Faith Leaders Pray With Trump At White House; Highlight President’s Accomplishments

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– [Narrator] Next on PIJN News, Doctor Chaps reports on
these important issues. – Evangelical faith leaders
convene at the White House to pray with President Trump. Basketball star Lamar
Odom has reportedly given his life to Jesus, and rapper Kanye West is now
proclaiming Jesus is King. – [Narrator] Former
Navy Chaplain, Gordon James
Klingenschmitt took a stand to defend religious freedom, by daring to pray
publicly in Jesus name. Now he helps you by
reporting the news, discerning the Spirits and
praying the scriptures. Would you pray with us? Here’s Doctor Chaps. – God bless you in Jesus name. My name is Chaplain Gordon
James Klingenschmitt, Doctor Chaps, and you’re
watching PIJN News. On this show we like
to do three things, we report the news, we
discern the spirits, and we pray the
scriptures in Jesus name. Are you ready to pray
the news with us? Here’s our first story. We have three positive victory
stories to report today, the first is from
the White House where the Christian
Post reports, that evangelical faith
leaders have convened at the White House to
pray with President Trump. And also to highlight some of the Presidents political
accomplishments for religious freedom. Several faith leaders
including notable Christian conservatives
and evangelical pastors, held an informal meeting
with President Trump at the White House last week. White House Deputy Press
Secretary Judd Deer released a statement
confirming that the president did meet with several
key evangelical and religious leaders
last week, Tuesday. The statement said quote, “President Donald J. Trump
met with faith leaders in, this morning in the Roosevelt
room at the White House. They took time to
pray for the president and for the nation”, end quote. The leaders
discussed reportedly, the administration’s
many accomplishments for the American people and how the communities
that they represent from across the country are benefiting from
these important policies. Participants whom you may
know, I was not there, but these prominent Christian
leaders were in the room, Paula White Cane, also former Republican
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, American Values President
Gary Bauer, Dr. James Dobson, Free Chapel Senior
Pastor Jentezen Franklin, Prestonwood Baptist
Church Pastor Jack Graham, First Baptist Dallas Senior
Pastor Robert Jeffress, Harvest Christian Fellowship
Senior Pastor Greg Laurie, National Hispanic Christian
Leadership Conference President Reverend Samuel Rodriguez and Family Research Council
President Tony Perkins, along with others. While the informal meeting
was closed to news media, some of the attendees
spoke publicly about their appearances,
for example, Gentes and Franklin tweeted
the following quote, “We had a great day at the
White House with faith leaders. We talked and prayed with
President real Donald Trump”, is his twitter handle,
“in the Roosevelt room. I’m thankful that we are
given the opportunity to discuss important
policy issues and always the president
asks us to lay hands on him and pray,” end quote. Another attendee Johnny Moore, human rights activists
who serves as an advisor in the Trump administration
said they had a great morning with a confident and
spirited president, Moore tweeted the
following quote, “Great discussion
and celebration of
many achievements, such as criminal justice reform, defending religious
freedom, reducing abortion, combating the opioid
crisis and trafficking, the end of Isis and
Baghadadi,” end quote. And that’s the news, our
thanks to Christian Post for that update and report
and all those who attended. Let’s take a moment and
discern the spirits. You know, some have asked
is Donald Trump a Christian and some of the
people in that room, including Dr. James Dobson have described him
as a baby Christian, maybe he is new to the
faith and the understand, the evangelical born again
sense that we understand it, Paula White, who
was in that meeting, says that she has prayed
the sinner’s prayer with Donald Trump on
a number of occasions and he has fully given and committed his
life to Jesus Christ. These are reports that we
heard but what is the evidence? What is the fruit
of the Holy Spirit? Here’s how we discern the
fruit of the Holy Spirit, is by their actions, right? You don’t just judge a
person by their words, but their actions in policies, for example, President Obama
claimed to be a Christian but repeatedly legislated
for the homosexual agenda, against religious freedom
and to support Islam. Was he really a Christian? Well, look at his fruit, look
at his actions, you decide. President Trump, for all
prior appearances was, you know, a public
philanderer right? And yet now that
he is a Christian, we look at the fruit
of his policies, which promotes religious
freedom, they promote Israel, they stand against the
spirit of radical Islam, and they stand for Jesus Christ. As we can see by the fruit
of this prayer meeting, all of the friends that
we promote on this show were in that meeting with him, so we discern upon you
President Donald Trump, the spirit of God
so far as you follow and love Jesus Christ. The Bible says in
Deuteronomy 34, “Now Joshua, son of Nun was
full of the spirit of wisdom, for Moses had laid
his hands upon him, and so the children
of Israel heeded him and did as the Lord
had commanded Moses”. Let’s all follow Jesus or Moses
as the Lord commands, right? Let’s pray. Father in heaven, we pray
for all of the policies that President
Trump is enacting, so far as they agree with
God, we pray they grow, that there will be an end
to the abortion holocaust, that we will stand with
Israel against radical Islam, we will stand for
religious freedom, we will oppose the
of our children, Father we pray that so
far as those policies are reflecting the
spirit of Jesus, that we discern Jesus
inside of our president and therefore we will
stand with Jesus, we pray this blessing on our
president in Jesus name, amen. Let’s take a short
break, when we come back, basketball star Lamar Odom
has given his life to Jesus. – [Female Narrator] Dr.
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with this ministry, here’s Dr. Chaps. – Welcome back, I’m Dr. Chaps, our next story also comes
from a Christian Post, who says that former LA Lakers
superstar and world champion, think he won a ring
with the LA Lakers back when Kobe was
playing and Shaq, but Lamar Odom has now given
his life to Jesus Christ, has publicly been baptized
and publicly repented and given his life to Christ. This is former NBA
star Lamar Odom, the same one who hangs around
with the Kardashians, right? He got saved over a
couple of weekends ago and joined the ranks
of other celebrities who have given their
lives to Jesus Christ. This year more celebrities
are coming to Christ, perhaps because
God is blessing us in response to your
prayers intercessors, thank you for praying
for celebrities, but the report is that
in an Instagram post, the two-time NBA world
champion says he got saved a couple of weekends
ago at the Word Church in Warrensville Heights, Ohio. Odom said he was grateful
to be walking with the Lord and acknowledged the
Word Church founder and Senior Pastor R.A
Vernon for leading him to dedicate his life to Christ. Lamar Odom wrote the
following on Instagram, quote “Nowadays, I’m
doing the best I can in walking with the Lord,
thanks to Pastor Vernon, I got saved at the Word Church
this weekend”, end quote. He then praised Jesus for
keeping him alive after he, did you know, Lamar Odom nearly
died from a drug overdose in a Nevada brothel just
four years ago in 2015. He was even in a coma, had perhaps a 50 percent
chance of survival, came out of the coma,
and now testifies quote, “I had to show Jesus
my appreciation for keeping me
alive”, end quote. Lamar has been very
candid about his struggles with sex addiction
and drug addiction. Wrote a new memoir
“Darkness to Light” that was released
earlier this year. In May, Odom told CNN that God helped him through
the darkest period of his life. Here’s an excerpt, says quote, “The strength in God, the strength in my family
for never giving up on me, that’s who I now live for. I lived selfishly
for a long time, I’ll be an addict for
as long as I live, but when you’re
sober, you’re present, and when you’re present, you kind of understand
the consequences and repercussions of what
you do, and therefore, I have no will to do any
drug that isn’t marijuana”, because he makes an
exception for that, “I understand the consequences and repercussions of
getting high”, he says, “I’m going to move and go
forward and try to move forward, if I do drugs that’s
moving backwards, if I’m moving backwards, that means I’m living
to die”, end quote. So there is the news, our thanks to Christian
Post for that report, Lamar Odom, thanks be to God for your new relationship
with Jesus Christ. We discern in you the spirit
of Christ, how can we see him? I mean, he’s just a man right? He’s just a basketball
star, he’s a famous, he’s Keeping Up with
the Kardashians, all the things he’s been doing, so many drugs that
he was in coma, but now how can we
say of this man, who is worldly for all
intents and purposes, for all of his past sins, we now see Jesus
Christ inside of him? How can I be so bold as to
discern the spirit of God inside of a man, who
by his own admission, lived a life of
reckless abandon. The reason we see
Jesus Christ in him, is because of the
change in his heart and that’s also evident
through his confession. That when his heart is changed, there’s only one
explanation for that, and that is the spirit of
God has moved into him. Jesus has moved into him and
Jesus can do that for you, too. In fact, the Bible says this
in second Corinthians five, “Therefore, if anyone is in
Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold all things
have become new”. Lamar Odom is a new
creation in Jesus Christ, the old things have passed away, everything in his life is new, so far as he continues
to follow Jesus. Is that something that
you want to experience? Maybe you’re watching and
you’ve had a problem with drugs, maybe you have a difficult
family relationship or maybe you look all
cool in the public eye, but secretly, you know,
something inside isn’t right. I want to invite you to
pray with me right now and give your life to Christ, would you join me
in a word of prayer? If that’s you, I want
you to repeat these words and say with me these
words, say father in Heaven, father in Heaven, go ahead
and repeat my words now, father in Heaven, I
need Jesus in my heart, Lord there’s been so
much sin in my heart, there’s been so much
turmoil, so much negative, and father, I repent,
I make a willful choice to make a hundred and
eighty degree change, I turn around and I walk away
from my sin and instead Jesus, I walk to you, I walk out
of darkness and into light and Jesus, I embrace
your light to come and rule inside of me, Jesus, I don’t want to
be my own boss anymore, but I want you, Lord Jesus
Christ, to come into me and be the boss of my life
from this day forward. Take over my life, forgive my
sins, wash away my uncleanness and make me clean,
make me a new creature. Jesus, I thank you for what
you did for me on the cross, when you died and shed your
blood to forgive my sins, you are the substitute who
was punished in my place, so I don’t have to be
punished or guilty anymore. I receive your mercy, your
forgiveness, and your cleansing. Now come into me and rule my
life, in Jesus name, amen. If you just prayed with me,
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discern the spirits. – [Narrator] Empowering you,
the grassroots activists, here is Dr. Chaps. – Welcome back, I’m Dr. Chaps, our last story today
comes from Flag and Cross, reports that rapper Kanye West is now proclaiming
that Jesus is king, has a new Christian
album released and is even asking
his own employees to abstain from premarital sex. He’s also denouncing porn,
saying that’s not okay. What has happened to Kanye West? Another affiliate in the
Kardashians orbit, right? Superstar rap artist Kanye West, who has been all over the
news in the last few months due to his open proclamation of his own Christian conversion, recently opened
up with the media about making of his last album,
which is set to be released, called Jesus is King, and he even told
his own employees who were working on
that album, quote, “They had to abstain from
premarital sex”, end quote. Kanye West also went
on to slam pornography, saying it’s not okay,
that he grew up with it, that it ruined his life,
and now he wishes he hadn’t. Billboard reported when
collaborating with others on Jesus is King, that West set
up some lifestyle guidelines so that his employees
would have to abide in order to be part
of the project. One of them said, asked others to fast
during portions of creating and also not to partake in
any premarital sex at times, when they knew they would
receive some blow back once it became public but the 42 year old rap artist
explained that he, himself no longer views himself as a
slave to the music industry, but as a free son of God,
whose new mission in life is to spread the
gospel of Jesus Christ. West went on to talk
about how he feels and how he’s been called
to spread the gospel with his platform, noting how he used to talk
about high-fashion, alcohol and other things that had a
profound impact on his life, including porn, but now he
says all that is changed, Jesus is what he’s
all about now. Here’s some quotes from West. He said, quote, “Now that
I’m in service to Christ, my job is to spread the gospel, to let people know what
Jesus has done for me, I’ve spread a lot of things, there was a time when
I was letting you know what high fashion
has done for me, I was letting you know
what Hennessy”, alcohol, “had done for me, but now I’m letting you know
what Jesus has done for me, and in that I’m no longer
a slave, I’m a son now, a son of God, I’m
free”, end quote. And that’s the news, our thanks to Flag and
Cross for that report. We’ve also seen reports
out of Louisiana, that Kanye West recently
attended a revival meeting led by Bethany Church
Reverend Stockstill and Kanye West was, I guess,
it wasn’t a planned event, he just happened
to be in the room, they invited him up on stage
and he preached the gospel and reportedly a thousand
people in the audience gave their lives
to Jesus Christ. Now there’s a revival coming out of the preaching of the
gospel of Jesus Christ and the testimony of Kanye West, that Jesus has changed his heart
is now influencing perhaps, some of the thousands that
he’s negatively influenced over the years. He’s got a long ways, a lot
of ground to make up, right, for the negative things
he’s done in the culture, but he’s taken the first step
and it looks like it’s real, it looks like he’s sincere,
time will tell if it lasts. You know, Jesus said in
the parable of the sower, he said sometimes the
word falls on the ground, but the words, the
birds come and eat it up and it doesn’t bear fruit. Well this, we’re
praying will bear fruit and it is the gospel
of Jesus Christ because it agrees with John
3:3, here’s what the Bible says, “Jesus answered him
and said to him, most assuredly I say to you,
unless one is born again he cannot see the
kingdom of God”, but if you are born
again Kanye West, than everything is new,
you are a new creation and we stand with you
as you follow Jesus with all your heart. Let’s take a short break, when we come back I’ll have
a word to conclude the show. – [Female Narrator]
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