Faith’s story

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♫ Heather VO: When I think of Faith,
I think of resilience. I have never seen a child
who just keeps going, and she brings everyone
along with her. Mark: Faith is an
amazing little girl. She’s a ray of sunshine
for everyone. Heather VO: She has more energy
than anybody I know. Chrissy VO: The first thing I ever
noticed about her was her smile. She lights up a room.
You actually see Faith before you see her disability,
or before you see her wheelchair. Abby VO: She’s an amazing sister,
and when she plays with me, she gives me tons of laughter and she helps me when I’m down, so I really love her. Heather VO: She’s full of love,
she’s full of life, she’s full of laughter,
and she’s full of fun. ♫ Mark: When we first found out that Faith had spina bifida
and hydrocephalus, Heather was still
pregnant with her, and at that time, they told us
that she would never be cognitive, she would never be able
to eat on her own, she would have no quality of life. Heather VO: Our journey
was a challenge. I’ve always said, we went one
step forward, and three steps back. Another step forward,
another three steps back. But every time,
she’d pick us up, make us laugh, and we’d take that
one step forward. Faith VO: No matter
what the doctors said, I did not let it stop me. Something inside me said,
you know what? I’m gonna prove you guys wrong, and prove to the world
that I’m strong. And I will fight
through this disability. Chrissy: I think that Faith
isn’t limited at all by the fact that
she’s in a wheelchair. She’s the first person to say, “I wanna show everyone
how I can dance,” and you would never imagine
hearing that from her, because she’s in a wheelchair,
but she’s the first person in line. Faith: Dancing is like
expressing myself. I’ve been dancing
since I was three years old. It doesn’t matter whether
I’m in a happy mood, or a bad mood, or a sad mood. I would just dance. ♫ Mark VO: Care for Faith
is a 24-hour-a-day thing. We’ve always gotta be
on the lookout, and we’ve always
gotta be prepared. I’ve never been comfortable
leaving her anywhere, but at the ErinoakKids
Respite Camp, we know she was in good hands. Heather: We know how
comfortable she is when we drop her off
at ErinoakKids Respite Camp. Mark VO: It’s just
a phenomenal staff. She loves it there.
And if she’s happy, we’re happy. And for us, it gives us a break. Heather VO: To be able to not
have to get out of bed, for one night even. It’s just nice to be able
to give my body that break. It’s a true gift. ErinoakKids has
been a lifesaver, right from the time
Faith was two years old, till now. Mark VO: And she goes in there,
and she’s loved by everybody, because of how she is. She has no problem
being a leader in a group. If there’s something that other
people don’t know that she knows, it’s very easy for her
to slide into that role, where she’s teaching. Faith VO: My first time
at ErinoakKids, I was shy. But after my first
couple weeks there, I was never shy again. I would always go up
to the kids, and be like, “Hi, I’m Faith,
you wanna be friends?” Chrissy: She remembers
everyone’s names, she comes in here
and she goes door to door and says hello to everyone. Faith: Jessica, what did you do
over your summer break? Jessica (offscreen):
I went to Manitoba. Faith: Ooh, Manitoba! Cool! Faith VO: Even if you are shy, just go for it,
and have a good time, and don’t be afraid
to be yourself. Chrissy VO: She always wants
to help everybody, and I don’t think she
even considers the fact that there’s a possibility that
because she’s in a wheelchair that she can’t participate
the same way that everybody else does.
She just does it. Heather VO: Well,
we’ve always taught Faith to be proud of herself, that being different
is something to be proud of, because that is what
makes her unique. That is what makes everybody in
this world add something special. And that’s who she is,
and that’s why she gets out there, and that’s why she is who she is, and we’re proud of her,
we are so proud of her.


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  1. Soggy potato REE

    November 5, 2019 10:19 pm

    Abby is my friend I have met faith and she is funny Abby sent me the link to this video and said
    If you're anything like me you will cry. And I did this is honestly so touching I can't wait to see faith again


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