam acts according to and in seek of, peace. Therefore,
Islam is a religion of peace. In my opinion, when someone employs this argument the first
thing to do is to identify exactly how they’re defining the word “peace”. The reason
being is that there are two versions of this argument; the first is one in which the proponent
is sincerely asserting that Islam is a religion of peace as defined colloquially, and the
second is one in which the proponent is periodically using an Islamic definition of the word “peace”.
Hence, this is why it’s important to get them to define “peace” from the outset.
To debunk the second version first, because, you know, screw logic, it’s important that
we first understand what exactly Islam means within the Islamic world. The word “Islam”
is derived from the Arabic word “salaam”, a word literally meaning “peace”, and
Islam as a religious practice refers to a person submitting herself or himself to the
will of Allah in order to seek eternal peace and tranquility. Or to put it more bluntly,
in the Islamic world, Islam is the definition of peace, and therefore Islam is, by definition,
a religion of peace. Now if this isn’t an obvious example of Circular Reasoning, I don’t
know what is… Defining Islam as peace and then asserting that Islam is peaceful is as
circular as defining Nazism as love and then asserting that Nazism is loving… not only
is this confusing, it’s deceitful! What’s more is that when the proponents of this argument
use the colloquial definition of the word “peace” within their first and third premises,
but use the Islamic definition of the word “peace” for their second premise, they’re
actually committing a classic Equivocation Fallacy. By interchanging between two different
definitions of “peace” throughout their premises, their argument is incoherent and
therefore invalid. But what about those who assert that Islam is a religion of peace as
defined colloquially? You know, the likes of Maajid Nawaz and Zeba Khan? How exactly
have these people come to the conclusion that Islam is indeed a religion of peace? Well,
to begin, while they recognize that countless atrocities have been committed in the name
of Islam, they nevertheless maintain that these acts are the result of fanatics, extremists
and militants taking Islamic teaching out of context. But to raise an immediate objection,
this claim is simply false. Flat out, demonstrably, false. As I demonstrated in my video about
Islamophobia, the Quran and Hadith possess countless violent verses that instruct Muslims,
and moderate Muslims do indeed endorse and commit many reprehensible atrocities with
explicit reference to Islamic teaching. What’s more is that they do incessantly claim jurisdiction
over the experience of others, and so they are therefore not peaceful. To name but a
few examples, a poll of over 38,000 Muslims from over 39 different countries found that:
60% of moderate Muslims believe that a wife should obey her husband; 75% believe that
it is necessary to believe in Allah to be a moral person; 40% want the death penalty
for those who leave Islam; and, 60% want Sharia law to be the official law of their country.
What’s more is that even 61% of “moderate” British Muslims believe that homosexuals should
be punished… So, as Sam Harris says, “the problem is not religious extremism, because
extremism is not a problem if your core beliefs are truly non-violent. The problem isn’t
fundamentalism. […] The only problem with Islamic fundamentalism, are the fundamentals
of Islam.” To hammer home this point, Harris often uses the example of Jainism as an actual
religion of peace, as its central tenet is non-violence and respect towards all living
beings… the more extreme a Jainist becomes, the less we need to worry about them. But
so far as I am aware, the same cannot be said for any other religion, and especially not
for Islam. To quote Harris again – and yes, Harris is going to feature in a lot of my
videos because he is in my opinion way ahead of his time, “the problem is that Islam
isn’t a religion of peace, and the so-called extremists are seeking to implement what is
arguably the most honest reading of the faith’s actual doctrine.” A second prominent objection
that the proponents of this argument present, is that of contextualization. For example,
to paraphrase Nawaz, “Muhammad and the history of Islam must not be judged by the standards
of civilization that we, after an accumulation of thousands of years have arrived at. Islamic
history must be judged by the standards of its time”. But this is simply nonsense – and
here’s why… Islam has always uniquely claimed that its teachings are the final and
unalterable revelation from the almighty, and that by extension its edicts are absolutely
final! Therefore, because Muhammad practiced and Islam endorses and encourages elderly
men to take young girls as wives, this rule is final. For a Muslim to now contextualize
this edict and practice is to reject that Muhammad’s example and revelation is final.
In fact, it’s worth pointing out that in Saudi Arabia there isn’t an age restriction
for marriage whatsoever… and of course, the reason for this is explicitly Islamic…
What’s more is that even if Islam didn’t claim to be the final and unalterable word
of the creator of the universe, we still can and should judge its historical acts despite
its context. Hell, future generations will most certainly look back at our actions today
and judge us… and they should! A third prominent objection that the proponents of this argument
present is the assertion that Christianity is not a religion of peace either – often
by referring to the Crusades etc. Now of course, this is true – Christianity is definitely
not a religion of peace, but to bring this up is simply a Red Herring – it’s a distraction
and a redundant use of energy. It’s the equivalent of someone saying in a debate about
Hitler’s atrocities that Stalin was worse… it’s irrelevant, and a because of this it
can be dismissed without serious consideration. And finally, a small point I’d like to make
before I recap is the fact that yes, pretty much any religion, or any ideology for that
matter, can indeed be practiced peacefully – but this doesn’t mean that the religion
or ideology is peaceful itself. To be a peaceful Muslim you need a very peculiar interpretation
of the Islam indeed; you must reject the vast majority of its teachings and pick a mix the
peaceful verses… you know, just like most modern Christians. So, to recap, the second
variation of the argument that Islam is a Religion of Peace is flawed because; It commits
a Circular Reasoning Fallacy, and; It commits an Equivocation Fallacy. And the first variation
of the argument that Islam is a Religion of Peace is flawed because; Moderate Muslims
do promote and commit atrocities in the name is Islam (not just fanatics); Contextualization
is irrelevant, and; Some, but not all proponents of this argument, commit a Red Herring Fallacy.
Anyhow, as always, thank you kindly for the view, and instead of leaving you with an overwhelming
powerful argument to consider, I’m instead going to leave you with a quote from Douglas
Murry: “The fact is that Islam is many things… many many things – but to say it’s a religion
of peace is nonsense; it’s to ignore reality; it’s to ignore very difficult, but necessary
facts; not paradigms, but facts! To say that Islam is a religion of peace is to say something
based entirely on hope; it’s to elevate a hope into truth, and I hope as you all know,
history teaches us that’s a very bad thing to do.”


100 Responses

  1. Amira Peace

    July 27, 2019 9:17 pm

    Evidence that it's forbidden 🚫 to kill the the apostate:

    * Quran mentioned the apostate a lot and never said kill them 2/217 and 5/54..

    * it was clear Quran 2/256 (no compulsion in the matter of faith)

    *about the Hadith..Muhammad mentioned one guideline to distinguish between the true Hadith and the fake one ( a lie added by someone or manipulated) he said { compares each Hadith with the Quran ..if it didn't matched or opposite throw it a way }🤔
    so Quran 2/256 was more than enough so i can throw that fake Hadith a way 👊🌷

    God bless everyone

  2. Amira Peace

    July 27, 2019 9:36 pm

    Sir with 5 evidence prove the same end result that she was 19..the only explanation is some erased (teen) of (nineteen )(عشر) of (تسعة عشر )
    * the evidence are :

    1. Ebn Kather in his book named all the muslims in the first secret period of islam ..this period took 3 years..and he mentioned Aisha among the kids ..

    according to story of nine she not exists in the world yet (2 years after )
    They claimed that she born 5 years (after)the prophecy..
    But the truth is 5 years (before )the prophecy to be among the few muslims in that secret period

    5 y before + 13 in Maka + 2 y in Madina = 19

    Her wedding 👰🏻 was in the 2nd year after the migration to the Madina

  3. Amira Peace

    July 27, 2019 9:50 pm

    * the 2nd evidence that she was 19 years old is from the same book Bukari 👈that mentioned the story of nine..or he didn't..but someone erased (teen) of (nineteen)..
    He mentioned that she said (i never realize my parents except that they were a muslims..and Muhammad's never missed a day without visiting us ..until the muslims get harmed and tortured a my father migrated to Al-Hapasha ) this first migration to Al-Hapasha (not the Madina migration) was 5 years after the prophecy began..
    How she remember and realize all of this if she was months old or not born yet as the claimed story of nine years..🤥 that she was born 5 years after the prophecy 👊🌷

  4. Amira Peace

    July 27, 2019 10:01 pm

    * the 3rd evidence : 👩‍⚖️
    Her sister Asma was 10 years older than her as the religious books..and the historical books mentioned that..also they mentioned that she was born 27 before the migration..
    Well as I mentioned the wedding 💍was in the 2nd year of migration..
    27_10+2= 19
    Again she was 19 years old 🌷

  5. KY wildcats

    July 28, 2019 2:47 am

    Roman Catholic Church is the one that set up the Crusades, the Pope, the pope is not the Holy One in my Christian faith it's Jesus Christ. Because Jesus came in peace and died protecting his men and carrying the sins of the world on his shoulders. There are real Jews and fake Jews, there are Christian religions and fake Christian religion, that's what the devil does he perverts everything God does.

  6. farshooter1

    July 29, 2019 1:13 am

    I'm Norse Pagan. My religion is built on violence and war. To settle a dispute you could challenge your rivals to a duel to the death, then what there's is yours, depending on how it was practiced, but we still find a way to peacefully practice it, you know we got foam swords now, but the loser still buys the mead.

  7. Mike Williams

    July 29, 2019 12:11 pm

    Your mistake in regards to Christianity is that you have taken certain verses but not read the bits in between.

  8. Rami

    July 31, 2019 6:20 am

    To criticize Islam and cherrypick 1 or 2 hadith is so horribly ignorant. You tried to hide your ignorance of the religion with definitions, statistics and quotes from People who knowingly hate Islam (huge bias). You did NOT quote or mention any scholars, companions or even being a few verses from the Quran along with the interpretations of those verses. And you really shouldn’t talk about what Islamic definition of peace when you don’t speak Arabic and understand the word and it’s place in Islam. You shouldn’t pull out these statistic without context and Islamic definitions. You’re taking two different ways of living and criticizing it one with a criteria from the other… makes 0 sense. Also these statistics don’t show Islam and what the religion teaches, you need to go to the actual known scholars of Islam and ask for rulings and interpretations of Quran and Hadith. It’s unfortunate how you don’t know the history, rulings, or teachings of Islam but feel you can criticize it. It’s only upsetting because people feed into this because their lack of knowledge is satisfied with this simplistic, irrational and incorrect view of Islam. Islam isn’t just s religion of peace because of its name it’s a religion of peace because of its teachings and you won’t know until you go to the scholars about it.

  9. Geary Goodenough

    July 31, 2019 7:22 am

    This is so easy for me. I don't see skydaddy, moon splitting is stupid, fucking a 9 year old is stupid, flying winged donkey that could fly to heaven is stupid, stoning to death and decapitation are stupid. Therefore I've arrived to a conclusion that Islam is nothing but a fable created by an imaginative pedophillic homophobic 7th century blood-thirsty warlord. Booppp!!!!

  10. Kantybek Nurislebov

    July 31, 2019 7:31 pm

    Islam is pure evil disguised as an innocent meek religion when it is anything but. Ex muslim here

  11. J. B.

    July 31, 2019 10:55 pm

    Jizzlam is a culture of bottom feeder diaper heads. Jokes. Laughing stock of the planet….. Literally worthless lives. Disposable and holding absolutely no redeeming value. Wipe them from the planet. Nobody wants to be near that filth.

  12. X Plane

    August 1, 2019 5:42 am

    Islam is a religion of peace – say the Muslims threatening Ex-Muslims in the comments xD Yeah sure we see it, y'all so peaceful 😂

  13. Nurzaman Khan

    August 2, 2019 12:43 pm

    Islam is not a religion of Peace, its a true religion of Justice, and peace is defined by Islamic principles not by liberalistic world views.

  14. Algerian Atheist

    August 2, 2019 6:14 pm

    FALSE… ISLAM literally MEANS SUBMISSION from the verb أسلم
    Islam is certainly a religion of peace when Muslims are a weak minority. But Islam is warfare when Muslims a powerful majority… Islam always attempts to be a powerful majority to dominant the world.

  15. Randy Orton

    August 3, 2019 11:41 am

    Islam is a religion of peace because it never said that we should act violently without any reason. And if Islam was not real then how can the prophet Mohammed predicted the future. He said that at the times of the end of the world there will be muslims around the world but many won't practice it it well. And my point is that if he was a liar how can he know that after 1000 years there will be muslims.

  16. MultiBunnyhunter

    August 5, 2019 2:00 am

    I live in a neighborhood with a lot of conservative Muslims. They’re fucking low life’s.

  17. m

    August 5, 2019 10:50 am

    why doesnt anyone mention that the crusades were only launched to stop islam taking over the entire european continent

  18. Achref Legend

    August 5, 2019 1:03 pm

    U just started with a wrong idea of definition islam and kept talking bout
    Ofc anyone who dont know what islam is will follow u blindly
    And ex muslims just hate islam and will agree qith anything against it

  19. Achref Legend

    August 5, 2019 1:08 pm

    And since we muslims follow the non peacefull religion why are we not killing anyone thats not muslim
    In adition to that islam is not some statistics of few muslims
    In order to understand what islam is u would have to understand the quran and el hadith.
    Since one of most iconic phrases of prophet mohamed is لا إكراه في الدين
    U might wanna at least search what it means

  20. Zardoz Your God

    August 6, 2019 1:37 am

    It doesn't matter what Islam is any more. We learned from the mistake Europe made with Obama's help. It's very easy to solve the Islamophobia problem – just Islameradicate them! The one single Islamic Mosque Center in Shasta County CA was driven out of town with threats and harassment (simply telling them the truth of Islam is all you have to do). Don't let the musloids intimidate you. Run them out of your County and tell them to get the hell out of the USA and Europe and take Obama with you!! What I find to be a very helpful is to actually study and learn about Islam and then use their own islam against muslims like they do to each other. It's like fighting fire with fire.

  21. William Jeffrey

    August 6, 2019 4:40 pm

    It is interesting, that in the Quran, it says that "there is no compulsion in religion" > I guess they overlook that one .

  22. Crystal Cresent

    August 7, 2019 2:56 pm

    Selective scripture reading helps religious people gloss over the fact that there are alot of contradictions in the 'holy books'.
    This is a good job 👍🏾
    I just hope with this knowledge we still remember to put stuff in context… Islam may not be very good…But not every Muslim is very bad…

  23. independent vote

    August 7, 2019 4:04 pm

    The concept "of Apostasy" is bizzare. I am to be judged and/or killed harshly because I choose leave a religion, that is deemed to be infallible ? If it's so perfect…then, why am I leaving ? Wouldn't your "god" come down and persuade me to stay ?

  24. anticipayo

    August 8, 2019 6:05 pm

    Same thing can be said about christians and jews. All legacies from the good old book of big thug brother

  25. Dwight Chenoweth

    August 10, 2019 9:06 am

    Political Islam by Bill Warner, YouTube to fill the gaps of dualism, Quran/Koran 1 nice 1 not so nice.

  26. Morose Tidings

    August 10, 2019 11:04 am

    "Religion of peace". This just goes to show that religion makes inferior minds. These pathetic, needy, grown children will never take responsibility for themselves as long as their scapegoat exists. Religious people are truly the most vile, backwards creatures on this planet. Islam is a religion of child rapists. And that's a fact.

  27. brendan harding

    August 10, 2019 5:17 pm

    Muslims kill other Muslims over different interpretations of the quran, there isn't peace within the religion itself so how on earth can they claim its a religion of peace??

  28. Ogro das Orquídeas

    August 10, 2019 5:56 pm

    Religion of peace?
    These guys must be kidding.
    How about a hadith (an integral part of islamic creed) that states that on Judgment Day, the Muslims will fight the Jews, and the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees. Then the rocks and the trees will speak, calling upon the Muslims: "Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill them." The hadith goes on to say that all trees will act this way, except for one tree – the gharqad tree, which is therefore defined as "one of the trees of the Jews

  29. Stephanie McLaren

    August 11, 2019 12:06 am

    You got what you wanted: 100 Muslims shot in Christchurch, 51 of them died. One was a three year old.
    Congratulations on fear mongering, it worked.

  30. Mark Skippy

    August 11, 2019 5:59 am

    I thought their prophet being a war mongering pedophile and them worshipping him would of been the first Hint

  31. host_runner

    August 11, 2019 8:23 am

    Shame that in 21st century it's nearly law to have to "respect" a barbaric fairy tale from the 7th century.

  32. Norbert Fleck

    August 11, 2019 9:17 am

    The main difference between Christianity and Islam is that one of these religions was founded by a pacifist philosopher and the other by a violent and brutal warlord and criminal.
    You cannot justify aggression by the four gospels, that's why they have not been translated into local languages before the 16th century.

    However: Only rationality leads to real peace.

  33. carsonc29

    August 11, 2019 12:56 pm

    is Islam, true peace can only be achieved by everyone being Muslim….but seeing how they fight among themselves, this doesnt seem to be true at all….

  34. carsonc29

    August 11, 2019 1:06 pm

    I agreed with every thing he said EXCEPT the assertion that Christianity isnt a religion of peace..Christians are taught to follow the ways of Jesus…if they did, then there wouldnt be violence..but people get into power and use the religion as an excuse to validate the evil they do..but Jesus himself never told his followers to kill in his name..

  35. Critic121 Kibitzer

    August 11, 2019 3:57 pm

    Islam is definitely a religion of PIECE of the biggest and greatest lie on earth!!! … Millions follows it blindly and ignorantly … they are NOT allowed to question!

    Christianity is a religion of peace … it’s there, in the teachings of the Messiah …

    Protecting your friends, family or yourself is not violence… especially against a foreign invasion of your Islamic enemy who had attacked, conquered, occupying and ruling your country … like what Islam did. Getting back your freedom from these Muslims is not wrong … and this doesn’t make you the villain … as Muslims love to accuse the Christians for it. Go ask yourselves… why the crusade … and by whose orders. …

    Islam can’t claim this … because the Quran and Hadith promotes violence. Even the sunnah of Mohammad promotes violence, perverseness and deception.

  36. Terry Krow

    August 11, 2019 5:20 pm

    And I can't stand when SJW try to protect Islam without having read the Quran… They do not even know what they are trying to protect????????????????????????????????????????

  37. Marissa

    August 11, 2019 6:16 pm

    It's not even a religion. It's a totalitarian government that encompasses a religion. Islam has its own dress code, banking system (no interest for Muslims but taxing infidels for being non Muslim), laws ( Sharia), religious practice (Hijrah, praying five time a day) dietary requirements ( Halal, no pork, and if you fuck a goat you must kill it but you can't eat it…you can sell it at market)

    Islam is a scourge on the Earth. I don't understand why people can't see it.

  38. Glenn Pesti

    August 12, 2019 5:40 pm

    You were wrong in saying that Christianity is not a peaceful religion.
    Christians have always condemned violence, and we would renounce anyone who said they killed for the name of Christianity.
    The crusades were committed by Catholics

  39. Johannes Wöhler

    August 13, 2019 1:44 am

    Well if that god you are saying is so great why create metaphors then? Why not simple, easy to understand commandments? That way people would be guided accordingly and not do some stupid shit because they interpret the shit as to what it is actually intended. Duh

  40. MsBizzyGurl

    August 13, 2019 4:08 am

    Islam is not a religion; it's an ideology. There is no separation of church and state so it is a way to control and dominate in a social construct. At odds with western culture, there can only be one victor. Wake up, people.

  41. Midna Urthqua

    August 13, 2019 7:28 am

    Very good!
    The Nazarene said;'I have not come to bring you peace. I have come to bring you the sword'.
    Now, any serious human being, who values his spirit over his nature, will start pondering and will then start looking for understanding.
    Therefore there is another valuable clue The Nazarene gives us; 'Seek and you will find, ask and you shall be given'.
    His words are meant for the spirit in us, and only become unintelligable when they are taken as mere material words.
    The words in islam however, being a pick-and mix version of Judaïsm and Christianity, have not the deeper spirit in them and can therefore not speak to nor wake up the spirit.
    Their Mo, who wanted an easy life, made sure that he included the statement that this was the lást message of on high. And who would argue…did not the archangel Gabriël himself tell him that? Who had a spirit awake enough to descern between an angel and a mocking spirit? Nobody!*
    Throw in several death penalties and you're all set to go.
    Very sad…all these people believing such lies.
    *Except a little dog!! He saw the nature of the spirit that approached Mo and tried to warn him…..

  42. MultiCappie

    August 13, 2019 9:40 pm

    Harris is a covert conservative who pretends that he's talking about atheism, the same way that Peterson is a covert conservative who pretends that he's talking about christrianity. They don't actually care about philosophy, they only want your vote. Democracy, with the advice of science, should have primacy over both industry and religion in any society. Harris' (and Peterson's etc.) big game is disingenuous in that he doesn't acknowledge that his core action is to influence your vote.

  43. Robert Brooks

    August 13, 2019 10:15 pm

    But yes it is. Once everything that is non-islamic has been destroyed, once all non believers have been either converted, subjugated or killed and everyone worships Allah, then there will be peace.

  44. Dilwar Hussain

    August 14, 2019 12:47 am

    Well Christians were the cause of the Spanish Inquisition, first and Second World War and nuking Japan. That’s just mainstream what other human rights violations aren’t mentioned. That’s way more than anything any other group has done. So check your own history before you point fingers at other religions.

  45. reannd tji

    August 14, 2019 5:52 am

    Islam always play victim if there were a terrorist attack, and claim these are not islam. They did that in the name of islam though.

  46. Ben Kahrmann

    August 14, 2019 8:36 am

    It's so funny how people say "I used to be Muslim" and think that makes them important or that we may want to listen to them.

    Your an idiot for ever being a part of such a disgusting stupid made up religion.
    Muhammed was a pedo just like Epstein. And he should have been throttled like the asforementioned kreep

  47. Lo La

    August 14, 2019 10:06 am

    It is the number one death cult, no doubt. Death to the unbeliever. All three Abrahamic religions promise eternal torture and hellfire for sinners. This threat of eternal torture for those who dont obey the rules is anything but peaceful. It is a threat of the most extreme and everlasting violence.

  48. D. Douglas

    August 14, 2019 10:15 pm

    Muslims are here to take over, have babies and out number you. They are to lie to you, to spread Islam. They have slavery in there own countries, in 2019. When they take over a country they take slaves and child sex slaves. They are not to integrate. They are to be disobedient to non-Muslims laws. When there is enough of them, they are to break treaties and start killing infidels. When do they stop killling non-Muslims?????????
    Not until the World is Muslims controlled and non-Muslims pay jizya willingly to Muslims to stay alive. Then they start killing their own for not following the Koran literally enough.
    It's all in the Koran
    Here are the scriptures.

    The following quotes are taken from the most trusted Yusufali’s translation of the Qur’an.

    The Qur’an prohibits a Muslim from befriending a non-believer even if that non-believer is the father or the brother of that Muslim (9:23), (3:28). Our holy book asks us to be disobedient towards the disbelievers and their governments and strive against the unbelievers with great endeavour” (25:52) and be stern with them because they belong to Hell (66:9).

    The Qur’an tells us: “not to make friendship with Jews and Christians” (5:51), “kill the disbelievers wherever we find them” (2:191), “murder them and treat them harshly” (9:123), “fight and slay the Pagans, seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem”
    (9:5). The Qur’an demands that we fight the unbelievers, and promises “If there are twenty amongst you, you will vanquish two hundred: if a hundred, you will vanquish a thousand of them” (8:65).
    Allah and his messenger want us to fight the Christians and the Jews “until they pay the Jizya [a penalty tax for the non-Muslims living under Islamic rules] with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued” (9:29).
    Allah and his messenger announce that it is acceptable to go back on our promises (treaties) and obligations with Pagans and make war on them whenever we find ourselves strong enough to do so (9:3). Our God tells us to “fight the unbelievers” and “He will punish them by our hands, cover them with shame and help us (to victory) over them” (9:14).
    The Qur’an takes away the freedom of belief from all humanity and relegates those who disbelieve in Islam to hell (5:10), calls them najis (filthy, untouchable, impure) (9:28), and orders its followers to fight the unbelievers until no other religion except Islam is left (2:193).
    The holy Prophet prescribes fighting for us and tells us that “it is good for us even if we dislike it” (2:216). Then he advises us to “strike off the heads of the disbelievers”; and after making a “wide slaughter among them, carefully tie up the remaining captives” (47:4). Our God has promised to “instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers” and has ordered us to “smite above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them” (8:12).
    He also assures us that when we kill in his name “it is not us who slay them but Allah, in order that He might test the Believers by a gracious trial from Himself” (8:17). He orders us “to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies” (8:60). He has made the Jihad mandatory and warns us that “Unless we go forth, (for Jihad) He will punish us with a grievous penalty, and put others in our place” (9:39). Allah speaks to our Holy Prophet and says “O Prophet! strive hard against the unbelievers and the hypocrites, and be stern against them. Their abode is Hell – an evil refuge indeed” (9:73).

    This below is taken from a moderate Muslim website.

    Our Holy Prophet allows us to marry up to four wives and he licensed us to sleep with our slave maids and as many ‘captive’ women as we may have (4:3) even if those women are already married. He himself did just that. This is why anytime a Muslim army subdues another nation, they call them kafir and allow themselves to rape their women. Pakistani soldiers allegedly raped up to 250,000 Bengali women in 1971 after they massacred 3,000,000 unarmed civilians when their religious leader decreed that Bangladeshis are un-Islamic. This is why the prison guards in Islamic regime of Iran rape the women that in their opinion are apostates prior to killing them, as they believe a virgin will not go to Hell.

  49. capital punishment

    August 14, 2019 11:38 pm

    Islam is a forced upon religion.does anyone really think Aisha really wanted to get fucked by mohommad when she was nine years old. All Muslims force their children into Islam.most would probably not be Muslims if they had a choice.

  50. Mikyina Ify

    August 15, 2019 6:08 am

    When they say peace , they refer at the peace that will come after the whole world will be under islam rule, and all kafars are converted or dead.

  51. Nazim Mohd Nasir

    August 16, 2019 1:31 am

    Debunked as much as you like! We muslimin had these for centuries. It’s just like sandwiches with different kind for us. The fact the God almighty is the protector of his religion will always prevail as usual n the subscribers keep on piling up to 1.7billion now. Keep up d hardwork guys, u needs 1.6997biliion++ to match up. Surely u need miracles to beat that figure. Wish u luck!

  52. Jamal K

    August 16, 2019 9:14 am

    Islam is a peaceful religion, if you don’t believe it we will kill you🤣
    How can it be hate death and destruction in the Quran and not be in Islam?

  53. Sadiq J

    August 17, 2019 4:49 am

    You can argue with others dear Muslims but I am an X Muslim I have attended madarasa I know what is taught there. 90% of the teachings are rest all religions are false all non believers and who refuse to convert known as khafirs are third class people. Allah gives you permission to cheat torture kill khafirs. I have recordings of them you will soon see them on YouTube.

  54. ADHAM

    August 17, 2019 6:39 am

    There are many translations and meanings of the word "salam" and there is tow spilling too the first one means "peace" & the second one means "give" or "grants" and also "surrender" or "submissive", at this point surrender and submission it will be to God and by meaning that you surrendered yourself or subjected yourself to God this means that you are on the good side and also means that you are against anything evil or bad. This is what I understand about the meaning "Islam is a religion of peace" and i see that you got a little misunderstand .

  55. ADHAM

    August 17, 2019 7:00 am

    & by the way Islam didn't tell us to point a knife into little baby's head so please do not corrupt the Islam picture

  56. Fahim Chaudhary

    August 17, 2019 3:19 pm

    French Philosopher Montesquieu wrote in his book "The Spirit of law" that :

    In the hot countries of Arabia and the Indies, girls are marriageable at eight years of age and they are old at twenty.

  57. Fahim Chaudhary

    August 17, 2019 3:21 pm

    Prove me from quran where Allah said kill the innocent and prove me from hadith where Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) ordered to kill innocent….

    Muslims only wage war against enemies who are attacking them…

    Love from Muslims ❤❤❤

  58. Simom Cousin

    August 19, 2019 5:26 pm

    Bloody health an American explaining peace, USA has murderer so many innocent millions, usa is the most violent country in the work every week there are horrendous killing problem this stupid American never heard of the crime committed against defenceless innocent civilians nor the prison Abu ghraib, he's like a serial killer who tried to give the moral high ground to us that killing is wrong, you have to be an American to have no Shame

  59. John O'Donnell

    August 19, 2019 7:07 pm

    10000 religions and 1000 gods worshipped and this should be the answer Islam .. ha.
    It brought the world science and maths then killing of anyone that disagrees with its barbaric beliefs, nothing for 1400 yrs in advancing with the rest of the world still living in a time alooooooooong time ago .
    Blame everything on the Quran nonsense being not understood, no you haven't understand the Quran because it's complex you haven't read it correctly …it just beggars belief, 80 % + of its followers can't read or write
    Most dangerous nonsense on the planet.

  60. Cj Senanayake

    August 20, 2019 4:15 am

    Dont believe

    “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”
    Buddha quotes (Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.)

  61. Bilal Khan

    August 20, 2019 10:31 pm

    Skimming the first few minutes of this video, i can tell this person has no clue what he is talking about. In fact, he’s just barking nonsense.

    When Muslims say that Islam is a religion of peace, they are trying to refute the notion of the opposite extreme, which is that Islam is just perpetual warefare.

    Islam is not a religion of peace… but, it is also not a religion of perpetual warfare. Instead, islam is a religion of balance, which seeks to aim for prosperity and serenity in times of peace and encourages one to defend themselves in times of injustice.

    Unfortunately, this video is nothing but nonsense. What a disappointment.

  62. Cedric The Playstation

    August 24, 2019 7:25 pm

    I agree about everything you said about about Islam, however, the Crusades were a defensive against the Muslim aggressors. Even if it was relevant to the argument, it is pretty easy to debunk as again, this was a retaliation

  63. Matthew Cioffi

    August 27, 2019 1:46 am

    The problem seems to be that when you dimish Christianity (like you do) you end up strengthening Islam. Never forget this trend.

  64. TrustMeImAScientist1

    August 28, 2019 10:16 pm

    Quran says to kill christians, jews, apostates, and anyone(atheists) not believing in the pedophile muhammad or his moon god al-lah. I rest my case…

  65. Fracking Saves

    August 29, 2019 11:58 pm

    Humans are not a peaceful animal. All humans are violent & destructively innately and genetically.

    Atheism is not peaceful. Atheists are as violent & destructive as everyone else.

  66. Merih Adıay

    September 3, 2019 3:03 pm

    I was gonna make a comment about the subject bu then i realized i have my name on this channel and i thought to myself "fudge it silivri prison would be cold this year."

  67. dheeraj pimoli

    September 5, 2019 1:23 pm

    Well jains become very extreme in caring about other living beings same is the case with buddhism and hinduism but to lesser extent


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