How to Eliminate Self Limiting Beliefs – The Logical Technique


In some of our previous episodes, we’ve been exploring self limiting beliefs. What are they
and why are they deadly for entrepreneurs? Now the good news about self-limiting beliefs is that they can actually be fairly easy to identify once you’ve focused your attention on them, and further more you can eliminate and transform them. Today I’m going to share with you one of
the most commonly used techniques to eliminate self-limiting beliefs. It’s called the logical
technique and it has six fairly straightforward steps. Step one, you’re going to sit down and write down some of your most commonly held self-limiting beliefs. Now the way that you can recognize
them is that they typically are some kind of negative statement about yourself or the world. And they also tend to recur over and over again in your mind. So it’s that little voice in the back of your head telling you that you can’t do this or you never will be able
to or you’re just not blah blah blah enough… Start with one self-limiting belief at a time. Since you have to shoot these guys down one by one I recommend starting with the
easiest one first. The one that you know beyond a doubt is not universally true. For example,
all people who are successful started first with money. Clearly, that’s not universally
true. So it’s easier to start with one that is easy to refute rather than a self-limiting
belief that has a long, painful history that goes back many years to some type of childhood trauma. Step two, ask yourself why you believe this belief to be true. Sit down and reflect upon every instance and experience you had that reinforces this self-limiting belief. You want to trace this string of experiences back to the earliest experience that you had, because chances are that was the source experience that originated the self-limiting belief. Step number three. Sit down and make a list of all the instances and experiences that you had in your life that actually showed this belief to be false or untrue. Also think about other examples in the world where this
belief isn’t true. So if you go to our example of all successful people are successful because
they started off with money think about people that really were rags to riches success stories
like Oprah Winfrey. Make a list of these individuals. Step number four — neutralize your self-limiting beliefs with positive visualization. Now the thing about self-limiting beliefs is that
chances are you’ve been thinking these beliefs over and over again so you’re accustomed to
thinking them it’s become a pattern. So every time you find yourself thinking a self-limiting
belief, then immediately neutralize it with a strong visualization of some example where
this belief isn’t true. So for example, if you believe that you aren’t successful because
you didn’t start with a pool of money to begin with, then immediately overlay that belief
with a thought about someone who did succeed that rose to wealth and fame from nothing who may have
had even more unfortunate circumstances that you have. Step five — rinse, lather and repeat. Keep working through your list of self-limiting beliefs until you’re able to come up with
an appropriate, positive visualization that you can use for every one. So that’s it for today. Thanks so much for
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  1. Richard Matos

    January 6, 2019 9:46 pm

    Wow thank you for making these videos. It's really helping me get my business/life together. Thank you Lorna!


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