How to Replace Fear With Faith

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SHEILA: By the time I got to
that last door to go outside, all the pain was gone, and
I just couldn’t hold it any longer, and I just started
yelling and screaming and giving God the glory. (Singing) I know
my God has made the way for me. I know my God has made
the way for me. ANNOUNCER: God is good to
everyone, call upon His name today. Join Gloria Copeland on
today’s Believer’s Voice of Victory as she teaches you how
to break free from pain. Learn the key to staying well and
living in divine health. GLORIA: So our Healing
School today in Psalm 145, it says, “God is good to all.”
That means me. (Audience Agrees) Psalm 103 says
that he has healed our sicknesses and carried our
diseases, and by His stripes we were healed. Now,
that’s me. I “were” healed. It’s already been done, hallelujah.
Glory to God. Deuteronomy 28 tells us that we’ve been
redeemed from the curse of the law, and every sickness and
every disease, it says, is under that curse. So if they come up
with something new, new disease, you’ve already been delivered
from it. Now, I think that’s good planning, don’t you?
(Audience Agrees) I think God did some good planning for us.
Glory to God. Galatians 3 says–13 says every sickness and
every disease is under that curse. Deuteronomy 28 will tell
us that we’ve been redeemed–Galatians 3 says we’ve
been redeemed. Deuteronomy 28 lists every sickness and every
disease under that curse. Well, everything they come up with,
we’ve already been delivered from it. Glory. But how come so
many people are sick? Because they’re not in the Word of God.
Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.
Faith doesn’t come by cancer or sickness or pneumonia or bad
things. Faith comes from truth. AUDIENCE: Amen. GLORIA: And if
you don’t find out the truth, you’re not going to have faith.
But if you’ll do what obviously the–I’m talking to the choir
here, but still it’s good to remind ourselves of it. You
might have drug some unbelieving person in here with you.
(Laughter) So, what do we do? We walk by faith and not by sight.
How do we do that? By staying in the Word of God. You know,
there’s people–just millions–I’d say millions of
people in this world cannot imagine taking your vacation and
going to church for a week. (Cheers & Applause) That’s just
something that’s beyond the pale for them. But if they knew what
we knew–(Audience Agrees)–we couldn’t get them all in this
building, amen? (Audience Agrees) Glory to God. I like
God’s way. Every sickness, every disease, it says in Deuteronomy
28, is in the–under the curse. Now, Psalm 91 is a long-life
Scripture. Let’s look at that. I’m all into long life as I
approach my latter years. I’ve been there, though, for a long
time, for long life. Glory to God, who doesn’t want long life?
But you don’t want to be sick. (Audience Agrees) You want to be
healed. So in Psalm 91, which everybody knows by heart is a
marvelous Scripture, “He that dwelleth–” And here’s the–it
holds the key to staying well and staying blessed and staying
in the blessing instead of the curse. “He that dwelleth in the
secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of
the Almighty. I will say–” Now, your words–you know, your
words–if you know anything about faith, you get what you
say. You say it. That’s your faith talking. Psalm 91 agrees
with it. “I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my
fortress: my God; in him will I trust.” This is a decision that
we make. I say right, I say what the Word says, I say what I want
to come to pass, and I trust in God. How do I trust in God? By
His Word, what His Word says. I believe it, I take it. That’s
faith. Faith’s not hard. You can do this. And we can all increase
our faith. How? More Word, more saying. “Surely–in him will I
trust. Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the
fowler, and from the noisome,” or deadly–that means deadly,
“from the deadly pestilence.” So you know, we hear today–in our
generation, we hear about biological warfare, we hear
about diseases that we’ve never heard about before. Whatever
comes out, biological warfare or whatever, we’ve been delivered
from it if we’re in Christ Jesus. (Audience “Amens”) And I
am in Christ Jesus. How many of you are in Christ Jesus?
(Audience Agrees) Say, “Well I don’t know if I am or not.”
Well, here’s how you do it: You say, “Jesus!” Say it, everybody.
“Jesus–” (Audience Repeats) “–I receive you as my Lord and
Savior.” Say what I said. “Take my life–” (Audience Repeats)
“–and do something with it.” Glory to God. I receive it. I’m
telling you, He can do it. He can take you from where you’ve
been raised–you think, “Well, I wasn’t–I didn’t have any
advantages of anything about God where I’ve been raised and, you
know, I’m just behind–” Well, He can take you from where you
are to where He wants you to be if you’ll go with Him in the
Word and believe what it says. Glory to God. I personally was
raised in a church famous for believing nothing. I won’t tell
you what church, but–(Laughter) But you know what? It didn’t
seem to get into me. I didn’t–I didn’t hardly catch on to there.
I was young and–and I wasn’t too interested, you know what I
mean? So it was fortunate that it didn’t get in there. But you
could now. That was many years ago. Now there’s good churches
in just about every city or town in this country. Isn’t that
awesome? (Audience Agrees) They’re good Word churches, good
churches that preach you the Word. Hallelujah. So we don’t
have any excuses in our generation. “He shall cover
thee–” When you stay in the Psalm 91 mode, “He shall cover
thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thy trust:
his truth shall be a shield and buckler.” His–the Word to us in
this life, in this earth, is a shield and a buckler. It’s a
guard, it’s a protection. But if you don’t know what it says, you
left your shield at home. “Thou shalt not be afraid–” So we’re
not to be fearful. We don’t take fear. We’re not afraid. Why are
we not afraid? Because we’re in faith. Faith believes God. Faith
and fear are opposite. If you’re in fear, you need to make
changes. You need to get busy. “They shall not be afraid of the
terror by night; nor for the arrow that flies by day; nor for
pestilence that walks or disease that walks in darkness; and
destruction that wastes at noonday.” Here’s how bad it can
get: “A thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at
your right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.” Here’s
11,000 people dropping around–all around you. There
you are in the middle, and you’re not touched. (Indistinct
Responses) That’s how powerful God’s Word is and His protection
is. But you know what will rob you of that Scripture right
there? Fear. You can’t have fear and faith at the same time. If
you have a problem with fear, you need to cast it out. You
need to get rid of it. Every time a fear thought comes up in
you, you just say, “I’m not taking that in Jesus’ name. I’ve
been delivered, and I’m free, and I’m blessed!” What’s blessed
can’t be cursed. Amen? (Audience Agrees) So a thousand–can get
so bad a thousand on one side, 10,000 on the other. “Only with
your eyes shall you behold and see the reward of the wicked.”
Didn’t say it wouldn’t be around you. Didn’t say you wouldn’t see
it. But you’d just see it. You don’t have to participate. Amen?
Glory to God. Ken and I one day were in the airplane, and we
were going on a trip somewhere. And up above us, I don’t know
how far it would have been, but not–we weren’t right in it, but
it was right where we could see it. There was a cloud, and a
tornado started coming down out of that cloud. Well, we saw it.
We saw that tornado coming down. It was about to hit somewhere,
probably a hundred miles from where we were. Wherever, I don’t
know. We could see it, but we weren’t in it. And we said, “You
get back up there in the name of Jesus!” And that sucker went,
“Choo, choo, choo!” (Laughter) And back up it
went–(Applause)–not to be seen by us again. Hallelujah. You can
talk to the thing. You can talk to storms. You can speak at
things that are trying to take your life. You can talk to
diseases in Jesus’ name. Just like we spoke to that tornado,
you can talk to sickness and disease and say, “You’re not
coming on me.” Or if something’s on you, you just say, you know,
“I cast you out. I’ll not have you. I’ll not allow you in my
body.” And call it by its name and say, “You’re under the
curse! And Jesus–the Word says I’ve been redeemed from the
curse of the law.” Amen? Psalm 145 says, “The Lord is good to
all,” so that covers all of us. Glory to God. Hallelujah. “The
Lord is good to all, and his mercy endures forever.” You
can’t wear Him out. You can be the worst character in the whole
world, but if you’ll repent and come back to Him, just say,
“Lord, have mercy on me. I make You Lord of my life. I receive
You as my Lord,” all that old, bad stuff will be washed off of
you, washed away. And you become what–this wonderful thing, a
new creature in Christ. What is a new creature? A new creature
is a new creation. It’s a–it’s a person that’s never been
before. AUDIENCE: That’s right. GLORIA: When we got born again,
we changed. (Audience Amens) We–we’re not the same
little–I’m not that same little girl, you’re not that same old
guy. You were changed to a new creature in Christ Jesus. Every
bad thing in your life is gone. It’s–you might have the memory
of it, but don’t dwell on it. You’ve been delivered from it.
It’s gone, and you’ve been born over again. Think of how many
people in this world would like to know that they could start
over again; not just start over, but be born over. Glory to God.
So if you’re in that condition today, I’m going to tell you how
to do it. You just say, “Jesus, I receive you as my Lord and
Savior.” Glory to God. I said to Him, “Take my life and do
something with it.” At that time, if there’s anything I
wouldn’t have wanted to be, it would be a preacher’s wife.
(Laughter) But then I became a new creature, and then I met
another new creature. And he asked me on the first
date–well, he wasn’t quite a new creature then,
but–(Laughter)–and I wasn’t either, actually, at that time
probably. But he asked me to marry him on the first date. So
I held out for about three minutes, and I said, “Okay.”
(Laughter) I’ve told you all this story before, but it’s a
hoot. I went in, and I thought, “I–I don’t even know him. Why
did I say that? Well, I’ll get out of it later.” (Laughter)
Well, that’s been 50–50 plus years now. But I didn’t want out
of it. Hallelujah. Ken and I have had a marvelous time
together serving the Lord. And that’s what’s available for
everybody. Just put Him at the top, and it’ll come to pass.
Psalm 103, every–and Galatians says every sickness is under the
curse and–Deuteronomy 28:61. In Psalm 91, we talked about
abiding. This–this person abides under the shadow of the
Almighty. That great protection that’s in Psalm 91 has a–has
a–you know, there’s something necessary to have that great
protection. You’ve got to be an abider. What is an abider? Well,
that’s one that lives in the Lord, lives with the Lord, obeys
the Word. He said, “If my Word–if you abide in–if my
words abide in you and you abide in me, ask what you will, and
it’ll be done for you.” Boy, that cuts it short, doesn’t it?
“You abide in Me, you got it made.” What is abiding? Abiding
is obeying, doing what He says. And there’s no limit, then, to
the blessing that can come in your life. And there might be
somebody here that, you know, your friend drug you, your
relative drug you here, and you thought, “I don’t know what I’m
doing in this place.” Well, if you got a chance to start all
over in life, if you never made Jesus the Lord of your life, if
you’ve made Him the Lord, and you got away from it, then
repent and go back. Hallelujah. Glory to God. How many of you
have been born again? AUDIENCE: Yes! Glory! GLORIA: Look at
that. Isn’t that great? I won’t ask for those that haven’t, but
that’s who I’m talking to. Glory to God. Every sickness under the
curse, every sin–the power of sin broken over our lives. That
new creature that you are in Christ Jesus has got authority.
We’ve got authority. AUDIENCE: Yes! GLORIA: We have authority,
and we have to take it. AUDIENCE: Yes. GLORIA: Just
because we have it doesn’t mean that when sickness comes we
don’t get sick. But because we take that authority and we
rebuke it in the name of Jesus, we say, “No, no,” and we go to
the healing scripture that He bore our sickness, carried our
diseases, “by His stripes I was healed,” when we act on the Word
of God, it takes effect in our lives. You say, “Well, I just
got started at this, and I don’t know much about the Bible.”
Well, start finding you–get you a list of healing Scriptures. If
you don’t know how to do it, find somebody whose Book that’s
got it written in there, list of healing Scriptures. “Well, I
don’t know–I’m not sick, but I’m broke.” Well, find you the
prosperity Scriptures and take hold of those prosperity
Scriptures. That’s what we did. We were in debt, we didn’t have
anything. It was a sad time. We didn’t know we were–you know,
we didn’t know how broke we were. When I look back, we
should have been sadder than we were. (Laughter) We didn’t know
how broke we were. But, we–Ken’s mother–let’s see,
what she–she got–she helped me–she gave me some old
furniture for our little house in Tulsa, and then I bought a
table, and we put it together, and I painted it up and made us
a little dining table. And that’s what–that’s the way we
started. You know why we didn’t stay there? Because at the same
time, we got on the Word of God. (Audience “Amens”) We were born
again, got on the Word. Brother Hagin, when we lived in Tulsa,
he was having seminars, 10 days every quarter, I believe, if I
remember right. And we–now we’re born again, now we know
what we are, we know the Word’s our answer. So we get over there
in our meetings twice a day every day. We don’t miss. We get
the Word of God, and we stayed that way. We have to have God’s
Word to keep our faith sharp–(Audience Agrees)–and
strong, and you do too. You say, “Well, I–I’m working three
jobs. I’m just so busy, I just don’t have time.” Well, if you
would get in the Word, you could probably get by on one
job–(Audience “Amens”)–one good job instead of three puny
jobs. See, that’s called the blessing! Say, “The blessing.”
AUDIENCE: The blessing. GLORIA: The blessing comes on us when we
come in. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Okay. Let’s see.
Psalm 91, the key to long life is abiding in Him. “With long
life,” that Scripture says, “will I satisfy him, and show
him my salvation.” AUDIENCE: Glory. GLORIA: You make God your
refuge, you make the Lord Jesus Christ your refuge, and you can
be satisfied and have long life. That’s where we all ought to be.
“With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation.”
Prosperous and blessed. Hallelujah. Matthew 15–let’s
see, Matthew 15:30. This was in Jesus’ ministry, and he said,
“And great multitudes came unto him, having with them those that
were lame, blind, dumb, maimed, and many others, and cast them
down at Jesus’ feet.” Can you get a picture of that? Here they
are bringing all their people, all their old people, all their
young people that’s sick or impaired or any way, and they
just brought them to Him and cast them down at His feet. And
what did He do? “He healed them.” Glory to God. All kind of
people living all kind of ways, and when they got to Jesus’
feet, he had mercy on them, “Insomuch that the multitude
wondered, when they saw the dumb to speak, the maimed to be
whole, the lame to walk, the blind to see: and they glorified
the God of Israel.” Glory to God. God could heal everyone and
will if we’ll accept it this morning in this place, in just
one– “whoosh” –swift moment, never to have that sickness
or disease again. (Music) MALE: This is Sheila
from Channelview, Texas. This is her first Believers’
Convention. She had been suffering with arthritis
in the knees, very painful even to walk. And
Tuesday, she received some things when Dr. Dollar was
preaching, and she was going out, and the pain started
hitting her again she said, and said the Lord said to her, “As
they went, they were healed.” And she said, “I’m going to take
that.” And she noticed today that the pain’s gone she said.
AUDIENCE: Hallelujah. MALE: And she wants to show you something.
She’s a runner today, man, without pain. (Cheers &
Applause) GLORIA: Glory to God. Hallelujah! KENNETH: Whoo! Glory
to God. Thank You, Lord. GLORIA: Hallelujah. MALE: Hallelujah.
SHEILA: And God told me, He said, “You know how they were
healed as they went?” He said, “That’s what I’m going to do for
you.” And so I kept walking, and I kept–by the time I got to
that last door to go outside, all the pain was gone, and I
just couldn’t hold it any longer, and I just started
yelling and screaming and giving God the glory and thanking God.
And I guess people thought I went crazy, but I was free. I
was healed! I was squatting and doing some of everything I
thought that I couldn’t do before. FEMALE: This gentleman
is Thomas from England, and he has come for three years to
volunteer in the meeting. And he was attacked last year with
terrible pains and heart–shooting pains around his
heart, and so much pain in his body, and he got weaker and
weaker. He didn’t think he could fly, but by faith, he flew, and
he came. Monday, he was prayed for in the volunteer meeting.
He’s been getting better every day. And now, totally pain free
and strong. (Cheers & Applause) MALE: Hallelujah! FEMALE:
Hallelujah. KENNETH: Hallelujah. That is wonderful. MALE: This is
Alison from DeKalb, Illinois. Two years ago, she had back
surgery, but then since that time, always had continuous
pain. Last Friday, she finally went and got an MRI, but then
she came here and has been believing God all week for a
miracle. They called her on Thursday and said actually what
it was was a degenerative disc, and she was going to need
surgery. But she had already noticed the change in her body.
And then today during service, God touched her. She tells me
that she’s completely healed. MALE: Hallelujah. (Applause)
ALISON: I worked with the evangelism team all this week,
and before I came, I couldn’t walk, sit, or stand for more
than 20 minutes. And I still came, and Riley and people in
the team were my number two for a miracle. And when Tracy said,
“Your back is all straightened out, the degenerated disc,” that
was me. TRACY HARRIS: And every degenerative area of bone and
disease and vertebrae loss, bone loss was being restored. GLORIA:
Praise You, Jesus. MALE: Why don’t you show us what you
can do. (Applause) AUDIENCE: Hallelujah! MALE: Hallelujah!
Praise the Lord. KENNETH: Praise God. That’s so good. ALISON: All
week long, I’m like, “Lord, I want a miracle. I want my back
totally fixed. I want it totally fine.” And every day with the
evangelism team, they were still believing God with me to be able
to go out, because we went out every day. Yesterday, we went
out twice. And over 1200 people got saved this week. FEMALE:
This is a precious lady, Cheryl from here in Dallas. And she–I
don’t know what this little lady was doing on a tractor
lawnmower, but she was driving it and drove it into a ditch.
And then she tried to pull it out herself with her bare hands.
So tell us what happened. CHERYL: Well, my sister was
pushing, and I was pulling. And I hit the ground on my bottom.
And when I did, oh, it hurt my low back. And I could just see
the compression in my disks. I’m an imaging technologist so I
know what it looks like. And I sat there for just a brief
second and this anger rose up in me, and I thought, “I am not
going to be a slave to back pain. I know what that does to
people.” My sister comes over, and she’s real compassionate,
and she said, “Do you want a heating pad?” I said, “No. I’m
healed in the name of Jesus.” I walked up to my house, and I
just started professing and claiming. And I said, “God,
you’ve healed me. You did it years ago before I was born.” I
just kept going on and on. And I’ve been doing it all week. And
I knew when I got here it was going to be completed. And I
guess God just put that in my heart. I just want to tell
everybody, take authority when it happens. Don’t let it sit.
When you let it sit and fester, it just gets worse and worse,
and then the devil has a chance to just– KENNETH: It does get
worse. CHERYL: –infiltrate your body. And I’m so glad, because
of so many of the stories you’ve told us about how you walked
through those healings. I can’t tell you the value I place on
the teachings that you’ve given us as partners. I value every
one of them. I listen to them all the time. (Applause) MALE:
Amen. CHERYL: And that’s why I could do what I did that day.
FEMALE: Amen. CHERYL: Thank you so
much. MALE: Hallelujah. FEMALE: Praise God. KENNETH:
Amen. Hallelujah.


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