Field Of Divinity (2014) – Star Wars Fan Film (FR / ENG.SUB)


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. 461st day of war Rhen Var planet Republic cruisers straight ahead ! Fire ! Are you okay ? Lieutenant Sanders from Republic forces, we recieved your distress call, do you hear me ? Lieutenant Jens, glad too see you again Eric. The ships are still in orbit, what can we do for you ? We lost the base. There are refugees in the guard post A04… I think we are followed. We are going to the gard post A05. You’ll find us there ! Fine, we send you some….. Get out of here immediately, Our radars detected a lifeform oncoming to your position. It could be Valkor… Valkor has been enroled by Crysis to kill all republican leaders. – Josh and Hawkins are already dead.
– We recieve you very badly, Eric. Fight against him, and it’s certain death.
Don’t rush on fight.. SNIPERS ! Your head has a price. Show me your worth. Stop purring dirty critter ! Serenity, peace, security.. That’s what the New Republic promised. Two years ago, the Republic learnt existence of a Sith Lord, living on the hostile planet : Alzoc III. Existence of the sith threatens stability of the Republic. Consumed by madness and loneliness, he was an easy target for John Eyst. However.. John’s sister, former Republic senator, also secret apprentice of Dark Crysis, prevented john from done his mission. Johanna and her master escaped in direction of the planet Abregado-Rae, to meet a secret Sith brotherhood.. Johanna killed all of them. The Sith lord took back his legacy, and declared war against republic. Core worlds were quickly swept. While revolts rose, influenced by new leaders, a Jedi apprentice, Karys Wenley, joined the Republic. A symbol of hope. The situation forced Crysis to meet the two most dangerous people of the galaxie : Valkor, and Daylar.. Two bounty hunters without ethics. Daylar’s method was massive eradication. Crysis liked this way. He promoted Daylar General, He gave him an invaluable crystal, for which he had to promise to protect it, until death.. Valkor’s way was more accurate and elaborate. He ambushed his next victims, before to break their neck. 482nd day of war, Valkor murdered the Jedi apprentice Karys Wenley by this way. Meanwhile, Yavin IV, jedi’s little planet, was resisting again and always the invader. After two training years, Skyler Kort, John Eyst’s apprentice, passed the final test to become a Jedi Knight, by defying master Faren, the leader of the Jedi order. Thank you for your hospitality. Eyst master said that I’m ready. All right. Warning.. You’re not ready. Skyler failed, he couldn’t join the order. Skyler and John left the planet, which probably saved their lives… Because only some days after, Crysis landed on Yavin IV. with an anti-riot droids army. The order was massacred, and master Faren was the last to defend the temple. Finally, Yavin IV fell too. VICTORY ! The last rempart of liberty stood up on Varonat, harbouring last republican fighters of the galaxy. With help of enthusiastic population, they established their headquarter in one of the biggest Varonat’s city. They transformed it as a real citadel, protected by a powerful force field, and surrounded with four powerful canons oriented to space. Local population named these canons : Giants Of Steel. Last day of war, Varonat, 29th Sector, West canon, Alt. 1700 m What’s wrong ? You seem worried… I don’t know. I’ve a bad feeling about this. Yeah, but you say that everytime.. Yes, yes Sanders. I say that everytime, But this time, we’ve a skytrain carrying 800 energy cells for the citadel. and Crysis didn’t try anything for three weeks. So yes, I’m concerned. Group 36, can you….. tell us if everything is okay on your side ? Varonat, 36th sector, Alt. 750 m Group 36 ? Damn ! I was right ! I go ! No, no ! Valakin ! Come back ! It’s time. Detonate the charge. Excellent job. Victory is near. However, the nearby canon has been reloaded. Destroy it. Where is the money you promised us ? Back to your place. He lied to us, he will not give us anything. You have my attention. Anybody else want to negotiate? A problem ? If I could decide, you shouldn’t have the lead. Crysis will know.. Shoot him ! Drop your weapon ! What a surprise.. Unpleasant. the lone wolf. Valkor, the most wanted son of a bitch in the galaxy. You’ve disarmed a Republic special agent. That was easy ! You’ll get a prime.. Kill him. That was easy.. The party is over, Valkor ! Very impressive. What will be really impressive is your brain on the floor when I’ll explose it. Imperial fleet is coming and your supply convoy is gone.. No energy, no defenses. No defenses, no city anymore. And Valkor, paid.. Go to hell. Get it over. What’s a heart in hands of a Sith ? Absolutely nothing.. Plight. 3 of 4 canons, destroyed.. I recommend immediate evacuation before enemies’ arrival. Varonat, 3th sector, Sud canon, Alt. 680 m Valkor ! You again. What have I to do to watch you dead ? You’re wasting my time. Don’t try, it’s not in your skills. The Dark Lord should have put your head price. Show me your worth. I should have killed you with your sister. You can still try ! I’m going to do that quickly. That’s for my sister ! Okay ? Are you hurt ? – No, I’m fine, and you ?
– Okay, I resist. – Don’t worry, they’ll not let us.
– It’s me that they want.. I know.. They’ll send a transport. As long I’ll be there, you’ll be safe. – They’ll kill me like all of others..
– Not as long as I’ll be alive. It’s approaching ! Go ! Crap! We’ll have to do without it.. Another plan? Massacre all of them. To finish here.. Alright. Stay away. I told you to stay away ! Look out ! Bastard ! My legs ! Don’t take care of that, rookie. Let me do my job. Don’t touch him ! Valakin.. Help me.. Do you feel better now that you’ve done it ? Yes, clearly better. It makes me feel good. Now there is no longer anyone to punish, and this will not make me go back. Yes I know, you don’t need to remind me. You shouldn’t have to die that day Sis, I should have had to listen to you and stay away. Soon. – If you had stayed away, maybe we would have died both.
– Bullshit ! I should have been able to kill him. I should have been able to, at the time.. Listen Val, what’s done is done.. Now you’ve to go ahead and continue to fight for freedom. Thus, I’ll continue to exist through you. That’s how the war ended. Nevertheless, many republic’s heroes are still alive, scattered to the galaxy’s corners. If these men find force and bravery to continue individually this fight, so maybe that the force will reunite them to deliver a final battle against Dark Crysis.. Yaga Minor, neutral planet, 3 months later Are you okay ? Shush! You don’t stop working since we came. Can’t you take some rest ? It’s okay.. I’m almost succeeded.. Let me meditate. I bet this guy doesn’t know at all what he’s doing.. Otherwise, he should have found. – I bet 30 credits he’ll succeed.
– I follow ! And you, lieutenant ? No. Tell me, is it true what they claim about you ? – That you survived the cleaning of Varonat ?
– I don’t want to talk about that. Autograph ? No… It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter.. Hey ! HA ! No, no, actually not.. So, do you like this job ? Yeah, I do this job for 5 years. The youngster, Rob, only for a year. Then.. Look ! That’s my boss : Tag. This is a picture of his brother : Joris. Will you show him all your photos ? Your family, your friends.. I think he doesn’t care. Anyway, nobody likes you at barracks. It was built by an ancient civilization. Nobody has ever opened this door, but I’m sure it’s a door. I hope you’re right, 30 credits are at stake. Oops.. Well done ! Yeah, you owe me 30 credits. I’ve never seen it, what is it ? You can finally be used for something. Thank you. I can’t read everything. This is an extremely complex language. The sequence is forming a loop.. What are you doing ? Are you often catch people by their arm like that ? – No but, do you know what are you doing or not ?
– Of course. Let me do my job. Do you like to be a security guard ? Yeah.. Yeah, yeah. Of course, it’s good. Moreover.. That night, I had a dream. I was a Jedi, I was fighting against the army of Crysis. Suddenly, Chewbacca came, we discussed, It was nice. Yes.. But it’s just a dream. Personally, I see myself as.. As a bounty hunter. What ? – You, a bounty hunter ?
– Uh.. yes. But you don’t know how to shoot straight ! That’s not the gun which makes the bounty hunter ! And at least, I shouldn’t be there in a crowded barracks. Talking about barracks … Nobody likes me ? Uh.. Yes.. – What is this symbol here ?
– This ? This is the symbol of a power source that was previously used for an ancient civilization. And this one here ? That was their communications means, to send messages through space. – It’s actually Bob.. Bob doesn’t like me.
– No, Bob likes you. So, It’s Tag.. This one ? This is the one that tells you to shut up. – Tag, for sure, that’s Tag.
– Lights behind you.. Because Tag always tells me : Rob isn’t brave.. You should get away.. Rob don’t do this, Rob don’t do that.. – Behind you ! Lights up !
– No, no no. – You should get away !
– From now on, I’m brave, okay ? And I’ll stay here. Rob ! My credits.. Good job. – So, where is your friend ?
– He was here and bam.. He could be on the other side. Well, he left us without his feet. – It worked ?
– Poor little guy. My credits.. Stop ! Turn off everything ! – You again ? I told you to don’t come back here.
– Who are you ? I’m Dr. Gray Lyzonpark, I lead researches of ancient structures. Dr. Lyzonpark, I know that name.. Yes, I created doppants for the republic. Don’t make me repeat, go away from here. I remember now.. Except that the Dr. Lyzonpark died a few years ago, during a fire. Am I wrong ? Check it yourself. Everything is in order. You’ll have to give me explanations. Too long.. You absolutely must close this door. It could be a chain reaction that could destroy this planet. You put us all at risk ! If I may say so, he exaggerates. I don’t think that door can cause a chain reaction. You can go. Lieutenant Sanders, if you pass this door, you’ll regret it. Wait for me here, and we’ll talk again. I warned you. Hey ! No, pity, pity, don’t kill me ! I’ve a wife and children. Pity ! It’s time for you to sleep ! Take it, you’ll learn to aim. Hi ! I’m ADR-29. Welcome to the temple of the Creators.
This universe was built by the Creators. But, informations are unavailable. – Of course !
– You’re looking for a weapon ? You will not find it. But there’s the Chamber Of Divinity. The Chamber Of Divinity ? It combines good, bad, past, future. It’s knowledge of knowledges, the supreme knowledge. – Can you show me where is it ?
– No ! No ? Is that cave there ? Yes, but you haven’t rights for.. A few days ago, two visitors came, like you. – And they passed through the force field.
– Who’s that ? Opening file D-432, projection activated. Crysis ? That on top of everything else.. He isn’t crysis, he’s the Senator Orius. The man that you’re watching is possessed by Crysis. No no no.. Crysis isn’t human. He’s a spirit inside a human body. The best way to transmit information is by an immediate transfer into your brain. Send. Activating transfer. This galaxy needs an example. There isn’t anything threatening anymore on this planet. Impossible, I thought that I had killed him. Hi my old friend. How are you ? It will take more than four blaster shots in my torso to kill me. What audacity.. What audacity ! I confess that I didn’t expect to see you here. I thought you were dead ! I also thought you were dead at the time, if you remember. I came back to take my place. Listen, you got what you deserved. I spent all these years on this frozen planet.. By your fault ! We knew you couldn’t succeed in convincing the Chancellor to colaborate with us. He was a brave man. Too brave to be corrupted by the dark side. I conquered the galaxy by myself, I am a true sith lord ! We have to resolve it with lightsabers. No. Hey, what’s that ? It’s not possible. So Johanna, what do you think ? Don’t you recognize me ? Stay away from me ! Do you prefer my new or my last look ? This haircut is a bit fanciful.. Buuuut.. Stand back ! Just me. But it’s not possible.. Now that you’ve seen my true form, I’ll explain everything, Johanna. I defeated death, I lived near of thousand years. To tell you everything.. When I sent you to fight against the
brotherhood for me, I went into what’s named : the Chamber Of Divinity. – The Chamber Of Divinity ?
– What you are seeing in front of you is a tiny part of me. I’m fragmented into five parts. And I’ll can’t be removed without destructions of the other four parts first. There are four other Crysis ? No. The other four parts are backups in which I draw my energy. Look, I’m going to show you. I’ve one here. Oh no.. I’m not an idiot.. It’s there. You see. That’s in this crystal that I draw my energy. The second crystal is on Alzooc III, I hidden it during my arrival. The third crystal which contains the largest part of my mind, is on a unknow planet. That’s the reason why I went to the Chamber Of Divinity. This chamber can show what people want. Personnally, I discovered this planet’s location. This crystal allows me to get powers which beyond your imagination. With this crystal, I’ll can fight the danger that hangs over me. – A danger ?
– Your brother. – My brother ? What’s the relation ?
– His saber ! His saber is from jedi’s lineage of your family ! When they learned my existence, one of them brought as much force as possible in this saber. And this saber can destroy me with my host. And where is the fourth crystal ? It isn’t a lack of confidence with you but.. I keep the position of this one for me.. You had chance ! I will not miss you next time. You’ll be Bantha’s pulpit soon ! Come on Sanders ! I’m waiting ! Come to fight, junk hero ! What do you think that is in this temple there ? How could I know ? Nobody has ever gone inside. However, the other night, I saw someone who went inside. Wait, the other night.. You mean the night when you came back from your patrol, completely drunk ? Hey ! Hey stay where you are ! Move away from the console ! I knew it ! Sanders here ! Send reinforcements quickly ! Quickly ! Oh crap.. Wake up ! Well, it’s okay.. YoU tHiNk ? Okay ? Are you okay ? No ! Not okay ! You opened fire on my leg ! I.. I’m sorry. – Oh? The sun goes down. I’ve ended my service.
– You stay here ! What ? Your agents friends are here. – Wait them..
– Oh.. That’s good.. It’s happy hour. High security prison of Yaga Minor, two days later There. Wait a minute. I read your file. You defend Republic principles. So, why did you do that ? That’s not your problem, don’t care about it ! Okay that’s enough, let’s go. Go down. No joke. Stand up. You.. Shall.. Not.. Pass.. Agent Tag, identification code A4-B-765, I bring you a prisoner. Your.. Code.. Is.. Accepted.. Caution.. Revolts.. Right now.. Down.. Interesting ! Shut up. Come on. Good.. Stay.. Oh ! It’s welcoming ! Shut up. – Charming, rustic..
– Shut up.. – Walk.
– It will please me. Come on. It hurts, bastard ? Eh ? Come on, get up.. Come on, get up.. Get up ! Come in. – Don’t worry, I will not stay here for long.
– Yeah for sure. Yeah.. I’ll bring you back my love.. Soon..


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  1. Kalypso

    April 21, 2014 7:50 pm

    très bon !!! effets speciaux vraiment impressionnants et respectable pour un amateur et un budget dérisoire… bravo !! maintenant que la réalisation prend un niveau au dessus je pense qu'il faut prendre le temps de soigner les détails (genre les jedi en jeans ou avec du gel dans les cheveux… xD) sinon les armes ca fonctionne pas mal mais n'y a t il pas moyen d'avoir des armes au look plus futuriste? plutot que des M4 et des L85 ^^ la durée rend l'épisode moins accessible peut etre aurait il mérité d'être séparé en deux parties… je n'ai rien a dire du jeu des acteurs car dieu sait si c'est difficile de faire jouer des amateurs et pourtant les principaux s'en sortent plutôt pas mal. Pour la musique j'en parlerai direct avec Nico j'pense 🙂 voila voila bravo car ca a du etre un travail assez titanesque mais il est évident qu'il a été fait avec passion !!

  2. Valerie A

    April 21, 2014 8:07 pm gros progres…des effets spéciaux tres bien fait…j espere de nombreux visiteurs…

  3. Dark Nexilius

    August 3, 2014 10:46 pm

    Rob ! Mes crédits ! 😉
    un fan film a nouveau très reussi merci beaucoup pour vos fan film agréables a regarder (commentaire 100% sincère).

  4. Antoine P

    March 18, 2015 9:16 pm

    A part le jeu d'acteur des personnages secondaires qui est un peu moyen, je dois avouer que j'ai rien à redire ! C'est bien tourné, les décors sont vraiment sympas (j'ai adoré la plage avec la planète bleue en fond) et les effets spéciaux sont biens fait par rapport à bon nombre de fan films ! Et étant un grand fan de Stargate, j'ai vraiment kiffé la porte des étoiles ! Quand j'ai vu le mec rester devant la porte, j'étais sûr qu'il allait se faire désintégrer ^^ Un grand bravo à toute l'équipe en tous cas 🙂

  5. Tungsten Gorilla

    May 17, 2015 3:30 pm

    Ummmm, NO.
    Sorry, but if you're going to take the time to do a Star Wars fan film, wardrobe and props will make or break it!!!
    Unaltered airsoft weapons, jeans and T-shirts just don't cut it in that galaxy far, far away.

  6. gary roman

    September 10, 2015 9:16 pm

    J'aimerais beaucoup de vos conseil car j'ai un grand scenario Star wars que j'aimerai un jour realiser en long metrage ! et avoir des perosnnes qui y participerais .. pk pas vous ^_^

  7. Fanille Lad

    May 19, 2017 7:39 pm

    hello ! j arrive un peu tard dsl 😂 j aime beaucoup ^ bon, le jeu des acteurs n est parfois pas super juste mais il faut se mettre en condition c est un vrai travail perso je fais du théâtre donc je sais un peu m y prendre du coup si je devais donner un conseil c est vraiment de rester naturel dans les répliques et de penser logique et pas " je suis un méchant j agis comme un méchant " agissez comment VOUS vous agisseriez 😉


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