Faith Doesn’t Quit


KENNETH: Faith cometh
by hearing, Romans 10:17. Hearing by the Word
of God. Fear cometh by hearing, and hearing by
the lies of the devil. (Singing)I know my God
has made the way for me. I know my God has
made the way for me. ANNOUNCER: Join Kenneth and
Gloria Copeland for a special Thanksgiving week on The
Believer’s Voice of Victory. Today you’ll learn the spiritual
force of God’s faith in you. It doesn’t quit. It doesn’t give
up. Develop your faith to stand firm
on God’s Word. KENNETH: Hello
everybody, we’re Kenneth and Gloria Copeland. Welcome to
The Believer’s Voice of Victory Broadcast. Father, we thank you
today. GLORIA: Thank you, Lord. KENNETH: Oh, we praise You, Sir,
and we thank you for the opportunity to teach and to
preach and to heal like Jesus, glory. GLORIA: Yes, Praise God.
KENNETH: And we just worship you, and praise you. We open our
hearts, and we open our minds. As You open our hearts, and You
open our minds by Your Spirit. GLORIA: Thank you. KENNETH: The
entrance of Your Word bringeth light. Your Word says. GLORIA:
Praise God. KENNETH: Revelation light of heaven, and Jesus, and
this life of faith. We thank You for it. GLORIA: Yes we do.
KENNETH: We give you the praise and the honor for it, Lord
Jesus. And it’s in Your name we pray, amen. Glory to God.
GLORIA: Amen. Hallelujah! KENNETH: Good morning, Gloria.
GLORIA: Good morning, Kenneth. KENNETH: Amen. You look
wonderful today. GLORIA: Thank you. KENNETH: Thank you, Lord
for … GLORIA: You look good yourself. KENNETH: Giving me
this woman. We, Gloria and I, on the 13th of April of 2019, will
be married 57 years. GLORIA: Think about it. KENNETH: And …
We have never, in 57 years, we’ve never had a serious
argument. GLORIA: Not really. KENNETH: Ever. And it wasn’t my
fault, it was her. But, anyway, she just … Even Kenneth BC, I
mean back before I know the Lord, you know, and I had a
pretty explosive temper and all of that. She just always just
calmed me down, and it was just marvelous, this woman. GLORIA: I
knew you’d turn out all right. KENNETH: Had a lot of faith, did
ya? GLORIA: I did. KENNETH: And I just … It thrills me to
publicly testify that this woman right here taught me how to
love. GLORIA: Oh, praise God. KENNETH: I’m so … GLORIA:
You’re pretty sweet yourself. KENNETH: Thrilled over it.
Praise God. Amen. KENNETH: Now, we’re talking about the
fundamentals of faith. The basics. The very basic
fundamentals. What is it? How does it work? Where does it come
from? How do you feed it? What causes it to do what it does?
And the very, very, bottom fundamentals. KENNETH: When you
get the fundamentals right you have a solid base from which to
learn. There are things yesterday that I really would
have liked to have said about faith, because it’s just firing
through my mind. And once I started, I started to use that
little pumpkin, or whatever it is there, and the Lord said,
“Now, don’t go off out in that direction. Just stay with the
fundamental.” GLORIA: Calm down. KENNETH: Okay. But now, let me
show you how basic fundamentally these things need to be. Back
during World War Two, and they were beginning to train pilots,
they actually said, “Gentlemen, this is an airplane.” Well,
everybody knew that. And let me just take you through the drill.
KENNETH: This is an airplane. And they’re standing there
thinking. This is a propeller. This is a wing. Now, everybody’s
following me, right? “Well, Brother Copeland, that’s
stupid.” Now, wait a minute, wait a minute before you say
that. This is an aileron. The aileron is attached to the wing.
This is the fuselage. This is the empennage. This is the
vertical stabilizer. This is the horizontal stabilizer. This is
the elevator. I lost most of you after I … GLORIA: I got the
wing. KENNETH: I got the wing part. But, see, this is just
basic fundamental stuff. GLORIA: Yep. KENNETH: And you have to
start out knowing that. The same thing makes a 747 fly that made
that J3 Cub back there, or that little yellow Tailorcraft back
there in 1941, 42. Now … GLORIA: That’s a good point.
KENNETH: The basic fundamental laws are the same. The spiritual
law, the book actually says, in the Book of Romans, “By what
law, works? No, the law of faith.” Spiritual laws. A law
can be depended on when you know and understand the elements of
that law. GLORIA: And it works every time. KENNETH: It’s
dependable. GLORIA: Yeah. KENNETH: But, you have to know
the different pieces and the parts. See, a 747 would have
flown in 1918, 1718, 1618, just the same as 2018. GLORIA: Yes.
KENNETH: If you’d known the laws. And each element of that
law. GLORIA: And applied those laws. KENNETH: And you applied
them correctly. If you don’t apply them correctly. GLORIA:
That’s right. KENNETH: You stick it up like a dart. GLORIA: Or
you stay on the ground. KENNETH: Or you, yeah. But, see, what I’m
pointing out here is step, by step, by step, you get the basic
fundamental laws of faith. That same law works in the law of
love. It works in the law of righteousness. It works in the
spiritual force of wisdom. It works in all of these different
areas. Because Jesus said the whole kingdom, this is big now,
get your catchers out, the whole kingdom of God is as if a man
puts a seed in the ground. GLORIA: Seed in the ground.
KENNETH: He goes to bed. He gets up. Night and day. The seed
comes up. He doesn’t know how, he just knows it will. But, he
has to know water, air, and sunshine. GLORIA: And dirt.
KENNETH: Or it won’t grow. GLORIA: What about soil?
KENNETH: Well, if you’ve got the soil. GLORIA: Oh. KENNETH: You
still have to have that basic elements, the basic fundamentals
to make anything grow. You’ve got the soil, and it has to be
good soil. It’s good. And he compared that. He said the sower
sows the word. This is bad soil, bad soil, bad soil, good soil.
GLORIA: That’s right. KENNETH: But it’s the basic fundamentals
is what I’m … And you start off with the fundamentals of
faith, because it’s impossible to please God without faith. You
can’t get born again without it. You can’t live a life of a
Christian life without it. You can’t fight the good fight of
faith without faith. So, now, let’s go back to Mark 11:22.
GLORIA: You can’t live in the supernatural without it.
KENNETH: Impossible. GLORIA: That’s right. KENNETH: “Have
faith in God. For verily I say unto you that whosoever,” so
this is a Word for anybody, “whosoever shall say unto this
mountain, ‘Be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea,’ and
shall not doubt in his heart, in his inner man, but shall
believe.” Believe what, Jesus? Believe that you’re the Son of
God? That’s good, but that’s not so much what he’s talking about
here. “Believe that those things which he says shall come to pass
he shall have whatsoever he saith.” GLORIA: Amen. KENNETH:
That is the basic fundamental law of faith. It’s the basic
fundamental law of fear. Fear is faith. When Adam … Adam had
faith. When he fell, everything about him turned into the
opposite. Love turned into hate. All the spiritual forces of
Satan because Satan became the god of this world at that time.
Now, what had been faith turned into fear. Because you remember,
Gloria, the Scripture says, “Faith cometh by hearing and
hearing by the Word of God.” So you hear the Word of God, faith
comes and it draws you to him. When Adam heard the Word of God
he ran and hid. He was separated from God spiritually. And then
God entered a covenant with him. Killed an animal, shed blood.
GLORIA: Covered the disobedience. KENNETH: And then
He had a relationship with him again through covenant. Now, it
is so vitally important to understand these are basic
fundamental laws. Faith cometh by hearing. Romans 10:17.
Hearing by the Word of God. Fear cometh by hearing. And hearing
by the lies of the Devil. You listen to him, you’ll say what
he says, and when you say what he says fear is the result, and
it’ll cause the very thing you fear the most to come into your
life. GLORIA: Yes. KENNETH: Now, “‘Therefore,” Verse 24, “I say
unto you,’ Jesus said, ‘what things soever you desire when
you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have
them. And,'” now listen. And is a conjunction. Joining together
what was said to what’s about to be said. “‘And when you stand
praying, forgive, if you have aught against any, that your
Father also, which is in heaven, may forgive you your
trespasses.'” That is the very basic, fundamental foundation of
faith. Let me read this to you again. What I shared with you
yesterday. “Faith is a spiritual force generated in the
reborn human spirit, released through the mouth with words,
faith-filled words dominate the laws of sin and death. Spiritual
forces are the most powerful forces on earth. Love, hate,
faith, fear, all are released by words.” Then, Deuteronomy 30:19,
“I place before you blessing, cursing, life, death.” GLORIA:
You choose, it says. KENNETH: Yeah, you choose. You have the
choice here, in all of this. God’s provided it. We have the
choice. Just before we went on air, Gloria said, “Kenneth,
faith is not an option. Because it says here, have it.” It
didn’t say try have it. It didn’t say pray for it. It’s a
waste of your time to be praying for faith. “Oh, Brother
Copeland! I’ve been praying for faith for 10 years.” Well, how’d
that work out for you? See when you’re born again, you already
have it in your spirit. KENNETH: Did you get that? Well, we just
talked about that. I mentioned it yesterday, from Ephesians
2:8, we’re saved through grace by faith, the gift of God. What
is that gift? He has dealt unto every man the measure of faith.
You know, that’s powerful, Gloria. Think about this for a
moment. In fact, I want you to say this after I comment on it.
We have, since the day we got born again, we have in us a
measure … Now, every one of us, the moment we got born
again, got exactly the same measure. And like Gloria said
yesterday, you know, but now what’d you do with it? KENNETH:
We start off exactly the same. I have, Gloria has, you have, a
measure of the same faith that put the stars in the heavens,
and slung this universe across the eons of time. GLORIA: Amen.
KENNETH: I’ve got that same faith in me. Now, Gloria and I
have been using our faith and exercising our faith for over 50
years. And we’ve had some great victories, and we’ve got our
teeth kicked in a few times. GLORIA: But, not permanently.
KENNETH: We didn’t … No, no. See, we got knocked down, run
over, kicked and hit, and every other kind of thing. But you
just come up swinging. I mean, just praise God. GLORIA: We
don’t quit. KENNETH: I remember. GLORIA: You just don’t quit.
KENNETH: You don’t quit. GLORIA: That’s what you have to do.
KENNETH: That’s what an Olympian does. The fundamentals of faith,
you develop those fundamentals and they get bigger, and bigger,
and bigger, but they never change. I remember, and this is
years and years ago, it was right back in the very beginning
of our ministry, I was preaching in a small church in Oklahoma
City. And we were staying in the home of a very close friend of
ours. She was a widow woman, named Lavinia James.
Lavinia … Lavinia was a case. GLORIA: There was only one
Lavinia. KENNETH: There was only one Lavinia. Oh, Lord, every
time I think about her I miss her. She’s in heaven. And we
were staying in her home. I had a morning service at the church,
and we were in teaching all week long. And when I woke up that
morning I had the flu so bad I couldn’t get out of bed. I
couldn’t raise up. And I … The picture that I have in my mind
is Gloria, up in the bed, with Lavinia James’ electric shaver,
no way I’m gonna turn her loose with a blade while I can’t …
GLORIA: Ah. KENNETH: She had me by the head, like the hair of
the head, like she’s holding me up and shaving me. And I’m just
kinda out of it, you know, I’m just sitting there, “Glory be to
God. Glory be to God.” Well. “Well, Brother Copeland, why
didn’t you just call out …” No! This Book says by His
stripes ye were healed. I’m preaching! GLORIA: That’s right.
KENNETH: I’m going. Amen. GLORIA: Don’t quit. KENNETH:
Don’t quit. Some people say, “I’m just too sick to go to the
healing meeting.” Well, now, that’s ignorance gone to seed.
GLORIA: That’s right. KENNETH: As Brother Hagin used to say.
So, I mean, she shaved me. Lavinia left the room, and
Gloria dressed me. Mostly in the bed. I was that sick. The two of
them just hoisted me up and got me in the car, and here we went
to the church. Got up there, and I stood up in that pulpit and I
caught ahold of the podium, and … Boy, the room started going
around and around. I said, “I’ll be right back.” The choir
practice room was right behind the, just on the other side of
the wall there. I went out and went in there. And I had a talk
with Satan. And I expect everybody out in that auditorium
heard me. I hit him with every Scripture I could think of. And
shook that off, went back out there, and caught ahold of that
podium. And it’s still kinda swirling around. KENNETH: Glory
to God, I preached on healing for an hour and 15 minutes.
Praise God. Walked out of that place that morning, every
symptom gone, and stronger than I was the day before. GLORIA:
Praise God. KENNETH: Now, that’s the way it works. You don’t
quit. GLORIA: Yeah, you don’t quit. KENNETH: “Brother
Copeland, what if you’d have died?” Glory to God! The other
side of that is stunning! Whoa. Yeah. The next face I see would
be the face of Jesus, and I’d go through that gate, saying this
is Mark 11:23. GLORIA: You know, when you think about it, the
fear of death has paralyzed a lot of people where faith’s
concerned. Because you can’t have the fear of death and faith
at the same time. KENNETH: No, you can’t. GLORIA: So, if you’re
believing for healing from a terminal disease, you can’t mix
fear with it. We have to just stay on your faith. Keep the
Word pumping in your eyes, in your ears. Saying it with your
mouth, believing it with your heart. You’ll come out, if you
do it. KENNETH: And keep faith messages. GLORIA: Yes, amen.
KENNETH: Going all the time, 24 hours a day. Don’t take a news
break. Don’t take a TV break. Not if you’re fighting some
disease. GLORIA: Not for your life. KENNETH: No, praise God,
don’t you do it. I’m talking to somebody right now. Gloria is
talking to somebody right now. You totally immerse yourself in
this Word. GLORIA: And you say what it says. KENNETH: Yes, you
do. Praise God. GLORIA: Amen. KENNETH: You don’t … See, what
you’re doing. Man doesn’t live by bread alone, but by every
word that proceeds out of the mouth of God. This is faith
food. This is you feed this in there. GLORIA: This is …
KENNETH: I don’t … GLORIA: Food to live by. KENNETH: Yes.
GLORIA: Words to live by. KENNETH: Yes. GLORIA: That’s
what this is. KENNETH: F.F. Bosworth said, “The reason your
faith is so weak. You feed your flesh three hot meals a day, and
you feed your spirit one cold snack on Sunday.” GLORIA: Yep.
KENNETH: Well, you go to a church like the MIC, you go to a
church like World Changers, you go to a church like Bill
Winston’s church, and all, and Jesse Duplantis’ church, all
these powerful faith men and women of God. Mark and Trina
Hankins, praise God. You go to a church like that, you gonna hear
faith. I mean they don’t teach and preach anything else.
GLORIA: Yeah, but you can’t go from Sunday to Sunday without
feeding your eyes on the Word of God. KENNETH: And that’s my
point. That’s just … What you should be doing on Sunday.
GLORIA: Yeah. KENNETH: And then you feed all week long. GLORIA:
All week long. KENNETH: You don’t eat once a week. GLORIA:
No. KENNETH: You eat seven days a week. Amen. And you just feed
that faith. Meditate on it. Think about it, think about it.
We were listening last night to a message of Brother Hagin’s,
and he was talking about the woman with the issue of blood.
GLORIA: He probably taught it what, 30 years ago, 40 years
ago? KENNETH: It was … But the thing of it is, we listened to
the same thing. I’ve heard him teach on that thousands of
times. And last night I got something … I got something
new. KENNETH: But why? Because you’re still growing, you’re
still going. GLORIA: Yeah. KENNETH: You’re still feeding
your faith. GLORIA: Expectant. KENNETH: You’re still … And
like Gloria said, faith is not optional. GLORIA: That’s right.
KENNETH: He didn’t say … He didn’t say pray for it. You’re
wasting your time if you praying for it. Have it, He said. Have
it. Okay, I take it. I have it. GLORIA: What happens? You
develop it. That’s the way you develop. KENNETH: Yes you do.
GLORIA: That’s the way it grows. KENNETH: And you’re talking
about fear. First John Chapter Four, 16th Verse. You fear
perfected love. Growing love. Now, you grow it the same way,
on the Word of God. When you’re studying faith you’re growing
love, because faith worketh by love. If you’re not dealing with
that, the faith isn’t working anyway. GLORIA: They go
together. KENNETH: But when that is being developed in your life.
And I love the Lord, My God, with all my heart, all my soul,
all my mind, and all my strength. I love my neighbor as
myself, fulfilling all the law and the prophets. I love the
brethren, even as you love the brethren, Lord Jesus, fulfilling
your commandment in the New Testament, the commandment of
love. Glory to God. GLORIA: Praise God. KENNETH: And I’m
using love by faith. And when you develop that, it casts out
fear. It gets rid of it. It doesn’t just manage it. GLORIA:
Or cover it. KENNETH: Yeah. It literally flushes … That word
cast there, is the Greek word for flush. It just flushes it
out of there. It finally just comes on up in there, and come
on, and just balls that fear out, and it’s gone. Praise God.
GLORIA: Praise God. KENNETH: You can stand right in the face of
the Devil with your knees knocking, and say, “Satan, in
the name of Jesus, I adjure you by Almighty God, get out of my
house and off my body!” GLORIA: And guess what’ll happen.
KENNETH: He flees. James 4:7. GLORIA: He has no choice.
KENNETH: It says, “Submit yourself to God, and resist the
Devil, he’ll flee from you.” GLORIA: That’s the Word.
KENNETH: And we’re out of time. GLORIA: Already?
KENNETH: Already. Gloria and I’ll be back
in just a moment. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries. And
remember Jesus is Lord.


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