Is Belief in God Irrational?

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So thankyou all for coming. I’ll introduce our moderator for tonight – this is Hollis. Hollis is on the Alaska Gas Commission and has also served as a State Senator So I’ll hand over to Hollis Hi and good evening. Its my job to introduce the two speakers, I’m gonna do one introduction and then she will make a five minute presentation, then I’ll introduce the other speaker and he’ll make a 5 minute presentation and then we’ll get into the actual debate. But I begin by introducing Doctor Megan Sullivan who is to my left, she is the O’Brien Collegiate Assosciate Professor of Philosophy at Notre Dame And she’s the director of the university philosophy requirement She teaches courses at all levels including large introductory courses in philosophy of religion and ethics and specialised graduate seminars on metaphysics, philisophical logic and rationality. She also works on developing the philosophy component of Notre Dame’s core curriculum Her research tends to focus on philosophical problems concerning time, modality, rational planning and religious belief but rarely all four at once In case you’re wondering how hard that would be Doctor Sullivan earned her BA with highest distinction from the University of Virginia in 2005, double majoring in philosophy and politics She studied at Virginia as a Jefferson Scholar From 2005 to 2007 she studied at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar earning a Bachelor in Philospophy Now in case you were wondering that philosphers were over specialised, you now know that only a Bachelor of Philosophy can be awarded in philosophy Then 2007-2011 she completed her phD in philosophy at Ruchters. Her 2011 dissertation was on issues in the metaphysics and logic of change Entitled ‘Theory:A Theory” She was awarded tenor at Notre Dame in 2015, Doctor Sullivan has published and worked in many of the leading genereal list philanthist of philosophy journals Excuse me, philosophy journals including new, ethics and philisophical studies. You can read those papers at her website She is currently finishing her first book which deals with issues in diachronic rationality, I will personally be buying that book to find out what diachronic rationality is She also reguarly writes short public philopsophy essays including publications in the Huffington Post, Common Wheel and First Things and gives public philosophy talks Please welcome, Doctor Megan Sullivan Thanks for that introduction, I don’t know how many of you guys heard them, I can’t believe I came out in the rain for this Which would be a fair reaction But I’m really glad you guys came out in the rain, cold night to have this discussion. Especially one of the conversations we’ve been having around campus all day is, with the recent election


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