Enzo The New Religion Perez entrevista concedida a Hypermedia Magazine.

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Goodnight. over here we are, in Miami, the city of the Sun and we are welcoming Enzo The New Religion Pérez; How are you champion ?, Good afternoon, I’m fine, happy for this opportunity to be able
Talk to you, thank you very much. Well Enzo, I don’t know if you already know that
You have a lot of followers. I know that I have a certain amount of support from the American people and of the Cuban people mainly because when it comes to fighting, in the
preparation, I’m very sorry through social networks and also when
I’m here, for me for my city that It’s Las Vegas, I always have people
wondering when is next fight, how are the workouts going,
what are the plans; the projects I am working on;
the support definitely feels like all of the entire Cuban people, like that of the
American people; and as I like to tell him Team Enzo Pérez, who is anyone
you want to support me, you want See the best for me and for everyone
we, who in my opinion are a big family….
Perfect, those words are fine received; I’m already a Enzo Pérez team,
I am team Enzo Perez and we are always with you casting good vibes here .. they arrive, thank you very much, … for nothing. We’ve been watching, we’ve been following you
the people who are going to be watching this video, which are many,
we have been following your path I understand that you left Cuba about 11 years ago, right? Yes, I left Cuba in 2006 2006 if I’m not mistaken; I left Cuba
and I went to Portugal first For Portugal Enzo you could tell us
briefly, because I actually tried of searching and many of the people who
they are watching this interview, they have asked the same thing; They want to know about your beginnings; I know you started very young, at 6 years old They wanted you to be a karateka, a karate specialist, tell us a little bit about this. okay
I have always been influenced by martial arts, always in magazines,
on television, in the exhibitions that they do in Cuba, which is something that until today
in day, I have traveled many places and it is one of the only countries that does
public exhibits; you know between the street are you walking and you see a
Karate or Taekwondo display, and that it is the same Cuban people; notice that
I bristle talking about it. All these everything is the same Cuban people as giving
the people, the generations, the example. The example is a good word;
do you understand ?, it is difficult to be born and grow in Cuba and not look to the right or to the
left without having some kind of love so we tell him the arts
martial or any sport in this case; then, from a very very short age they started to like me; every time I saw more
television and movies; We are talking of me with 5 or 4 years, and everything, I always
I liked what it had to do with combat; for example if it was of dolls,
what I liked most was by example the ninja turtles or the power
rangers, the power rangers as we say the Cubans.
Spider-Man, Hercules And always the most character person
more athletic, the one with the muscles bigger,
I fought more, the one with the best technique He was always my hero, in any scene;
this we are talking about the Imagination of a five year old boy.
is what we are talking about is very important because
if it wasn’t for that today not today not I was here, I wouldn’t have chosen this
as a career, we weren’t here sitting talking on this subject
probably. In my opinion it was like that
how it all began; since I remember with 5 or 6 years I fought at school. Since
preschool I was the boy who fought and then my father and my uncle
they decided, the whole family but my father and my uncle decided
get into martial arts in Cuba First I started with boxing, I started with
fight, I started with Taekwondo and Karate the four sports; as well as
testing of all sports the one that most me
liked it was karate; at one time it was was very popular, it was very popular, it was when
all the movies of Jean Claude Van Damme What’s it called? Chuck Norris and in that
moment those people had a lot of influence, in Cuba at least, and I wanted to be like them then we decided to focus more on karate and that was what we did and since six years, from five or six
years, I didn’t stop until I had to leave Cuba with approximately 10 or 11
years that was when I left Cuba in the 2006 or 2007
things started Already then begins to participate in school, in some team? Yes already
Then I start making exhibitions with the gym team where or premiered
in Cuba karate is in Neptune and Belascoain in Centro Habana; Neptune and Belascoain is one of the gymnasiums largest and most famous in Cuba; in fact,
the last or the penultimate time you visit I went to the country and visited the gym and I
It was a pleasure to see my teacher It was still there. My teacher today in
day is recognized by the association of karate throughout the world travels a lot, gives
many exhibits, teach a lot to schools abroad, in France; is a
character, as we say; and me that I see it as a pride, that those have been
my roots, that I had that kind of having had such a good and big process, so hard at an age so young; I know that foundation
It has helped me a lot without a doubt. What is the name of this teacher? The teacher is
called Falcon, everyone knows him as Falcón Karate Cuba, those three
words go together …. well then We greet Falcon and
we appreciate For this teaching he gave you, because of
They have made you an excellent fighter. Let’s talk a little about when you arrived in the United States, in high school, did you keep competing? Ok, that’s what I kept doing in Cuba, but when I went to Portugal there
martial arts are not they are not so popular in Portugal, the
national sport in portugal is the football. Then it was a lot
football; then the school that I was in Portugal, it was as if it were a scholarship;
it wasn’t a scholarship but I had like that schedule style;
I was practically there on board whole day and the schedule was every 90
classroom minutes, every 90 minutes of classes that were two classes 45 minutes
each, you had half an hour or 45 minutes to
play soccer; then you spent the day whole studying and playing soccer for
for a responsible time; no is that he played soccer in a recess of
Five minutes, no, you had time, you had enough time to play and then
I was going back to school and so we we put the whole day in school; was
that kind of school that was in Europe And I couldn’t continue with the arts Martial So, in 2008,
I arrive in the United States and there automatically,
It’s like that flame is lit again Ok, I fought my whole life and then
all I liked to do is fight; then i want
continue. Here I see that I have opportunities; every five minutes
that you drive around here, you see a gym. So, it’s like what the opportunity called me can be said All right, I was doing an investigation and I find that
you enrolled with GLOBAL M1 that It has its headquarters in St. Petersburg … yes,
correct … in what specific year was it this? because it was with them that you
you started in this of Mixed Martial Arts, or I’m wrong … not how it works, I already had my amateur career started;
I already had Muay Thai fights in the MMA amateur fights, jiu championships
jitsu, wrestling championships here in high school and in the team of
nevada, represent the team of entire state of Nevada in struggle, in my
weight and I went to many competitions to compete against other states, against
California, against Arizona, against Iowa I have fought even against
hawuaianos, I have fought against against all kinds of opponents and now, I left the subject a bit, but that’s how we started the amateur race and then on April 4
I debuted professionally with the Russian promotion called M1 Global; it’s the biggest promotion there is in Russia, the oldest one too and has
much respect; all the champions who have left Russia
That’s where they fought. That has been the promotion that has raised them. They came to the States United to look for talent, to
look for next talent and I had the great opportunity although it was my debut
Professional fight on the billboard main, be televised and good all
It came out as we would have planned. I think so, and this video it’s awesome because it’s your first
fight but also the force to the thrust with which you go out To this fight. I want to ask you a question about this, We all know how much we have a challenge, when we go, be it an athlete, cyclist, or in your case when you go to a fight there is a lots of emotions, there are a lot of things in your head; How do you prepare for a fight like that? Look is a is a super process
complicated is a super process stressful very stressful is a process I look at them from a point of view
scientific; I see it as a science why
all actions and everything that happens It has a reaction in your body and in your
brain all everything everything everything happens so for example, where does the
trust and the fact that I believe a lot in me
same?; that comes from training and there is where I take the trust of
training, how I feel in the training, based on experience
that I already have, from so many years preparing to fight against another human being; I already
I know or I have a better notion of what I I need, and I know when I’m ready, yes
I’m doing things right or if I am doing them wrong; practically that is in
what trust is, that’s where I I know if I am prepared or
no, from my training ok There are other things that come like the
audience that’s where one has to make a little more, the more you
about the fight, one has to give attention because they are following you and
you are a professional athlete, but at same time, you have to block it a bit,
because you have to focus, you have to focus you know? as same
there is positive attention attention negative too, you have to block that;
that’s constantly, like a rise and low of emotions and you have to be
responsible for yourself, you have to be responsible for how you feel, for
how by how you take the comments, for all; then another point, everything
which is like losing weight diet, I have to be dealing with all those
stuff; the lessons. Always in the workouts always something happens;
then you have to train with that up. They are many different things, but in the end it is the most beautiful of the world, when the day of the
fight and you know you did everything It is in your power to be prepared and
then more still satisfactory, when the
Fight and your hand is raised. Excellent! what are you saying is very
important, because the public, is usually seeing what happens
there, in the hexagon, he doesn’t know everything is out in the long hours of training, in dividing time with the family with all other things Exactly, the public doesn’t
has not the slightest idea and I think that’s why, not only the
fighters, athletes in general, we are I don’t know, how sometimes the public forgets that we are human beings, the The public is thought to be machines; yes
one does not fight one hundred percent of one, The public cannot understand that maybe
one that day got up feeling bad that maybe one hurts his shoulder,
that maybe one hurts his knee, I don’t know, I see it a lot with
football and that’s when I realized that it’s the same thing they do to fighters
for example, when Leo Messi plays and not Score a goal, everyone will know
eat; gentleman, is a human being did not get a goal and what happened, is a human being is not
a machine is not a robot; there are a thousand reasons, there are a thousand things that can
happen; so like I understand more other athletes who are at
an even higher level than I am why, because I feel it is so
Same as me. Sometimes like that people do not understand and do not appreciate by
everything is a professional athlete it has to happen to be able to fight and to
to be able to give the show that people and the public appreciate. very well and what you said is very important and in the interview, the
objective of the interview is precisely that, is approaching you in this case
that you are the athlete, let them see the side human and now I’m going to ask you a question. How you look, what Enzo The New Religion Perez looks like in 10 years. From here to 10 years maybe my
fans won’t like it, but I see myself retired
of what it is of what it is to fight; I I want to retire young and I want
focus on another in other parts of life
enjoying my family, teaching me I like teaching a lot, I love teaching
new generations, I really like it work with children, I get very
easy to teach children and pass my techniques and my
knowledge; I have a lot of patience when it comes to that and I know it because
I’ve done it before; in a moment of my career I have trained
children, I have trained adults, then it is something I like it a lot and see myself in the future
having a school, teaching and helping the next generations; me too
I would very much like to travel the world travel the world, know, have
a family obviously and take good care of me family, I am very familiar and I see myself
With my family, I see myself enjoying everything hard work with my family;
in a nutshell. Excellent this now Now, we’ve seen your fight, two of which
more enjoyment; In your fight with Ordaz since as I understand it was the
first fight of yours in a hexagon Already fighting within the Mixed Martial Arts
how was this how did you feel? … that fight it was, that was something I still think I have no words
to explain it without a doubt it was a dream come true, that’s why and why
is that the emotion after the fight it comes out the way it came out; it’s a thing
that I had seen in my mind, three thousand millions of times, before it happened, to
point that when it happened, when I I was at that moment, I already felt
that had been there, although it had been my first fight I had already imagined that
moment so many times I had prepared psychologically so many times to be
there were no nerves, there were no doubts, there was nothing, there was a lot of confidence and
I really want it to happen; I already I wanted to have that, that moment, that one
victory behind me; and to get there I spent a lot of work, I
a lot of things happened; one of those they happened to me it was it was a very serious lesson and I was
complicated things, I had an injury very serious and I had to be operated on the
knee; this is public that’s why I’m talking about this injury, it’s not something that
It’s hidden, it’s something that is known, it’s public; had a knee injury
which I had to operate on and I had to recover I got injured in the week, in the same week I was supposed to
make that fight, make my professional debut but two years ago; I should have done
my amateur debut, excuse me, with 18 years but I got injured and
I had to recover; then I delayed to be 20 years old, to be able to
get to this point; then imagine, two years of frustration, wanting to do
something and having to go through a process First; when I recovered I had more than
eight opponents who accepted the fight With me and for one reason or another, they went out.
I don’t know if it was fear, I don’t know if it was, I don’t know. I had more than eight speakers who accepted the fight and then in the week of the
They said no, I don’t want to fight; for one reason or another. Then I
I keep the whole field of training, I’m staying with him
lost weight, because I am responsible and I lose weight long before all these
things and then at the moment of truth no, there is no one to fight with;
then this happened to me twice and now later in April, I don’t remember
from 2015 I think it was, or 2016, I don’t remember well,
it was when we could find someone, to an opponent as brave as Eduardo Ordaz, who decided to face us and we could do the fight and everything
It went well thanks to all. Very well, then what is happening to us
saying is that the mental attitude positive, believing that you can is very important, and you said
something that I really like, which is us why do you mean the team? . Exact!! your team was with you also in the
recent fight with Nick That was a fight in which I said, please stop the fight that this man is bleeding! You were great. You want to briefly tell us about your team. On the night of the fight I am the one
goes up and represents, but that’s not the truth, the truth is that if it wasn’t for
the team, I wasn’t there to start; if it wasn’t for my family
first of all they are the ones that most support those who are there, help me with
everything is food, the training, the peace one needs;
there are many factors, starting with the family, without a doubt you have to
carry the greatest credit; the motivation, the reason why I do this, to
start is the family and then obviously the trainers, which
they are part of the family without a doubt they are the ones that prepare me physics and
mentally also for the encounter. I have my judo coach
order doesn’t matter, they are all so important, I love you all very much.
I have my judo coach called Luis is a national champion from Cuba,
he was also in the athletic regime in Cuba and I have a lot of experience and I
passes many of his workouts and and much much wisdom
practically and that helps me a lot. I have my Jiu-jitsu coach that we come
training together since I had about 16 or 17 years old and now I’m
23 years and we still work together and just gave me the promotion now in jiu
jitsu for violet tape which is a achievement, a very great achievement, because only
missing two more tapes to be tape black Then we are close;
and I have my MMA coach who is the sport that I practice in itself, and that is called
Ryan Couture, he is the coach of famous martial arts fighter
Randy Couture who was champion of the UFC in light heavyweight and heavyweight
Same time; then practically a legend. I have very good
trainers and they will prepare me, they call me daily to see how
I’m, to see if I’m eating, to See if I’m going to bed early Anyway, it helps me a lot, if not
out for them, so they They happen to me, obviously I can’t talk about
the secrets for war; what they happen to me without a doubt
is what makes all the difference Well, from here we are giving you a
congratulations to your team, because honestly They are doing an admirable job with you. Now, what can you say to the new generations?
it’s very easy what I would tell them, because it is what
same as I tell myself every day I am the type of person, yes
I say something is because I have done it, what I do, or I would be willing to do it.
So what I tell you is that never desist, that on the way to what they want to achieve they will have a thousand opportunities to give up
but they just need to have one opportunity to continue; that is very
very very important; they will have a thousand things that life is going to put in front of you, that
they will say this is a reason Perfect for them to give up, nobody’s going
Judging, nobody. Nothing, it is understood, is understand if I stop; this is where you have to
be strong and continue, that’s where you have to be clear about what
you want, what you want in your life, how you want to achieve it
and as we say the Cubans, backwards, nor To gain momentum.
Exact, perfect. So Enzo, can you Tell us, you have any idea when it’s going to be you
next fight or is still waiting that some brave one decides … We have
many things planned, unfortunately i can’t speak now
you’re welcome publicly, but we are working hard; I can
say the workouts never stop I’m always looking for the way to
improve and I’m not the person who it’s in that video they saw in me
last fight, right now this person that I am, completely destroys that
Enzo that you saw in the video; So I’m very happy, very excited
stop for my next fight, because I know that I will give a good show.
Good, I have practically reached the end of
this interview, and I would like you tell the public where they can see you, your YouTube channel;
Can follow to all the work done on instagram to
Enzo Pérez MMA, on twitter is the same Enzo Pérez MMA
on YouTube you can follow me as Enzo pérez tv, there you can see more videos that I do
about my day to day; sometimes I film an adventure of a whole week, or
sometimes I film the preparation for a championship; for a fight
and there on YouTube that I can put longer videos, where they had access
to that, to my workouts and that, and in my Facebook can follow me to Enzo The New Religion Perez. and thank you very much for all the support;
I am the one who manages all my networks; forever I’m reading the comments,
answering as much as I can. Very very, very happy with all the support, very
motivated, thank you very much for all the people who believe in me, I’m very
sincerely grateful … Enzo, now that I forgot, I know that this one should
having been the first question; because since I saw it I said … The New Religion Pérez, what does this mean? Ok, this is something my training partners put me in;
because when I started training here I started training with 16 years and then
everyone with whom I had trained, with everyone on the team
professional, I have been training since I was 16 with professionals and when I say training, I’m talking about
that we go in there, whoever comes out alive, came out alive We are talking.
I start training from that age, but and everyone with whom I trained
It had a base; it had a base, whether from fight, or boxing, or something; everyone
it came from something, and since I was little, I I have been preparing for this sport, of the
mixed martial arts. And how do I have experience in all, in all the arts
martial, they named me La New Religion, because I am like the new,
the new wave of fighters that already they come and they grow with all the disciplines that have art martial boards; that’s why I
they put a new The New Religion, because it’s like new people
They’re going to follow, it’s like a new example … the prototype? Exactly, that’s the word, like the
prototype, that’s just what they wanted say they put it that way, the
new religion and I like it, I’m proud of the name, of what
It represents; I think that in a certain way it represents me because that is the
project that we have been doing the whole life, preparing for this
moment, not to have gaps and there is where the name Enzo la Nueva comes out
Religion Pérez .. Well, Enzo, The New Religion Pérez, you we thank for sharing
Your time we know is short, with we, with your audience, and I am part
of that audience that follows you, and applauds you because he believes in you. From here we will be praying, those of us who believe in God will be praying for you what they will not be applauding. Thank you so much, God you bless and well, you know, this is your little house, so until the next Enzo … So many thanks, thank you very much, nice to be
in this channel with you; I thank you much your time, the opportunity to be able
talk to you, I hope it’s not the last time.
Thank you very much, blessings champion. God bless you; … Thank you.


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