God has No Religion


God has no religion Dear Community
Dear Anons What actually connects all people of this
world? The faith or better the knowledge that there
is a God. This is a very important message! Never let yourself be divided by the dark
ones who want to rule you. The whole world theatre is built on inciting
people against each other. Do not fall for this trick. We all simple people are one! We can be so different, belong to so different
faith structures or cultures, but in the end we are all ONE. The morphogenetic field is used by the dark
Ones because they know exactly what power it has. Let yourself in for it and feed this field
with positive thoughts and feelings. This attitude will make it impossible for
the dark ones to destroy our love for each other and to continue to rule us. Today the time has come to massively promote
the positive in this world. Don’t get involved in negative thoughts anymore
but be POSITIVE. We will beat them with their own “weapons”! Our positive thoughts make it possible to
resist the negative forces. We have a great help from outside this world. Just let these forces affect you. You don’t have to do much for it. Just send out positive energy from your own
consciousness. Think of beautiful things. Think of a beautiful future. Avoid negative thoughts. The plan of the dark Ones will not work if
we all think positively together and act accordingly. Anonymous loves you. Happy Easter. Best regards to all. Anonymous Translated from German


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