How to Change Negative Beliefs | VED [NLP in Hindi]


Your mind is always on proving your belief true by using its whole potential if someone has a belief if a cat has crossed the way, his day gonna get bad now the whole potential of his mind will be indulged in making his day bad because he had that belief and now his mind will work in order to make his day bad automatically in default mode are you getting it? if someone has a fear of death and think “what if something happened to me” so, as he will read a news of soemone as someone will say something to him, his mind will process that it would happen with me is it clear? because mind gets in turn into reality so it is better to tell your mind your counter belief. start telling it logically and along with logical, if you can feel it emotionally is it clear? so your belief gets breaking (to the participant) Rajesh Ji, I got a belief yesterday as I know your situation Rahul said yesterday that sir I always get a fear of death always would such thing happen to me? what to do for that? it is a thought which keeps your life on low energy and hamper your life. Do you agree with that? I suggest them a belief which can nullify this belief and in our conversation, a belief came out that death dislikes me. isn’t it (Participant)
when we think of death we see Yamaraj. that means Yamaraj dislikes me if we think of yamraj has come so it will be more impactful..
very good so you made it better. by picturising it because your mind were getting feeling from it thinking about death and the yamaraj is coming just think. what if the bull of Yamaraj was white in color with long ear and flying with them and yamaraj had a cherry on his nose and two people were dragging yamaraj’s ear and a monkey is playing tabla on Yamaraj’s head. how the yamaraj would look like from the next time when you’ll think of yamaraj you will get this image of him it is called sub-modality in NLP change the perception (P.I.R) it is so powerful that we can replace disempowering belief with the empowering beliefs right? is it clear? let me tell you one more skill of it I recommend all of them who want to create massive change in their life,to learn NLP whatever you are doing, you may be in business or in a relationship, it works everywhere and it is my own experience and the participants till now shared the same I can’t teach you everything in just 2 days workshop but please understand there is a very good way to break a belief which disturbs you and that is Asking question if you question the belief ‘how exactly I know that’ getting it? your teacher or Guru said the money will never be to you and ask yourself in your mind “how exactly you know that?” are you learning it so far? so it will start breaking on further level Guru says “I have seen your kundli you can a give a logic “but I don’t know my real date of birth” so, belief can change understanding this? there is a small example related to it (Participant)
You said how exactly I know that? because sir said so. Then, I don’t know my own date of birth so how can it be true exactly I say these things so that your belief may break I want you to learn this art so you may break your belief yourself are you getting it? there is one more funny example which I will share with you there was a wife cooking fish in her kitchen it was Sunday and her husband was at home that wife put that fish cut it into two, put oil in frying pan and started frying it husband was seeing all this and said why did you cut this fish? wife became angry and said why are you asking such, do I ever ask about your official matters he said, still tell me why did you cut this fish? she said fish is cooked in this way husband said, no, I didn’t understand this logic that fish is cooked in this way. it is not necessary just think and tell me, why did you cut the fish? she said, why are you irritating me? I learned that fish is cooked in this way he said “No”, think agannin why did you cut the fish in this way? she said My mom teach me so he said do one thing, call Mother in law she said, now you’re gonna mad He said, just call the mother in law and ask “why do we cut the fish, mom?” she said ok. Hey mom, your son in law has gone mad and asking me why we cut the fish? if we cut the fish from between only then it will be cooked well no. that’s why you were cutting na she said “No, my pain was small” learning from it? she used to cut the fish because the pan was small but when we accept some logic so, our mind give some logic that why it is right? then we say it is cooked well, or it is the recipe and so on all clear? in the same way we have so many beliefs if we question them, why it is so? two things will happen, either you will get the right logical explanation and you will know your belief is true or you will know that it was a lie which you perceived and planted in your mind


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  1. naveen choudhary

    March 17, 2018 3:56 am

    Why you removed previous video. I got notification but video has removed. Plz reply.

  2. ind09 kumar

    March 17, 2018 6:56 pm

    your way of explaining is great …………….if possible plz tell more techniques to change negative beliefs
    thank you

  3. Misti Saha

    March 18, 2018 3:28 am

    Sir Mai apke har AK vdo dekhti hu
    Kya ye sach hai ki hm jo sochte hai
    Real me v hota hai
    Kuch Dino se mujhe kuch prblm ho Rahi hai
    Maine dr v dikhaya lekin koi fayeda nahi hua hai
    Dr ne bola kuch v prblm nahi hai fir v Mai suffer kar rahi hu
    Kya ye mera soch k Lea thik nahi ho raha hai
    Plzzz mujhe batayea…. Mai hamesa is bare me sochti hu

  4. Misti Saha

    March 18, 2018 3:31 am

    Or jo sochti hu
    Wohi ho rahi hai mere sath
    Kaise niklu is se
    Jab v kuch positive sochne lagti hu to kuch Aisa negative symptom hota hai
    Fir Mai negetive hi soch ne lagti hu

  5. Entrepreneur India

    March 18, 2018 7:37 am

    Your content is very powerfull but your voice is not good… If you make your voice complete then.. Its "sonepe suhaga"…..

    Make sense

  6. Shahzadi

    March 18, 2018 2:00 pm

    Sir MN bhot pryshan hon mujy hr koi y khta k mal dolat tmhary naseeb MN nhi , apna ghr tmhary naseeb MN nhi , MN kasy is baat ko apny mind sy nikalon plz help me

  7. Naresh Kumar

    March 26, 2018 12:43 pm

    Very Nice Sir…Thanks
    डिअर सर्…आपसे विनम्र प्रार्थना है कि किसी भी टॉपिक पर विडियो कम से कम 15 से 20 मिनट की तो होनी ही चाहिए…।।

  8. surender peter

    May 26, 2018 6:55 am

    Thanx sir, 5th may ke seminar ke baad maine apne negative beliefs todne shuroo kiye.aaj m apne m bahut change feel kar raha hoon. Again im vry vry thankful to u.

  9. Mahendra Agarwal

    July 24, 2019 10:01 am

    How to change our drifter Habit who move from clique to clique, without confirming completely to any.

  10. Kuna Mallik

    August 5, 2019 3:50 am

    Sir I am thinking negative everyday its my problem. .es ko solution karne ka tarika plz batadiji ..

  11. Ansari Saqib

    December 12, 2019 3:20 pm

    Sir is chhez ko kaise theek karu …kuch dekhne ya sunne pr Ki kahin ye mera negative belief na ban jaye or bar bar negative thoughts na aane lage?


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