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Kapampangangans are truly fond of foods. It is our custom that whenever they gather, food takes the center stage. We like to experiment when it comes to cooking. We make use of whatever ingredients are available to come up with a variety of dishes. Kapampangans love to barbecue and grill.
From 1981 to the present, that’s our livelihood. From 1981 to the present, that’s our livelihood. When I was ten years old, our father passed away. Our life was truly difficult. My mother would sell fish and vegetables out in the streets. There were times when we would mix coffee with rice as our food. It was very difficult. We would go to school with no lunch money. I learned at an early age how to survive and make a living. I became a working student so I could send myself to school. helped in my brother’s business of selling barbecue. We worked every night. I am truly thankful that we were born inside the Church Of Christ Our parents taught us the importance of serving God. However busy or tired I was, I still attended worship services. If we weren’t members of the Church Of Christ, most likely, we wouldn’t be able to endure the
trials and difficulties in life that we experienced. After getting married in 1997,
I took up the Church duty of group overseer. We were also able to support the schooling of
our children; all of whom are also Church officers. We were blessed with four children:
three girls, and the youngest, a boy. When we found out that we were
having a boy, we were very happy. Three weeks after his birth,
his illness manifested. His skin color changed. He was diagnosed with biliary atresia.
His bile ducts were missing. When our son was examined by
a specialist, a gastroenterologist, we were told that there was a very slim
chance for our son to survive. After learning about our son’s sickness,
we were extremely sad. So, we held our devotional prayers to God. We kept our hopes up and
believed that God could heal our son and that he would
stay with us for a little bit longer. We did not lose hope. Every night, we would be inside the chapel holding
our devotional prayers. Our son lived for four years and three days. We still consider ourselves blessed. Those four years were long enough for us.
We were able to show our love to our son. We know he was happy even until his death. We don’t blame God because we
believe that all things happen for our own good. We know we will experience more trials. I still put my hope in God’s help
for us to get through the trials. As of now, I am a head deacon
in our local congregation. I also oversee our local congregation’s
finance department and I am also the
local congregation’s property custodian. These are what give me hope and strength. With God’s mercy, He helps us.
He never forsakes us. He provides us with our needs. Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, with the pastoral visitations he conducts to visit
the brethren in various parts of the world, he risks his own life and safety to be able to guide
the faith of the brethren. Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, thank you for visiting
our local congregation on its centennial anniversary. We will all the more dedicate
ourselves to our Church duties, and with God’s help we know
we will be successful. Thank you very much, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.
We love you very much.


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