Grow Your Business With Positive Energy

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Welcome this is Rochelle the DIY
affiliate and yes I am doing something live tonight I’m doing something
different usually I am talking about building your
business I’m talking about YouTube or I’m talking about WordPress or I’m
talking about getting your a thousand subscriptions and your 4,000 watch hours
or I’m talking about the good the new Gutenberg editor and it’s usually
something about doing something for your business today I’m going to be doing
something a little bit different today I’m going to be doing something for you
to do for yourself okay what I found is that it is so important to have a spot
in in your home that you can go to that is just a quiet place for you and you
can put on whatever type of music you want or if you want to listen to what I
listen to when I meditate and that is the it’s actually about opening up your
chakras and I know for a lot of people there’s been a lot of information out
there and there’s also everybody has all different types of meditations guided
meditations and different ideas and it’s all about activating your
chakras and releasing your old energies this one that I am listening to here is
actually on my playlist and it’s called the Biija Mantras and if you actually
listen to it carefully you will see that it’s repeating the same kind of word
over and over again and the reason for that is because each word that it’s
repeating like for instance um if you can hear that um it actually creates a
different frequency when you’re meditating so that is the first thing
the second thing is is to have an area in your home that is specifically for
you just to be able to go go-to for yourself that you can light a candle and
have a nice fragrance or I have here and I have this on a lot and it is it’s a
Himalayan salt and I’ve had salt lamps for a long time and I find that they’re
very very good for creating very nice positive energy yeah in your room in the
area that you want to do your meditating in and another thing too is you can I’m
just using this dish here and I put a little bit of Himalayan salt in here I
think this is the Himalayan salt and I try not to use the white salt
as much as Himalayan salt I got this or it was $4.99 and in no-frills and
I’ve had this for a while and this is just the Himalayan salt and I also use
this for cooking as well and then you take you put your salt on a little dish
and then you take a lemon and you just put your lemon down and that helps to
purify the the air and to help give a nice fresh kind of light feeling to the
air now I’m not an expert when it comes to meditation or guided meditation or
anything else like that so I am just telling you what I do to be able to
relax because most of the time you know especially when you are working on your
we are working on your YouTube channel or you’re working on other types of
social media or you’re working on I just finished a I guess it would be some
channel art that I did for my channel and I did it on canva and it takes a lot
of concentration to be able to get those those icons in the right place and the
pictures in the right place and the words in the right place and especially
for your your YouTube channel art because there’s only a a small section
that is really in the middle part of the banner that actually shows on your
YouTube channel and then it’s also you also would notice it on your on your
mobile or if you’re looking at a tablet so you have to get all these different
things in line so that was a that was a little
bit that was a little bit stressful and today I’m just taking the day and
relaxing and I’m doing some meditating and that is why I’m doing this this
different type of live tonight so those were the two this is not scripted by the
way so those were the two and main things that I wanted to to talk about
was the atmosphere whether you’re using human Himalayan light or I also have
another light here I’m not sure whoa if you could see it or not and I probably
wind up trying to cut video cuz I nearly dropped it but it gives a nice type of a
nice type of atmosphere for for you to be able to absorb your own space
and like I said I’m not an expert on this and I just want to help people to
be able to like you know to be able to de-stress a little bit because
especially when you’re building your channel you’re on social media or you’re
working on something else sometimes you need to take that time for yourself and
in taking the time for yourself it’s really great to be able to set up an
area and I don’t know if I can kind of see like I’m in my bedroom right now but
this is kind of my area here that that I have set up and just assault with the
lemon and sometimes I have the plant here or sometimes I put
the planted it in the window depending on you know how much Sun is available so that is so important to be able to have
that space for yourself to be able to go and relax and what you’re hearing in the
background is something called the beitia mattress and this helps to
activate your chakras and release old emotions and how that works is that we
have different areas in in our body and I like I said I’m not an expert so
whatever I tell you is what I’ve actually learned and from what that I’ve
actually learned so I believe there’s some seven and that corresponds to the
different colors and that of the different chakras but sometimes what
happens is that there’s different what you call energy systems that are in your
body and they get plugged or they get blocked and then if they’re not cleared
then what happens is is that that’s negative well it’s not really negative
energy but it is blocked and it is energy that’s kind of stagnant and
sitting there so you can imagine that it’s like building up and it doesn’t
have a release so this is the reason why you would do the breathing exercises and
I and I know that a lot of people would say you know um well I don’t want to do
the breathing exercises because I I don’t really know what what it’s gonna
do for me like maybe it’s not gonna do anything you know how could breathing
you know have anything to do with anything that’s
that’s happening inside your body but it does it does have a lot and I have
learnt that through doing a lot of research and also I’m just clicking on
Mike like playlist here that’s just come up okay that’s interesting yeah seeing
as I do not have ads on line so this is in somebody else’s video right okay so
that’s actually this is another one in my in my playlist and what I was talking
about before was being able to clear those alt that old a type of layered and
layered and layered of energy that’s stored in different places in our body
that is not allowing us to be able to focus on on putting out any other type
of energy but we’re pulling energy into us all the time because because of our
lifestyle and because we’re living in mostly in stress all the time so in
pulling all this energy and into our body all the time we are not given an
opportunity to be able to release energy and the end to change the energy
polarity that’s around your body right and I mean just going like this around
your face is changing the energy I don’t know if you’ve if you’ve ever noticed
how energy changes but basically that’s how it changes and doing the breathing
exercises and doing them properly is a way for us to be able to pull that
energy and the okay what it what it does is it allows
to us to pull that energy up and when we pull that energy up we also are clearing
it and also there’s some like spinal fluid in your back as well
and you’re also clearing that as well and you’re pulling you’re pulling that
up and you’re cleaning up your system and you’re allowing yourself to be able
to release the the negative emotions and the negative energy associated with a
lot of the block chakras because for people who have not heard of chakras
before it’s not gonna make a lot of sense so the best way to really explain
it is is that there’s like three different energy systems that we have in
our body and of course where we really would have the most trouble like for
instance if our second energy system is blocked and that’s the the stomach the
intestines and all around the the the different did the the liver and the
kidneys and not okay that would then start to cause disease because it has
not been cleared and our our negative emotions are sitting there I don’t know
if sometimes that I feel like I met a loss
for words when it comes to really explaining this and actually in doing
this live presentation to and just that you know the spur of the moment I just
decided to to do this live presentation and also it not being scripted there’s a
possibility that I could get off track and not actually continue my thought as
to what I was saying so I’m just going to I I hope that I’m not repeating
myself over again but this whole live is about you
it’s about you being able to give yourself something that is good for you
and something that is going to help you to de-stress to take away the stress
from you because in this life that we live where we mostly go to work and come
home and enjoy a couple of hours go to sleep get up go to work the next day and
I’m not saying that I do that anymore I’m 59 I’m gonna be 60 in August and
actually today I was reminded was a day that my mother actually passed away was
today yeah it was right before her birthday and that is just you know an
another thought but and yes it does mean a lot to me but I’m here because I want
to be able to help you the listener the person who’s listening to this I
want to be able to help you to understand that you can take some of the
stress out of your life by just having a little spot in your home and it doesn’t
have to be very big mine is just like a coffee table and you know and I just
have my my salt lamp and I have my my other stuff here and I listen to the
chakra opening meditation music and I’m able to be able to de-stress and I’m
able to to relax and that is so important and especially when you’re
constantly living a life of stress where you need to hat you need to do this and
you need to do that and it needs to be done at a certain time and you’re
constantly being pulled at because you have all this stress that’s happening in
your life that you’re not able to open your eyes up and be able to think or be
able to think away from that dark cloud hi how are you hi it’s nice to see you
and to get away from that dark dark cloud that sometimes were under and to
be able to and as a creator being able to create something other
than something that we we don’t actually have an opportunity to think about
and especially when you’re doing something with your YouTube channel
right and you just feel like you’re you’re under stress because you want it
you want to get the views and you want to get the I have about I have about 130
hours watch time and that is the truth I do have all my subscriptions the
subscriptions were the easiest thing to get the watch time is a little bit more
harder because there is no easy way to get the watch time people have to like
what you’re presenting it as far as your comment your content goes and they have
to like you in order for them to listen to you and pretty much that’s a lot of
line with your watch time I mean but you can do playlists and I have done
tutorials about doing playlists and I actually using Creative Commons I am
working on a new project right now and it’s an e-book and it is going to be
about using YouTube transcriptions as a way to create your description and also
to put it in the form of an e-book that you can be able to offer to your
subscribers I’m working on that right now so I hope I’ve answered your question okay
so if getting back to what I was saying about the energy and being able to
actually look beyond your your circumstances right now and I know
there’s a lot on the internet right now and I do have playlists on the law of
attraction and I know many people that are doing a lot with manifesting and
creating but the bottom line right now is when you’re just you’re if you’re
under stress the first thing night that you need to do is to create a place in
your home that is your special place you could say your happy place but it’s your
special place and it’s a place where you go to de-stress and to meditate and to
listen to the the meditating music now you might not like the type of music
that opening chakras great the but now there’s also guitar playing music then
there’s nature sounds and then there’s Celtic sounds and there’s many other
soothing types of music and it has been proven that calming type of music helps
to it helps to create a symphony in with your DNA whereas if you’re listening to
like very erratic type of music and I’m not saying anything against any type of
music I’m just saying you know whatever your preference is that this is how it
affects your body because it’s all frequencies all
coming in coming at you all the time and different different frequencies are
going on all of the time around us and it’s being very much but there’s a lot
of information that’s on the internet right now and and I really don’t want to
get into any type of conspiracies or anything like that
but I would say you know do a little research into the 5g because I have done
research into a 5g and also there are many people who have been involved like
in the military and that that are all now speaking out about it and saying
this is what’s happening with it and I do not want to become a conspiracy
channel or anything else like that but these are all things that are affecting
us and you need to have an opportunity to be able to de-stress so creating a
space inside your home and having that space just for you and doing that like I
said with the having a little bit of salt and if you can’t if you can’t get
the Himalayan salt just use regular salt with a piece of lemon and that all
helped to create a very positive type of atmosphere for you and and more in watch
your thoughts try to and sometimes it’s hard and
especially when you’re going through a lot of stresses it’s very hard or if
you’re if your health isn’t very good it’s very hard to to think beyond where
you’re at beyond what’s really happening to you like as far as if it’s if it’s
health then sometimes you know you just have to keep a very positive positive
attitude and believe that everything is going to be okay and to help your body
to heal and I know that I am getting a little bit off topic here so I’ve just
got another five minutes because I am while you’re doing a very short live
today 30 minutes and I hope that I have been able to help in some way I hope
that if you do like something that I’ve said to please show me by giving me the
thumbs up alike and I am always looking for new subscribers to my channel and
also I’m also building Instagram as well so I’m going to leave this information
all in the bottom about different places where I can be seen I have I am involved
in Facebook groups and I have numerous Facebook pages I have Instagram I have
Pinterest read it I have tumblr and all those
places that I have as far as social media goes you should be joining too you
should be at least involved in seven different social media platforms in
order to create a sort of like a cross traffic type of automation system so
that you can be able to create organic traffic so that every time you do a
YouTube live or you do an Instagram live or you do a Facebook live that you can
then also post this to your other social platforms and in that way the different
people that you have that are your subscribers for for YouTube and also
your followers for Instagram or your followers for Twitter or the people that
that are you are constantly connected with in Pinterest you will then be able
to create a kind of network of your your videos so that they’re traveling along
these these different pathways that you are creating and this is creating
momentum and also giving you a further reach and helping you to rank higher in
Google and also to rank as well in YouTube as far as the algorithm goes so
this is Rochelle and thank you for everybody who has taken the time to
listen to this short live and have yourself a very wonderful day and don’t
forget to create that place for you to be able to to meditate to be able to
de-stress and to be able to start to realize that you are a creator and when
you don’t have the stress of everything else piling up at you all at once then
you’ll then have an opportunity for other opportunities that are going to
present themselves to you in order for you to create Warren will manipulate
them either in your YouTube channel your Instagram or another social media that
you’re at so good luck and have yourself a wonderful evening bye now


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