ESTAFADA CON EL FINAL DE KARA SEVDA (Reacción último capítulo) | doPeter

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A fan of Kara Sevda feels cheated What a fucking novel that has ended -But, where are you going? but if this has a fucking dubbing … but, but if it goes … but if they move
the mouth … -calla I say that Kemal dies What do you bet? I am in that too
how bombs are going to explode there … like the I see in advance on Youtube – then
you know the end, but hey … Sure! Have you seen the final chapter in trick?
-Yes -But then, what joke does this have? For the god of my life! So what a joke
Have you seen the end here? -but you do not know who dies but you see them in Turkish … How
do you understand? no, because I see the images nothing else, what they speak I do not understand …
Do you lower the volume or what? -no, it’s not that they leave me without volume this is very false,
the police actually if you wife do not you Take it like this, it takes you like this … You know what
I say to you? -As good … now it’s going to mess … -clear that the bundle … if it is up to something …
Well, you will see if you are plotting something son mine … Who are you going for Nihan or Kara?
Sevda? -A by Niham who is his wife, Kara Sevda is how the novel is titled … Ah, but
the aunt is not called Kara Sevda? -No, it’s called Nihan … has a man’s name -Nihan …
there Nihan will be – if she is tied – but, Is it there in that place? -It’s tied there
Yes, there a bomb explodes … You know what will happen? In the end they throw themselves into the river
You’ll see And I say one thing … Is not it more easy to go throwing stones to see if the
mine? -It’s a novel, huh? -I know but … or that’s the way back … there goes … there
it’s already been stepped on (The bomb) do not tell me that dies … – He wants to take
to her, that he dies and stay with her, what you’ve always wanted … look at the end
it’s going to be that the bad guy is going to step on a mine now … the bad guy is going to step on a mine now … now
You see … See? What have I told you? What I have told you? they have saved the crazy first that
my mother, they are going to spend the novel nothing more than standing, by God! he has no more
no tears … (in the end dies the good and the bad) -There something has happened tita, there something
it has happened that we have not seen … -Well end of novel … what a novel shit … that
final has had … -You’ve been stupid … they have cheated you … a whole year of suffering
with the novel and you have been deceived … a year of suffering and you have been deceived … No
you record me! -You’ve been cheated … a year watching the novel and they have deceived you … and they have deceived you …
do not close me … remove the camera … -Well, I’m going home … Bye! -Yes, because I
you’re recording … -And I’ve recorded you all over the novel and you have not noticed … ”
novel if … -Yes, and to you -When I leave you whole … as tomorrow I go somewhere
and tell me the people that I left you find out … -If it’s good, be careful … millions of spectators
what do I have…


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