Identity & Beliefs


Damon here with NLP Gym beliefs and
identity what is the difference between the two
and why is it even useful to distinguish one from the other according to Robert Dilts’ neurological
levels identity is on a higher logical level than beliefs some people argue that more logical
levels is an actual logical levels of that it’s not based on logical levels
and it would be right and saying that however it is quite a useful model to
use for a wide variety of applications and I wouldn’t say don’t use it it’s a
good model and in some ways i agree with putting identity above beliefs because a
belief is a generalization and your identity is basically a bundle about of
generalizations what’s actually a belief about those
beliefs so it’s a generalization about the generalization do you make reflected
back on yourself ok I’ll slow down a bit your
self-concept are your identity is a concept about all the concepts that you
create it is a belief about all the beliefs you make it as a generalization
about all of the generalizations you make reflected back onto yourself ok then we’ll probably make a little
more sense as i go through this when you identify with your beliefs and you don’t
make a distinction about what you are and your beliefs it can often feel like you’re attacked
when people question your beliefs and as I mentioned before i do a lot of
political debate and people will often respond to me in a way of feeling
insulted or that i’m attacking them when in actuality I’m not I’m i might be
questioning their belief i might be criticizing their belief about something
but who they are and their belief is not the same thing and this is what you can
put into action right now can start applying this very moment
distinguish between your beliefs and who you are when someone questions your
beliefs or even criticizes them know that that does not invalidate who you
are or what you are and what we are is really hard to well i would say
impossible to measure to explain to describe to invalidate are validated you
can validate it by saying we’re simply are here we know that much that is the one thing
that we do know everything else is really up for for questioning and
discussion and beliefs are not real because if they were you would have to
believe them they would be called facts so beliefs or believes the
generalizations you make because there is missing information you can’t possibly know everything so
you have to generalize you have to believe certain things so know that your beliefs are not who
you are your beliefs are happening in the space we call self and one way you
can prove this or I can prove this to you right now is your beliefs change you don’t believe what you used to
believe you don’t believe the same things you believe when you were ten
years old or even 20 years old how old you are you change your beliefs and
sometimes you get rid of place altogether if they don’t serve you and
yet you still remain you didn’t disappear you didn’t go
anywhere you’re still here an example is you may have believed in Santa Claus at
one time and that’s dramatic as it may be still – nothing there is no Santa Claus when
you learn the truth you change your belief or you suddenly had no belief
about that anymore when you’re arguing with someone when
you’re negotiating with someone when you’re going through sales with someone
it’s very helpful just to distinguish a person’s beliefs and their identity or
or who they are we can be very respectful of a who a
person is their presence their life and the same time we can question their beliefs and that’s a very healthy
distinction to make and it’s very healthy to apply that to
yourself so when someone is criticizing your beliefs or even trying to
invalidate your believes and even if they’re correct just know that that in no way and
validates the infinite indescribable and valuable human human being that you are
with the workshop sleight of mouth that double Brian will
be coming to teach here in santa cruz july ninth and tenth you’ll you will
learn more about how we create police how we put them together in our mind and
then how they solidified because this is the basis of sleight of mouth it’s basically reframing limiting
beliefs so you learn how you do this in your
mind and which is how everyone else does it so when you’re you you can work on
yourself with dismantling limiting beliefs and replacing them with more
with beliefs that have more options and more power and more when you’re up
against someone who is objecting to you that’s usually coming from a place of a
limiting belief well you will know how they constructed
that limiting belief so that you can then reframe it without understanding
that part it’s really hard to reframe belief or not our objection that someone
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