Group Assignments – Limiting Beliefs #110

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During the exercise the team sits in a circle. Tell each person to think about something he would like to achieve in life if everything would be possible. They all share what it is. I want to write a science fiction novel about aliens invading the world. I want to become a millionaire by inventing something unique. Go on until everyone has shared his achievement. Now each person shares a limiting belief which holds him back to achieve that goal. The first person says in this case: I think I don’t have time to write a novel. Now you ask him what he can do to take away that limiting believe. In this case: How can you make time to write a novel? Let him think a moment before he answers in this case: Well,.. I can set my alarm an hour earlier every day to work on my science fiction novel. Go on like this until each person shared a limiting believe and came up with a solution to nullify the limiting belief Now the team discusses together what their common achievement is. In this case they come up with: Use our time very efficiently. Now they come up with a limiting belief which withholds them from achieving that goal. In this case: We think that it’s impossible to work together very efficiently because some of us work on different locations in the city. Now you ask them what they can do to take away that limiting believe. In this case: How can you, despite the fact that you work on different locations still use your time very efficiently? Together they come up with a solution and share it with the trainer. In this case: We think we can use our time more efficiently to communicate by video calls. This will reduce all the emails which caused a lot of miscommunication and will save us a lot of time. The trainer guides the team and applies variations to the exercise. What kind of variations you can read below this video on Youtube. And haven’t you subscribed yet? Hit the subscribe button to stay tuned for a new team exercise each Sunday on to improve cooperation and communication.


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