Is Worship the Gospel?

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[MUSIC PLAYING] If worship took the form of one
solitary item on this gospel buffet, it would most
certainly have to be the bread. And not just any bread– a big, fat, fluffy yeast role. A cloud of instant
emotional gratification followed by the bloated
truth that in reality, you eat nothing, and yet, somehow,
nothing more will fit. It’s almost too
perfect of an analogy, but man don’t live
on bread alone. Does singing and lifting
your hands on the weekend really make you think
you have worshipped god? Do you confuse emotional
highs for spiritual highs and then get an emotional
hangover on Monday? Don’t get me wrong, one of man’s
favorite aspects of the church ritual is the portion in
which he gets to sing songs. But in reality, worship
is so much more. We deceive ourselves
into thinking that an hour of singing fulfills
our obligation of worship and gives us our
passage to heaven while we are actually
in a living hell. Worship requires far more of
us than 30 minutes of our week. In truth, it demands everything. When sin battles
our mortal bodies, our minds are transformed
and we choose to resist. The Holy Spirit
then becomes the ram that takes our
place on the altar, empowering us to overcome sin. This is worship. If your public worship is
loud, airy, and full of carbs, yet you live a private life
of slavery to sin and self, you are living a deception
called the segmented gospel.


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