How has the doctrine of jihad actually played out in history?

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>>Ankerberg: Yeah, let�s roll on. The fact
is, so he starts this doctrine of jihad, and how does it play out?>>Emir Caner: Well, he dies in 632: Abu Bakr,
one of his best friends and financiers of this entire movement, becomes a leader. And
the greatest way to see what Muhammad was as the excellent example is to see what the
first generation of believers did. Compare Jesus and His disciples to Muhammad and his
disciples. All the disciples of Jesus, outside of the apostle John, were martyred for their
faith. All of the disciples of Muhammad went to war. All of them. So all of a sudden Muhammad
dies in 632; they solidify the rest of the Arabian peninsula under Abu Bakr. They, two
years later, go to Damascus, Syria, then a majority Christian community; conquer that.
Two years after that, Bagdad. Two years after that, Jerusalem; into Egypt, across North
Africa; up through the Iberian Peninsula to Spain and Portugal; through the Pyrenees mountains
into central France; where 100 years after Muhammad�s death finally they�re stopped.
Now, of all the pictures then, the question has to be asked, did the French attack them?
Did the Spaniard�s attack them? North Africans? Assyrians? No, because Islam teaches an offensive
war. That�s what Muhammad did when he conquered Mecca. That�s what Muhammad demanded that
Muslims do after he died.


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