How To Play “O Mighty Ones” by #Ramp Worship On Guitar – Lead Lick –

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what’s up guys my name is Evan DiDio and in this video we’re learning how to play the solo then lead intro link to
oh mighty once it’s a great song great leg so let’s jump into the video hey guys my name is Evan DiDio and
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video like I said we’re learning to play the lead lick and intro to oh mighty once
and they’re also a little extra things you can throw into the song we’ll talk a
little bit about that too so make sure you keep watching but let’s jump into
the how-to section of how to play the lick alright sore base in the F major
scale here based off of that little scale there hopefully doing a video in
the future about the major scale so again consider subscribing but we’re
starting off with our second finger on the 13th fret of the B string and most
of these are low staccato notes but like like me you can add a little bit of
reverb that way it kind of melds melts molds into the other notes if that makes
sense kind of flows into it so I like having some wetness with me while I’m
playing the solo but we’re with we’re on the 13th fret of the B string with our
second finger and then we move our third finger down to the 14th fret of the g
string come down to the 12th fret of the
g-string and then right now you can use your
third finger or your fourth finger on the 15th fret of the d-string I like to
use my third finger hit that note again and then walk up from the twelfth fret
of the g string to the 14th fret of the g string and then as right after we walk
up we’re doing a really quick walk down
from the 12th fret of the g-string excuse me and then again you can use the
third finger of your pinky on the 15th fret of the a-string so so far what we
have sounds like this and then all you do is repeat that
phrase again but instead of walking back up you just hit that 15th fret on the
d-string again and kind of let it ring out for a little while kind of like that and that’s the way they do it throughout
the whole song now also here’s a little extra lick that I’ve mentioned that I
would do for you in the verses while they’re going back and forth from the F
and the D minor it can get a little monotonous so that’s up to the lead
guitars and kind of keyboardist and drummer but for you right now you can
add this in there and that will help make it less monotonous so here’s how
you play that leg now I’ve got to mention don’t be too overpowering with
this just because then it could cut over the vocals a little bit and that
wouldn’t sound good a lot of times lead guitarists play a
little bit too much over vocalist when they should be more background so while
someone is singing it’s usually better as a lead guitarist to kind of step off
a little bit and not play anything or all someone’s talking don’t play as much
maybe you’ve got a little bit of wah-wah going some of that of course is okay but
not as much of course that all depends on the
atmosphere you may be able to do that while someone’s singing or talking but
that of course that’s totally up to you totally up to you to make that call
let’s jump back into the lick so I pretty much just use either my first
finger a second thing or most of the time my first finger here on the 9th
fret of the g string sliding up to the 10th fret of the g string which is the f
note and then we’re kind of walking down the F scale here come back down to the
ninth fret quickly come down now you can’t do this on the D string – just for
my mind though I like to do it on the g string and keep it all in one string
down to the fifth fret of the g string and then slide up to the 7th fret of the
g-string of course you could play it like this which of course that would be easier and
it kind of keeps it in the box but for some reason my mind likes to say say
okay that’s an F chord that’s a D minor chord and everything’s based off of that
and I try to keep it like right in there you know what I mean
but of course you can play like this too that’s with third finger on the tenth
fret of the D string it’s line up to the twelfth fret of the D string and whatever fingering works best for
you you can go ahead and choose that while doing this this is kind of an upbeat dance jump
song and the wah-wah if you don’t have a wah-wah in church man I’m telling you
what if you’ve been praying for revival that wah-wah will bring back revival I’m
just kidding there’s a lot of other factors in you know what I mean
the wah-wah is just like subconsciously makes you want to start kind of bouncing
the shoulders maybe you’re starting dancing you know that’s the wah-wah okay
that’s just the wah-wah just start I’ve got a video on how to improvise like a
pro kind of just talking about the minor pentatonic scale there so go and check
out that video up there in the top left corner I linked it up right there that
way you can start using that but thank you all very much for watching this
video again like this video comment if you have any questions subscribe for
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out a new video make sure you share this video with your friends maybe using with
your praise team and the wah-wah can be used on the keyboard and bass too so
just throwing that out there start experimenting with the wah wah world but
again thank you very much for watching this video and I’ll see you in the next
one bye


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