Faith in What?! | CAIN VS. ABEL part 1 | TEXTED

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The secret to Abel’s offering was faith. But faith in what? [Jingle playing] Hi, I’m Monik. Welcome to part 2 of the series Cain vs. Abel. The text for this series comes from Genesis 4:3-5. In the last episode, we
discovered the secret to Abel’s offering… Faith. Faith in what, you may ask. Now before we deal more into that, we are going to compare Cain’s offering
and Abel’s offering. As you read in Genesis, the difference between Cain’s offering
and Abel’s offering is that Cain brought fruits, while Abel brought animal sacrifice, and God chose animal over fruits. And why is that? Let’s think about it. All Cain had to do was harvesting the fruits and bringing them to the Lord. But what did Abel have to do? Abel had to choose the most perfect animals,
the most perfect lamb, and he had to bring it to the Lord and slay it as a sacrifice. Cain’s offering was a bloodless offering. and Abel’s offering was a bloody offering. And why is the blood important? Hebrews 9:22 says, [Reading] Cain’s offering was bloodless, therefore there was no remission for his sin. His offering was useless, And that’s why God rejected his offering. You may ask, what’s so special about this blood? It’s just the blood of an animal. Well, Romans 3:24-25 tell us what
this blood represents [Reading] The blood of the animal was to represent the blood that Jesus shed on the cross for us, so that God can forgive us from our sins. That’s why John the Baptist says, in John 1:29, [Reading] Friends, do you offer your offerings by faith
sprinkled by the blood of Jesus Christ? Or do you go to church weekly because
it’s a routine? Do you pray by faith sprinkle with some doubt? Do you study your word because it’s something that a Christian should do? Friends, I pray that it’s not so. I pray that your Christian walk may be filled with faith and may it be sprinkled by the blood of Jesus Christ. Consider yourself texted. [Jingle playing] To make sure you don’t miss any of the videos, make sure you subscribe and hit that bell icon, so you get notified whenever
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