How You Can Grow Your Offline Business With Blogs

So after you have setup the WordPress blog on your site, you need to maximize its capabilities by having the desired additional features. As you know, the advantage of the WordPress blogging platform is that it is designed as a content management system with the ability to run widgets and plugins. And unless you’re doing this, you’ll not be leveraging the potential of the platform.

Hosted blog platform may be free. The benefit is that you don’t have to maintain all the technical aspects of running blog software including installing and updating to WordPress blogs newer versions of the web application.

Of course, you can change the date to become tomorrow, next month, next year or whatever and schedule as many blog posts as you want in advance. What I like to do is schedule at least one blog post per month, ahead of time. That way I know that for the next six months, I will at least have one new blog post every month without me having to do anything.

However, be warned, if you choose to use the free hosting service you run the risk of being shut down if you abuse their terms of service. I prefer to host my own till bloggen blogs as I have full access of my data.

There are so many types of web hosting services like shared, dedicated, reseller etc. available in the market to suit the needs of various customers. The cost varies from type to type and based on the type of your blog, you need to choose the one that is most economical to you. You cannot spend a lot on web hosting services if your blog is going to be your online journal and not for any business. In that case, there are so many cheap web hosting services that could serve your purpose and at the same time, not burn your pockets.

If your blog has the appropriate social media plugins, then it will also make a post on your Twitter accounts. Letting your followers know that you have made a new blog post. Basically, you write it, you set it on a timer and the blog itself does the work of automatically putting your content online. How do you do this?

AdWords are a situation of what’s good for one person might not be what’s great for everyone. See, if you have the know how and the funds it really can be a good way to market. I would never suggest that it’s the only thing you do to market your business online however.

Blogs allow comments to be posted on them (although you can disable this feature, or control what comments get posted). Why is this important? First, it increases interest in your site and gets people to come more often. Second, it increases search engine results because those comments add original content to your site, with little to no effort on your part! How bad can it be to get free help developing your web presence? And finally, it is a brilliant way to network and to learn about new developments in your field that you may never have known otherwise.

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