Harry Potter Funko Pop! Unboxing & Review | Funko Pop! Movie Moments Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4

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Hey Guys, It’s Carly from All The Pretty Books
and today I’m going to UnBox and Review the Harry Potter Funko Pop! Movie Moment Pop! Two were ordered. So, it’s a really big box. Ok, so, one of the movie moment units comes
in this box right here. So, fairly big it looks like. Let’s open it! I love this moment! The first time I saw it, I saw the movie first
before I read the books and when I saw the movie, it was so magical to me. And I’d been to London quite a few times by
that point and I just wanted to go to King’s Cross Station and find it. And now I get to own the little moment. I don’t know. i really enjoy it, so I was super thrilled
they did this. I wish, I hope they do more movie moments
like this! We’re going to open up the Funko and check
it out. It’s a BoxLunch exclusive for those that don’t
know. My last video was actually a store tour of
Box Lunch. Wonderful Harry Potter items and other PopCult
items! It’s probably the most fun store I’ve been
to so far. Harry was really well packed. Um. I appreciate that. I’ve had stuff damaged in the post, which
who hasn’t. Let’s look! Okay so for me, I’m going to want to see if
I can move Harry’s head. I know Funko Pop’s heads swivel. I want him to face toward me, as I feel like
he’s supposed to face toward me. Hedwig’s head does also. So, I’m going to see if I can move it. And I can a little bit. I love that a little bit more. Instead of him just looking at the wall, which
I know is what he’s supposed to be doing because he’s going into it, but he’s a display piece. So I would much rather see him looking at
me. His eyebrows make him look a little bit evil
the way the glasses cut. I think he’s still precious. Alrighty, so, that’s Harry Potter going into
the Platform 9 3/4. Maybe his face look a little bit weird to
me because I’m tired; I don’t know. But, I don’t know. Maybe the way his eyebrows are painted on–he
just looks a little bit sinister, right? Still precious. I still like the pop. He’s still, I think, a good purchase. He was was $32.00 on BoxLunch.com. I had him shipped and delivered here. When I went to BoxLunch yesterday in San Antonio,
they said they had a few in store. My guess is that they weren’t the hot seller
they thought they were going to be, because I know a lot of people were super excited
about the pop. The face doesn’t look as cute as I wanted
it to, but I think it’s still worth the money. It’s still going to go up on my shelves. Im still happy I bought it. Other than the seemingly weird angle of the
eyebrows, I really, really like the attention to detail on the bricks, the cart, Hedwig. It’s all really wonderful. You can see the trunk going into the wall. I really like the attention to detail. I just wish the glasses frame and the eyebrows
wouldn’t make such a sinister look. I don’t know-maybe it’s just me? I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did, please like and subscribe. Also, until November 30th, I am holding a
GIVEAWAY for my subscribers. The winner gets a Harry Potter Funko Pop Advent
Calendar, which is super previous. Wonderful attention to detail. I’ve made a video about it, so check it out! And, I can’t wait to put it up, starting December
1st! So with that being said, if you have any questions
about collecting Harry Potter books, you’re welcome to find me on Instagram or you can
send me an email from my website. Thanks for Watching & Happy Collecting!


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