How Do We Know Christianity is the Correct Religion?

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Maura Saccuro types in the following there
at YouTube Live, Tim: “How do we know Christianity is the correct belief when there’s a sea of
religions throughout history since before even Jesus was born?” Right, that is a great question. You know, that was a question that I asked,
Cy, many years ago as a young skeptic. I don’t know if I’ve ever shared this with
you, but I claimed atheism for a brief time in my teen years. I did not know that. I think I was more of an agnostic, but I claimed
atheism. I think it’s because I just wanted to sin
a lot, but, you know. That does make it easier. It does. But no, I really was. And my search for truth was kinda haphazard,
you know, cause I was more interested in drinking Budweiser than really searching for truth. But from time to time, I had Jehovah’s Witnesses
come to the door, I–even in school, I was always interested, and so were my brothers,
who by the way are all Catholic now, we were always interested in religious things. So I looked into Buddhism, I looked into Hinduism,
I looked into a few of the world religions; and Jehovah’s Witnesses, my brother Ted and
I really got into it for a while, and then we kind of dropped out of everything. But then later, when I started getting more
serious, I started studying more seriously. And what I found, for our–what’s her name,
that wrote in the question? I’m surprised you didn’t remember it, it’s
such an easy name. I’m just kidding. Maura Saccuro. Okay. Maura Saccuro, what you find, as a matter
of history, is that there is one person that sticks out like a sore thumb, and his name
is Jesus Christ. He is the pivotal person in history. And of course a lot of the world religions,
you know, Hinduism for example, you have Hindus that accept him as one of their avatars, right,
they have something like 125,000 avatars, right, or “divine manifestations,” he’s one
of them. Islam accepts him as a prophet. A lot of Jews today you’ll find, “He was a
confused rabbi,” or “A good guy who was a misguided rabbi.” I mean, everybody has to deal with this person
because there’s so much–and this gets to the heart of your question: there is so much
historical evidence for Jesus Christ. Great book, by the way, by Lee Strobel, they’re
making a movie about it right now, called “The Case For Christ.” He’s not Catholic, he should be, but he’s
not Catholic. But it’s a great book, “The Case For Christ,”
where you look at this person as a matter of history and it is incredible. He’s attested to by non-Christian sources,
as well as, of course, in the Gospels, which are incredibly accurate historical pieces–just
from a historical standpoint. I mean, you have guys like Sir William Ramsay,
for example, the late 19th-century Scottish archaeologist who set out to study Luke and
Acts as a skeptic. He was gonna blow holes in it, and he ends
up becoming Christian in the process. I mean, I wasn’t as intelligent as Sir William
Ramsay, but I had a little bit of that in my own honesty. You end up discovering–another great book,
“Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis, Maura Saccuro, if I’m getting that right, C.S. Lewis, he
puts it, basically, this way: when you look at the life of Christ as a matter of history,
I mean, read Will Durant’s history, right, or the Encyclopedia Britannica, you know,
these are secular histories, and you find Jesus Christ, and the write-up there is: I
mean, he claimed to be God, performed miracles, fulfilled prophecies and such to demonstrate
that he was, I mean, these are all historical realities. This is why the Catechism of the Catholic
Church will say in paragraph 643 that the resurrection of Jesus Christ cannot be known
by anything other than an historical fact. It’s a historical fact. Ultimately, that’s why I’m Christian: because
Jesus Christ fulfilled scores of prophecies that are inexplicable, humanly speaking; performed
miracles that were attested to by believers and unbelievers; established a Church that
still exists–and he prophesied that it would, because, you know, he not only fulfilled prophecy,
but he also proclaimed prophecies that came to pass, like the establishment of the Church,
and here we are, 2,000 years later, and the Church he established is still here, the one
holy Catholic and apostolic Church. There is just no human explanation for that. And then you have the miracles! And not just–oh my goodness, I get a little
excited on this one. You know why, Cy? Because this is one Catholics don’t talk about
enough. Jesus performed miracles himself, but he also
prophesied. He said in Mark 16:17, “These signs shall
follow them that believe: they will lay hands on the sick and they will be healed.” They’ll perform signs! These signs! The Catholic Church has documented, documentable
miracles in every generation for 2,000 years. I have personally seen them. My wife and I have traveled around this world. We’ve seen, for example, the Miracle of Lanciano,
the Miracle of Orvieto, these are Eucharistic miracles. Also we have the miracles of incorruptibles. We have unexplained healings that are incredible. I encourage you, get ahold of two awesome
books–I’ll give you three books, I know we gotta go. One is “The Incorruptibles” by Joan Carroll
Cruz. Great book! It’s been around a while, like from the ’70s
or something. It has. Tan Books. She documents all these incorruptibles like
St. Bernadette of Lourdes, where they die and their bodies remain perfectly intact. Phenomenal! These are living miracles–well, they’re not
alive. But they’re living miracles in the sense that
they’re miracles that are there for us right now. You can see them and experience them. And then the other is called “Eucharistic
Miracles” by the same Joan Carroll Cruz. Phenomenal miracles, some of which still exist,
like I mentioned the Miracle of Lanciano. This miracle is 1,317 years old. I have seen it, twice, with my own eyes, and
it’s phenomenal. It’s a Eucharistic host that miraculously,
1,317 years ago a priest was saying mass, and the accidents of bread and wine were transformed
into those of real flesh, real blood, still exists today, and it’s been documented on
four different occasions, scientifically examined, it’s phenomenal. These are miracles that point to the truth
of our Catholic faith. The miracles of Padre Pio, the miracles of
Lourdes, the healings and such. All of this and more that we could talk about
are the reasons that I am Christian; and not just Christian, but Catholic.


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