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Narrator: The Gospel of Christ spreading the soul-saving
message of Jesus. And now: Ben Bailey.(singing) This is
The Gospel of Christ.
The apostle Paul asked a great
question in Romans 4 verse 3, “What does
the Scripture say?” We welcome you today
to our study of fundamentals of the faith. Today we’re going
to be discussing those doctrines and
teaching of Scripture that are fundamental to
one understanding God’s word and New Testament Christianity. We welcome you
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You can email us or contact us
at the information given during the lesson today. Friend, as we think today
about fundamentals of the faith, laying the correct foundation
is so important to having that fundamental
idea of knowing where our faith comes from. And so
begin by talking about having the right source
and the right doctrine as our fundamental guide. You know, when you think
about the word doctrine, it’s a big word or a word
we don’t use a whole lot, but it just simply means
teaching. The Greek worddidache, just simply
meant teaching. And so, when we talk about doctrine,
we’re talking about following the right teaching. Let’s begin by asking, whose
doctrine and whose teaching does the Bible
encourage us to follow? In Scripture,
there are three sources of doctrine
specifically mentioned, but only one of those is
approved by God. The major fundamental
source of doctrine is that of Christ and of God. Jesus said, or John said,
in Second John nine, “Whoever transgresses,”
listen now, “and does not abide in
the doctrine of Christ, does not have God. He who abides in
the doctrine of Christ has both the
Father and the Son.” Whose doctrine,
teaching, must I abide in to have God as my Father? God’s doctrine. Titus 2 verse 10, “it is
the doctrine of God that accords godliness and
creates the spiritual life that God wants us
to have.” And so, we want to emphasize
and put our focus on the teaching of Christ
and the teaching of God, as the fundamental
source in our doctrine. But as we mentioned, there
are two other sources and these are sources that
one needs to be aware of. For example, in the Scripture
there is mentioned the doctrines of
demons, which in reality, was a departure of
the faith. 1 Timothy 4, beginning in verse
number one the Bible says, “The Spirit expressly
says that in latter times some will depart from the
faith.” What you mean Paul? “Giving heed to deceiving
spirits and doctrines of demons, forbidding to marry, commanding to
abstain from food, which God created to be
received with thanksgiving by those who know
and love the truth.” What is this
doctrine of demons? It’s false doctrine. It’s doctrine that
emanates from the depths of hell and is
trying to sway people away from God and
away from truth, and align them with the devil
and his teaching. And so, the idea there is false
doctrine or doctrines of men that do not
bring about Godliness. Then there’s a third
doctrine that’s mentioned. Friend, it’s this doctrine that we especially
want to encourage people to be on the watch for. There is also, mentioned in
Scripture, the doctrine of men and we absolutely
must be aware of that. In Mark chapter 7, we
find a great example. As well as in Matthew
chapter 15 verse number 9, Jesus said of
the religious elite, who were putting their
trust in the doctrines of men, Jesus said, “Well did Isaiah prophesy
about these people saying, they draw near
to me with her mouth, honor me
with their lips, but their heart is it
far from me.” now listen, “in vain do
they worship me, teaching as doctrine, the
commandments of men.” Friend when we think
about doctrine, it’s not what a commentary
says that matters, it’s not what men
say that matters, it’s not what the popular
opinion says that matters, it’s not any of those
things that originate with men, our doctrine, to have good doctrine and to
stay true to the Scripture, must be based off of
the word and the will of our Heavenly Father. And so let’s ask another
question. Once we consider that the source
must come from God, what type of doctrine then, are Christians encouraged in
Scripture to look for? Friend the Bible teaches
that we need sound doctrine. 1 Timothy chapter
1 verse 10, Paul encouraged
Timothy to, “give heed to sound doctrine.” 2 Timothy 4 verse 3, upon the heels of saying,
“Preach the word, be instant in
season and out of season, reprove, rebuke, and exhort with all long-suffering and
teaching, for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine.”
What is that idea of sound
doctrine really mean? You know, when we say
sound doctrine, that really doesn’t carry
the connotation maybe that it originally did. The word sound
means healthy. It means well.
It means solid. It means pure is the idea.
We’re talking about healthy doctrine.
We’re talking about that which promotes
spiritual health and growth. And so, I want
sound doctrine. What is that
sound doctrine? How do we have true
sound doctrine? If our teaching comes
from God and the Bible, my friend, it will promote
spiritual well-being. The Scripture says that God’s word is
living and powerful, sharper than
any two edged sword, able to pierce even
to division of soul and spirit joints and marrow. It’s a discerner of the thoughts
and intents of the heart.” Sound doctrine is based
on the words of this book. “God’s word
is able to build us up and give us an
inheritance among all those who are sanctified, Acts
chapter 20 verse number 32.” This book, God’s word,
is the power of God unto salvation. And
thus, when we think about the right doctrine, we want it to be sound. We want
it to be well. We want it to be healthy doctrine
that comes from God and his message
of salvation, not from the ideas
and teachings of men. Well, with that in mind,
we then ask the question, where do we get
this doctrine? And as we’ve alluded to, that doctrine is
going to come from the Bible. I want you listen
to the words of Jesus in John chapter 7 verse number 17,
as he spoke about doctrine. Jesus said of the doctrine that, “It is not my own, if
anyone desires to do my will, he shall know,
concerning the doctrine, whether I speak of my
own authority or from God.” Friend, when we talk about
the source of doctrine, that doctrine emanates
from the throne of heaven, from God Himself, from Jesus Christ,
who is our Savior, that’s where we
get that doctrine. Now, someone says, ‘Okay, well
that’s all good and well, but are you saying
God is speaking to me? Christ is speaking
to me today?’ Only as he has told
us in Scripture. Where does our doctrine come
from, if it comes from God? Friend it’s found in
the pages of the Bible. That’s how God
speaks to us today. How do we know that? Listen to the words
of Hebrews 1 verse 1. “God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past,
to the fathers by the prophets,” listen now, “has in these last days
spoken to us by His Son.” How is God speaking
to me and you today? He’s speaking
through Jesus Christ. Where are the
words of Christ at? They’re found in the
pages of the word of God. Do you member that
passage in 2 Timothy 3 verses 16 and 17? Paul is writing
to the church through Timothy, speaking
to the church in Ephesus, and he reminds them
of their source of authority being the Bible from God.
And he says these words, the Bible says,
“All Scripture,” not some, not a few, not most, “All Scripture is given by inspiration
of God.” That means God breathed, “All Scripture is given by
inspiration of God and is profitable, for doctrine, for
reproof, for correction, for instruction
in righteousness that the man of God
may be complete, thoroughly equipped,
unto every good work.” Friend as we think
about our Bible, and as we think about how important it is
that we get our doctrine from God, from Jesus
Christ, from the Holy Spirit, the only way
I can do that is right here in the
pages of this book. “Holy men of God
spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit,”
2 Peter 1 verses 19 to 21. Jesus promised his apostles that the spirit
was going to come upon them and they were going to
be guided into all truth, John 16 verse 13. We open to Acts chapter 2, “And the spirit
did come upon those men they began
to preach and speak by the power and spirit of God.” And what they
said and wrote, which we have
today in the Bible, comes from God and
is the absolute source we need to trust
on this matter. Now, as we think
about doctrine, please understand
there is a sense in which, in the Lord’s church,
God’s elders do have doctrine in matters of of fulfilling the word of
God, in matters of expediency, elders have the responsibility to labor
in doctrine. Meaning that they’re going to study;
they’re going to teach. 1 Timothy
5 verse 17 says that, “Elders
are worthy of double honor especially those who labor in
word and doctrine.” So when we think about elders,
they have a big responsibility in shepherding the flock
and making sure that it’s taught and fed as it
ought to be. Acts chapter 20 verse
number 27 following, elders have the
responsibility of keeping the flock pure
by convicting and exhorting those who contradict
true doctrine. Titus 1 verse 9, they’re
told to stop the mouths of those who are contradicting good doctrine. And so
elders do play a role in this. They are to study and to teach
and to make opportunities where people can learn God’s
doctrine in the Lord’s church. And they are to
stand up and oppose those who do not
teach the doctrine of God as they ought to teach. But you know, as we think
about that good doctrine in the Lord’s
church and especially as it relates to
teaching and preaching, Bible class teachers
from every level starting at the
youngest all the way up, gospel preachers have
a great responsibility as it relates to doctrine. A good evangelist
and teacher must follow the
doctrine of Christ closely. Paul said,
“Give attention to doctrine, to reading, to
exhortation until I come.” Part of the teacher’s
work is to focus on the doctrine of our Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ. You know, I understand
there’s a place for an application, there’s a
great place for application, I understand
there’s place for illustration there’s no
doubt about that, but friend,
we want people to leave when they’ve come, we want them
to leave with their bucket full of the word of God
and what does the Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ say. You know, part of the
work of a good teacher is, he must make sure
his doctrine is in line with the harmony
of the Scriptures. The Bible says
Paul said that, “I discipline my body and
bring it into subjection, lest when I have
preached to others, I myself should become a castaway,
1 Corinthians chapter 9 verse number 27. But friend, we also want
to emphasize this idea, a good teacher,
preacher, and evangelist must preach sound doctrine. Paul said in Titus chapter 2 verse 1
to Titus, a young evangelist, “As for you, speak the things
which are proper for sound doctrine.” 1 Peter 4:11 the Bible
says, “If any man speaks, let him speak as
the oracles of God.” “Preach the word,”
2 Timothy 4 verse 2. Bible class teachers,
preachers, evangelists, we’re not in the
business of saying what society wants us to say.
We’re not in the business of reading up on the latest
commentary and divulging that. That’s not what
we’re about. We’re about saying
what God says, preaching the
gospel, and only emphasizing from Scripture what God wants to be
emphasized and taught according
to the Bible. Now friend, it is sad that we live
in a day and age where there is a mass
amount of false doctrine that’s being taught.
Listen very carefully, that false doctrine
breaks our heart. And it breaks
the heart of God, because those
who buy into it, listen to it, and live
it and die in that state; they’re not living according
to the teaching of Christ. 2 John 9 says,
“They do not have God as their father.” And so, we must be aware
of any doctrine that places man’s teaching
and ideas above God. Remember again
Matthew 15 verse 9, “They draw near to
me with their mouth, they honor me
with their lips, but their heart
is far from me.” But why Jesus? “In vain do
they worship me teaching as doctrine
the commandments of men.” Friend, when we think
about false doctrine, we need to be wary
of those who teach other ideas that are not
found in the Scripture. Paul mentioned the idea of of fables and endless
genealogies and that suchlike would, bring false
doctrines that we need to avoid. You know there are things
in Scripture that God tells us clearly on, and
we need to follow those. But the idea fables or
somebody’s got an idea about this or that,
or whatever it may be, let’s just stick
to the Bible, not get caught up in all
the other stuff goes on in our world today. In fact, Scripture teaches that the
false doctrine that’s out there has the ability
to sear one’s soul. The Bible says of
those doctrines of demons in 1 Timothy 4:1
and 2, “That some had their conscience
seared with a hot iron.” That searing makes it hard for the word of God
to get in, into their life, and affect them spiritually
as God wants them to. And so, false doctrine, it hardens
one’s heart against the truth and makes it difficult for the word of God to
penetrate that, and really be what God
wants it to be. Hebrews 13:9
mentions it this way, Paul says, or the writer of
Hebrews says that, “there are strange, various
and strange doctrines.” Friend, I think we live in
a world today where we can see that’s the case. There are a lot of
strange doctrines, a lot of strange
doctrines about salvation that you don’t
find in the Bible. Saying the
sinner’s prayer, did you know that is
not even in the Bible? Where is that
sinner’s prayer that you’ve heard
likely and I’ve heard? People say, ‘you need to
say the sinners prayer,’ and then they’ll say
something like this, ‘dear Jesus I accept
you in my heart, I now ask you to
come into my life and and help me to live
for you,’ whatever it may be. Where is that
at in the Bible? Friend, that’s a
strange doctrine, meaning it’s not in the pages
of the Bible. It’s foreign to the teaching
of the New Testament. Another strange doctrine,
that we have in our world today, simply relates
to the church. And it says,
concerning the church, that you can just go out and choose
the church of your choice, and God’s going
to be happy with you. Is that really what God
has taught in the Scripture? Friend, I think as you
read the Bible, you can see that’s a strange doctrine. God never teaches
that. In fact, Jesus said, “I’ll build my church,”
Ephesians chapter 1 verses 21 through 23. Jesus taught that
the church belongs to him, Matthew
16 verses 13 through 18. The Bible teaches,
“There is but one church, one body,”
Ephesians 4 verse 4. And God adds
one to the church when he obeys the
gospel, Acts chapter 2 verse number 47. Now I want to take
just a moment, and I want to emphasize
the importance of Christian doctrine,
good Christian doctrine, and why that is
so important, such a high value. It ought to be
such a high value in my life and yours. Friend do you realize
that we can’t know God’s will without
knowing the doctrine? I want to direct your attention
to the words of Jesus again. And they’re found
in the gospel of John chapter 7, and want you
to listen to what Jesus says in verse number 17. Remember:
we can’t know God without knowing his doctrine. John 7:17 Jesus
said, “If anyone wills,” and the idea
there is to want, “If anyone wants
to do his will, he shall know,
concerning the doctrine, whether I speak
of God, or whether I speak on my own authority.” If you want to do God’s will,
you’ve got a make sure you’re following
the doctrine of Christ. And so I can’t
do God’s will, without first
knowing the doctrine. You know,
some people say, ‘well give me Jesus, but always commands
and all these various ideas, I don’t need all that.’ Friend, you can’t know God
and Christ and be a Christian, without the teaching
or the doctrine of Christ. You can’t be
free from sin without it. John 8 verse 32, Jesus said,
“You will know the truth and the truth
will make you free.” “Buy the truth
and sell it not,” Proverbs chapter 23 and verse number 23. And then we emphasize the
importance of God’s doctrine, Christ’s doctrine, because that doctrine has
the power and the ability to set me free from sin. I want to direct your
attention to Romans chapter 6, and I want you notice
with me verses 17 and 18. As we think about the
importance of Christ’s doctrine, God’s doctrine,
in making sure that we’re free from sin. Listen to these words,
Romans 6 beginning in verse 17, Paul says, “But
God be thanked that though you
were the slaves of sin, yet you obeyed from
the heart that form of doctrine to which you
were delivered, and having been
set free from sin, you became slaves
of righteous.” In this context, what is
it that set them free? They were slaves of
sin, what set them free? “God be thanked that
though you were slaves of sin, yet you obeyed
from the heart, that form of doctrine which was delivered to you.” The doctrine of
Christ has the power to free me from
sin. What’s that mean? “All have sinned and fallen short of the
glory of God,” Romans 3:23. “The wages of that sin
is death,” Romans 6:23. But the Bible
says, the gospel, the doctrine of Christ,
the good news of Christ, is God’s power to save. And then friend, we emphasize
as we did earlier in the lesson, you cannot, why is the doctrine
of Christ so important? You cannot have
God as your Father without following the
doctor of Christ. Now, that’s pretty stern
and that’s pretty serious. And I want you to
see that for yourself from the Scripture.
Notice 2 John verse number 9, look at what the
Bible says on this idea of making sure, if I’m going
to have God as my Father, I’ve got to follow the
doctrine of Christ. 2 John 9 says this, “Whoever transgresses and does not abide in
the doctrine of Christ, does not have God. He who abides in the
doctrine of Christ has both the Father
and the Son.” And so, if I’m to abide
in the doctrine of Christ, in the teaching of Christ, I’ve got to have God to do that. To have God as
my Father, I’ve got to abide in His teaching and make sure
that teaching is what God wants me to follow. And then we
also mention this, it is the doctrine of
Christ that produces godliness in my life. 1 Timothy chapter
6 verse number 3, “The doctrine of
Christ, which accords or promotes godliness.” How do I become
a godly person? How do I really live as
God wants me to live? How do I honor the Father
in my everyday life? By following the
doctrine of Christ. You know, the Bible
teaches in Matthew 5 verse 16, “Let your light
so shine before men that they may
see your good works and glorify your
Father who is in heaven.” How am I to be that light? By following the doctrine
and the teaching of Christ. Now with this doctrine, I also have a certain
amount of responsibility to it and to God. New Testament doctrine is something
each Christian must learn and follow
all his life. You know, when we talk
about responsibility we’re talking
about accountability, we’re talking about my
relationship toward it. We’ve seen what
doctrine can do for us. What’s my relationship
toward doctrine? I’ve got a make it my
aim, as a child of God, to want to learn and
follow that doctrine all my life. Acts 2 and verse 42, of the early
church, it is said, “They continued steadfastly
in the apostle’s doctrine, fellowship, breaking of
bread, and in prayers.” That early church, early
group of Christians made it their aim
to follow the doctrine given to the apostles
by the Holy Spirit. Friend, that needs to
be my desire and yours, I want to search
the Scriptures daily to see if these things are so. And then,
as we think about part of our responsibility
to this doctrine, the Christian is to adorn
the doctrine of Christ in his life.
Titus 2 verse 10 mentions this in
a beautiful fashion. “I am to adorn the
doctrine of Christ,” which literally
means, I am to put on as a beautiful outer garment; I’m to put on the
doctrine of Christ every day. How do I do that? How do you wear a
doctrine? That’s a teaching. By every day
letting its principles be lived in your life
and others seeing Christ living in us. This is just
a beautiful way of saying, being the type of
example we ought to be by following Christ. Matthew 5:16,
as we mentioned, “Let your light
so shine before men that they may see our example
and glorify our Father who is in heaven.” Acts 4 verse 13, of the
early Christians, James and Peter, there
Peter and John, they realized they had been with Jesus.
Why? They were adorning the doctrine of
Christ in their life. And then my friend, if I’m
want to have the correct relationship
with doctrine, I must study and give
attention to that doctrine and do my best to
teach it to others. You know, you can’t
sit on this doctrine. You can’t be the
Lord silent partner, as it relates to the
doctrine of Christ. God wants His people to
freely and passionately speak about the gospel.
“Go into all the world,” Jesus said Mark 16 verse 50. “Him we preach, warning every
man, teaching every man, that we may
present every man perfect in Christ Jesus,” As we think about the
doctrine of Christ today, friend, we want you
to consider seriously this doctrine in your life. We want to consider it
in ours. We want everyone to simply give
heart and ear to the teaching and
the doctrine of Christ. But ultimately, that teaching is
the good news of Jesus. And here’s that
wonderful news, of Jesus it was said, “You
shall call his name Jesus, He will save his
people from their sins,” Matthew 1
verses 19 to 21. Have you obeyed the
doctrine of Christ? Have you heard the
word about Christ, Romans 10 verse 17? Do you believe Jesus
is the Son of God, Savior of the world, John 8:24? Would you be willing to
turn from sin and repent, Acts 3 and verse 19? Confessing the
beautiful name of Jesus, would you be
immersed in water for the
forgiveness of your sins, Mark chapter 16 verse 16? If you’ve never obeyed
the doctrine of Christ, friend, we love
you, God loves you, we encourage you today become a Christian. Submit to the
doctrine of Christ. You may have just joined
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