Don’t Let Your Doctrine Lead You Away From Christ – Tim Conway


You give yourself to these other things, and this is what happens – plausible things, reasonable things. Listen, listen. It can be biblical things. Do you know one of the things that Paul’s addressing to the Colossians are things that people dig up
out of the Old Testament? Somebody can come along, they want to start talking
about limited atonement. Somebody else wants to
start talking about the law. Somebody else wants to start
talking about cessationism. the impassivity of God, biblical marriage, the sanctity of life. There’s all sorts of things. Should I immunize my children? You just beware… because what Paul is saying is this: What you want to attain is the faith and the knowledge of the Son of God. That’s the test. That’s always the test. If He’s not essential, if He’s not central – listen – these wolves, these deceivers, these crown stealers, these false christs, these false apostles, false prophets, false teachers, these that come around, they come swaying their silly myths or vain discussion – Paul talks all about this to Timothy. “Irreverent babble, endless genealogies, controversy, quarrels about words.” He even says to Timothy, “science.” People want to come around and they want to bring
all their arguments. You just remember this. There are people out there –
Paul calls them dogs. John calls them antichrists. Peter refers to damnable heresies or destructive heresies. To the Philippians, Paul says that their god is their belly. This doesn’t happen by accident. This is happening on purpose. And everything is to be tested by the position given
to the Lord Jesus Christ. This is what you have to ask: Is He essential? Is He central? Is He all in all? Is He the focal point? Because this is where the devil is trying to move people away. The devil hates Christ. One of the reasons he
attacks the Scriptures is you know what Jesus said: People make their appeal to Scripture, but He says, “They speak of Me.” The reason that Satan wants
to go after that Word is because this is where you find out about the biblical Christ. And he will seek to distort it and he will seek to take you away from it, but the issue is Christ. Oh, these people are too clever to deny Christ altogether, but they minimize Him. And you can get into your arguments about whatever doctrine you
want to bring on the table, and if those arguments
take you away from Christ and they take you away from His glory, they take you away from His centrality, they take you away from trusting Him, from knowing Him more, from having greater confidence in Him, watch out. Watch out. Beware. It doesn’t matter how
much somebody says, “well, you know, this comes
out of the systematic theology and I was reading Robert Raymond;
I was reading Grudem; I was reading this;
I was listening to that…” But you just listen because the dead giveaway is the absence of Christ. Listen. Listen. We are to be attaining, attaining, reaching the faith of the Son of God, the knowledge of the Son of God. We need to walk around
with that heart of Paul: “Oh, that I might know Him.
Oh, that I might know Him.” You see, brethren, what we’re looking for is whatever the doctrine is, the aberration – when things go wrong – is when Christ is left out; when we suddenly become those who argue for some position or another, but Christ has subtly fallen out. Brethren, children argue all the time. The thing about children is they typically don’t know how ignorant they actually are. Your children typically think they’re a lot smarter than they are. If you want to be smart, go learn of Christ. What we heard in the first hour: “Come unto Me, all you that
labor and are heavy laden.” He says, “Learn of Me.” “I am meek and lowly.” We want to learn of Him. We want to be saturated with Him. All our doctrines need
to come back to Him. This is the dead giveaway.
This is the test. Christ – if He’s not unique; if it’s not Him at the center; if He’s not above and beyond all; if He doesn’t dwarf everything else and anything else, then the teaching is false. Be sure of this. That which detracts from Him, that which takes away from Him, that which promotes something else – oh, it’s subtle. They like to come to you and say: This is what you really need. Anytime you recognize that it pulls your eyes off of Christ, you’ve got it nailed right there. It’s false. And even if this person doesn’t
realize what they’re doing, oh, if you’ve got eyes to see, there is a claw reaching for your crown. This excerpt was taken
from the full sermon: No Longer Children


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  1. Meeco I

    March 21, 2019 9:26 pm

    What is your opinion on people who strongly argue for and against the Trinity doctrine ? It seems people hold so strongly on one side or another , was curious of some input

  2. Nathan Burgett

    March 21, 2019 10:54 pm

    First i wanna say how much I've listened to this ministry in the past. And the love i feel towards y'all.

    In Love though i have to say this. ❤


    This will probably seem contentious but I'm positing that calling out error isn't contentious…holding to it is. A lack of unity is never produced when we call out error. Those who see the Truth come into unity. Those who suppress the Truth are warned twice then removed, bibically.

    So i see these videos that wanna talk about what's wrong with the church and missions. None of them have addressed the actual bibical issues that are causing all the problems we're seeing today. When you look at the early church and then the church today, it's clear they aren't the same. Here's the issues i see.

    There are many conflicting views…however there is only one intent of the author. If people would trust what the bible says, theyd see we are intended to be one body united in love and Truth by the mind of Christ as we mature. Not gonna argue about it but i do encourage everyone to investigate each point honestly and objectively, and be a "berean." If you do i have no doubt the Spirit of Truth will show you the same. Something has to change. We are so far from Jesus' prayer in John 17 it's not funny. Without further ado…

    There is definitly a problem. So many false pictures of God out there called chritianity. That are not the biblical picture of who God is, what he wants, or how he works. No wonder there's no unity. I can't point to one church that follows the model of acts and Jesus. Though I'm sure there are a few out there. It's all from RCC and protestantism. It's crazy out there as well. You got people claiming to be Jesus in the church. Pastor having a twerking contest in the church, then told his critics to F* off. Greedy liars like J. duplantis and C. dollar. Eastern mysticism at places like bethel. Large groups pushing the gnostic idea of Devine determinism, contrary to the teaching of Christ and traditions of the apostles. Teaching legalism and righteousness by law. Herbrew roots movements that are the modern judisers paul fought against. Groups with a form of godliness but they deny his power. And conversely, False prophets and apostles working lying signs and wonders, as scripture warns there would be, who will hear i never knew you to their surprise. Ecumenicalism leading to a world religion through coexist and daniels fourth kingdom through a world court. Groups like calvinism who have been aloud to completely change the definitions of biblical terms like: Grace, faith, sovereignty, dead, ect. Groups like Methodists allowing lesbians to be their "lead pastor." Jesuits are allowed here in america again, while people competely forget why they were ever barred. Sda, mormon, Unitarians, and all kinds of other groups that fall under "christianity." Biblical discipline seen in 1 Cor 5, is completely ignored. Its strange for people who claim to believe the bible is the inspired word of God…we sure seem to do what we think is right instead in every area of life and ministry. Smh….

    Each generation we drift farther and farther from the simplicity of Christ and worshipping God in Spirit and Truth. And we move further into deception and philosophy and empty deceit built on the spiritual forces of the world, instead of Christ. Jesus said many would fall away from the faith before he came back. We've gotta be close. Maranatha.

    So I'm hoping this a good reminder of Truth and Love and what matters. There is no unity in the Church today. Biblical unity isn't getting along while completely disagreeing about God…that's coexist. We should be at peace with all men as much as it depends on us, but bibically that's never called unity, that idea is tradition made by people. Biblical Unity according to Jesus and the Apostles, is presented as being led by the Spirit of Truth, into the mind of Christ, as we are transformed by the renewing of our mind daily from one degree of glory to the next. Thus having the same love, the same mind, all things in common, counting nothing as our own, ect., as we grow up into the image of our king. John speaks of this as well, in 1st John 2 he calls it, the anointing that is true and rests on you and leads you, teaching you all things, so walk in that Truth.

    When you read the didache it shows how those discipled by the apostles understood them. We have completely lost that and instead each does what seems right in their own eyes. We replaced the Spiritual power and leading with tradition and mental assent to claims. Creating movements after men and teaching we idolize above the Spirit and Truth. Producing division and denominations. I think as long as all this is so prevalent and most of the body has no desire for the type of unity the Bible calls for, or just doesn't understand it, things arent going to change. We can encourage people about these side issues or argue about side issues all day, but if that doesn't change nothing is going to change. If we don't see and address the heart of the issues it will remain and grow worse. Though as close as we are to the end I'm not sure it will change, the bible warned us it would be like this now. But even if the majority won't, individually we can ask God what steps we can take to make things better where we are at. If we will change then we will look again as the body was intended, with the result we saw at the beginning and in Jesus' john 17 prayer. It matters, souls are at stake. At what point did the body begin to care more about the status quo then being united in love and Truth so the world will believe?

    What Jesus prays for is seen clearly in the letter of aristides to Hadrean Caesar, Google it. Pray for this everyone, please. Timely reminder. Some really aren't gonna like this. But if anyone sets their mind to honestly seek what's True…you'll see it. ❤love y'all.

  3. shan braz

    March 21, 2019 11:44 pm

    Whooaaaa this message is timely. Actually always a good reminder to not try to do more than what Christ is telling us to do. Be obedient and don’t add to His word or commands. And trust Him with your salvation

  4. Daniel L

    March 22, 2019 12:00 am

    is the ceremonial law one and the same as the 10 commandment MORAL LAW? Yes christ is the point. christ is the focus. and how do we know that we are not false professors proclaiming our own salvation awaiting to hear from the Lord "depart from me who work lawlessness " (violate God's moral law ) the bible says: " this is how we know that we know God , if we keep his commandments , he that says I know him but does not keep his commandments is a LIAR. " lawlessness is commandment breaking. ceremonial law pointed to christ. this is the law that was nailed to the cross and a shadow of things to come. the 10 commandment MORAL law is binding. the moral law is what defines sin 1 john 3:4. and we know that christ came to save us FROM our sins Mathew 1. christ came to give us power to obey that which condemned us. isn't that wonderful?!!! only to the truly converted heart that is, one who's had enough of the life of sin. not to Judas.

  5. kimmykimko

    March 22, 2019 3:32 am

    There are so many much more important things. People are waking up. This is too in depth for them. They just need to know about Christ and his gift. People who are getting too into semantics and little things are just turning normal people away. These people are new, they haven't studied every word and every theological view. They just need to know the simplicity of the gospel. They need milk not meat. God will open their eyes. It's not helpful to argue amongst ourselves, and most of these arguments are based on differing views of theology.

  6. Contending for The Faith

    March 22, 2019 11:21 am

    Pastor Tim makes some very good points here in that we must not get carried away on any one thing, and maintain a proper Biblical balance. And in this same vein then, we must also keep in mind that according to the BIble, doctrine is extremely importantly, in fact according to 1 Tim. 6:1 (KJV) it's identified with God himself. And just as the devil counterfeits everything (Is. 14:12-14, KJV), there is a certain godly division that occurs over truth (Luke 12:51, KJV).

  7. Bible is God's Word

    March 24, 2019 10:29 pm

    We need to be united around real gospel. And calvinism is not the real gospel. Calvinism preaches another Jesus. You should be aware of that. I still love you though and I hope you realise this. You are right about this though many churched do not speak about Jesus and they hate when others want to know Him.

  8. kathleen Wharton

    April 25, 2019 11:54 pm

    Worse than that! Don't let someone else's Doctrine lead you Away! And this man is Doing exactly That. Jesus Spoke HIS OWN Gospel. Jesus did NOT say..Oh by the way..Paul will be coming along later with a Better Gospel than i Gave you. And this man is teaching Paul's gospel. Christians are worshipping their little god Paul..And have thrown Jesus under the bus.


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