How To Make Handmade Jewelry – 4 Easy Steps

There is no easier way to make bracelets, rings or necklaces than with jewelry making wire which includes memory wire, tiger tail, brass wire and other beading wires. From shiny precious metal to colorful copper, you are sure to find the right beading wire for each project in huge selection. Here, learn some tips and techniques for making gorgeous wire-wrap jewelry pieces. And let us take memory wire for example this time.

When I was nine, my great aunt taught me how to make Nitinol rods bracelets. She would make jewelry and I would watch her. Finally I asked her how and she taught me. After that I taught myself how to make everything else. I named my shop E.B. Beads because my dad always calls me El Bell and it was sentimental to me. My twin brother actually came up with the name for me. Normally, when I would start a new hobby, I would drop it within two months. Before I made jewelry, I cross stitched, knitted, painted, sketched, water colored, and bedazzled. I have been making jewelry for the longest of all of my hobbies.

Wrap the wire around the pliers to shape the loop; you’ve got to position the pliers for you’ve got the size of loop you want. Tightly grasp the pliers; push the wire away from you and around the end of the pliers until you have finished the entire loop. Ensure you have lots of wire when doing this project. Finally, clip off the other end and cut away any extra wire and repeat the looping process.

Silk, this is commonly use in standard way of stringing beads. This kind of string is ideal when stringing valuable pearls where you have to do knot between the pearls. Silk is less complicated to knot than any other thread as it is soft. However , silk frays and stretched when used over 3-5 years. The main brands of silk are Gudebrod and Griffin. If you want to string pearls sizes of string like Griffin size 5 or 6, and Gudebrod size E are highly recommended. Silk is not good for heavy beads.

If you’re any good with a sewing machine you could add beads and sparkles to your clothing. Old Swarovski and diamante jewellery is perfect for this if you can get the crystals out. Just use some special fabric glue to attach the crystals to your clothing in your own design or pattern. This is especially striking on a black outfit if you’re going for a night out. Try doing the same to an old black handbag to make a matching set.

Memory foam is an open celled foam, which means that air is free to move from one cell to another, so when pressure is applied, the affected cells collapse and you feel sort of like you’re floating down into the material.

Napkin rings are a great way to add creativity to your table, particularly when entertaining dinner guests. Why not make a set for your next dinner party or special event?

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