Faith Takes Courage with Lisa Yebuah

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♪ music ♪My name is Lisa Yebuah and I
serve as the lead pastor of the Southeast Raleigh Table, which
is a new faith community within the United Methodist Church
in Raleigh, North Carolina. So, we often frame faith as some
ethereal notion. But honestly, you have to be baller to
believe, especially when you haven’t seen things you
want in life come to pass. When someone feels called to
companionship, for instance, and with each passing year they
find themselves not partnered ━ but you don’t close off your
heart ━ faith is more than a concept. When a person
has experienced a string of miscarriages and they
still imagine a nursery – faith is more than a concept.
When someone has been given a difficult diagnosis and
that person still maintains a level of hope that
they’ll be well again, that they’ll run again ━
faith is more than a concept. I’d dare say having faith takes
courage. It takes courage to still believe life circumstances
will change when we’ve been consistently disappointed. It
takes courage to have faith when the evidence has
been stacked up against us. It takes courage to trust even
when the odds are not in our favor or when we’re uncertain
about a way forward. And when our response is that
we won’t stop believing ━ that’s not pie in the sky
thinking. That’s bold faith. So let’s not minimize the
strength and courage we exhibit when life thrusts us
in those in-between spaces ━ those spaces between what we
hope for and what we have not yet seen or experienced.
Faith, as I understand it within the Christian tradition,
isn’t necessarily a “seeing is believing,” way of
being, but instead it’s trusting in better and new
realities even when they’re not apparent to us just yet.
I wish it was natural to exhibit faith in difficult circumstances
– that a switch came on ━ “against all odds, I’m not
giving up.” It’s not that easy. Sometimes we have to turn
down the volume on all the inner voices that tell us
there’s no way or from other that tell us we’re crazy to
believe. There’s no switch, but there is courage to hold
onto to slivers of hope. There is courage to have
faith because we’ve been promised good things,
by God’s grace.♪ music ♪


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