How To Re-Gain Lost Faith In Relationships | Neeta Singhal


How to come out of it… ..when the relationships
are not so well? If things have not gone
the way you wanted If you saw your parents all the
time fighting with each other You wonder ‘Is it a marriage?’ They are many people who unable to find
a suitable life partner for themselves Because they have always found
disharmony in their own house Their parents worry
about their marriage I ask them: How was
your marriage? They say ‘We always had fights’ ‘But I tell my daughters that
she will get a perfect man’ I wonder when she does not believe
good men or happy marriages exist How can she attract what
you don’t believe in? The thing you disbelieve
never comes to you Because you haven’t
seen it before How to win that faith
in the relationships?Audience: Forgive
others and yourself
Number one, yes, forgive
others. Forgive yourself Then? Do you think such a person
can believe in relationship? How can such a person… …who has always seen
disharmony around Many people who are
not getting married… …always say ‘I have seen around the
married ones are not happy at all’ But…fine they are searching
a man for themselves But they are not able to find Because they don’t
believe from within… …that a relationship
can be sweet So how can such a
person find a partner? What is the answer? Think I won’t answer everything Yes?Audience: Perception of different
children could be different
Yes it is possible Every child has a
different perception A child may feel their parents
rarely fight. Fights at times happen They feel their parents are like that.
But they don’t act So every child, every person looks
at the world in his own way But suppose you have
developed a perception… …that relationships
are not sweet How can you now go about
making relationships? Take a friend for instance.
Forget about husband or a spouse You make friends You believe in nothing Because you feel: I somehow or the
other fail in in the relationship So you are not believing
in relationship What can you do about it? But relationship is necessary Why do you want a
relationship in life? Tell me Can you live without
relationship? And why do you want a
relationship in your life? Can anyone answer? Yes?Audience: A relationship
gives you happiness
Relationship definitely
gives you happiness and joy But why else do we
want relationships?Audience: For everythingActually in life everything
is a relationship Without relationship you can’t
even get a job from a company You would get neither a boss nor
colleagues nor juniors nor seniors Neither customers nor vendors Today if you don’t believe in a
relationship, you won’t even get a jobAudience: Social acceptanceFor everything You need relationships
for everything For getting a job, for getting
customers for your products For getting customers
for your service For having friends in life To share things,
to get knowledge How can we gain knowledge
without sharing? How to get knowledge? We have friends of
different types We like to have fun
with some friends ‘Let’s have fun. Let’s
go here, let’s go there’ We brainstorm with
some friends… …career options Some friends are spiritual We share our learning
experiences with them Some are physical
and some are mental ‘Physical’ means…anytime
you want them ‘My car isn’t available.
Give me yours’ They physically help you ‘Please come with me. Please
get me this work done’ Some friends are physical while
some are for mental sharing Some are for sensory sharing ‘Let us share pleasures’ Some are spiritual We do need friends in our life We can’t even live
without relationships So today if you find yourself
all alone in this world It means that sweetness of
relationship somewhere has gone Okay? And only way to come out of this… …surrender You have to only surrender Definitely there were… …not-so-sweet
relationships around you Definitely there have been
wrong incidents about you When you surrender totally Then you gain a wisdom… …that ‘Yes I do surrender.
I do trust. I do believe… …that I can get good relationships’ ‘I surrender. I trust’ It is not necessary that… …the things that have happened
to others have happened to me The only way you can come out…you
can’t change what has happened But you can trust, you can surrender ‘I surrender’ ‘I believe’ For this, the Heart
Chakra has to be opened!


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