Doctrine of Trinity & Christian Monotheism


Christians along with Jews and Muslims believe that God is one. However, Christians, while professing faith
in one God, also believes that God is a Trinity. Isn’t it intriguing? God is one and God is Trinity? Many, therefore, think that the Christian
faith is not really monotheistic, but either polytheistic or pseudo-monotheistic. So, today, I’ll try to explain what Christians
really mean when we use the word Holy Trinity. To begin with, Christians believe in One God
without any doubt. The Bible and the Church teachings clearly
show that there is only one God. The first commandment itself is to believe
that God is one. In fact, the oneness of God follows from human
logic. If God exists and he is the Almighty, then
our logic will tell us that he ought to be one. There is no place in logic for the possibility
of multiple omnipotent gods existing simultaneously. Thus, monotheism naturally flows from the
belief in an omnipotent God. Now coming to our topic, let me first brief
what the doctrine of Trinity is: it is a belief that God is one, but exists in three coeternal
consubstantial persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I know, that’s a bunch of difficult terms. In simple words, God is one in essence, but
there are three persons in God, each of them exists forever and is Almighty. i.e., Father is God, Son is God, Holy Spirit
is God and God is one, but Father is not the Son, the Son is not the Holy Spirit, and the
Holy Spirit is not the Father. How can this be monotheistic? Let’s see that. An easy way to understand this concept is
to use two question words: ‘what’ and ‘who’. If someone were to ask me what I am, my answer
would be a human being, whereas if the question is who I am, I would answer, I am Angelo,
because the word ‘who’ stands for a person. Now, as far as I am concerned, the answers
to the questions ‘what’ and ‘who’ refer to the same thing, myself. Things are different when it comes to God. If you were to ask God, ‘what are you?’,
the answer would be I am God and if the question is, ‘who are you?’, the answer could be
Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three persons individually are fully
God, not one-thirds of God, unlike Quranic understanding of the Trinity. How is it possible, God is only one being
and yet, there are three distinct persons in him? Oneness of God, as I said earlier can be understood
using human logic, but three persons in one being is not comprehensible. Even for Christians, it is a truth revealed
by God himself, not known using our cognitive abilities. But is it really illogical? No. I would like to use an explanation given by
C.S. Lewis. In mathematics, a line a one-dimensional thing. If there is a one-dimensional being, for it,
two lines are two different things, they cannot have the same being. But, in two dimensions, we can have a triangle
with three lines and a square with four lines. A square is not four different things, only
a single figure although it is composed of four different lines. Now, if there is a two-dimensional being,
for this being, two different squares are two distinct things, they can’t be a single
figure. But, in a three-dimensional world, a world
in which we are living in, a three dimensional being like us can have a cube which is comprised
of six squares. We know that a cube exists, but for a two
dimensional being, it is illogical to think that six squares are nothing but one thing. Now, if a three-dimensional being can communicate
with a two-dimensional one and tell that there is a cube with six squares, only then such
a being can know about the possibility of the existence of a cube. The same logic applies to us as well. For us, two different cubes are two distinct
objects, they can’t be one thing. But, if there is a four dimensional being,
it can have many cubes but still a single thing, a hypercube like a tesseract in a four-dimensional
world. This logic also applies to persons. In a three-dimensional world, a person is
a being, whereas two persons are two different beings, they cannot be a single being. Since God is not confined by three-dimensional
space, he can be multi-personal and yet remain a single being. Thus, God being a Trinity is not at all illogical. How do we know that God is Trinity? We can know it only because God revealed it
so. This brings us to another question, why God
is only three persons, not infinitely many? Remember, the quantity is not important, what
is really important is the ability of God to be multi-personal. The real reason why God is three persons,
God alone knows. However, we can have some idea about the importance
of the number three. Philosophically, a person is one who can relate. When we talk about relation, there need to
be at least two persons and the relationship between them; thus there are three things:
2 persons and their relationship. Trinity is a relation: Relationship between
the Father and the Son and this relationship is Holy Spirit. Thus, the three persons in the Holy Trinity
are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. They three are distinct, coeternal and co-equal
persons although one in essence, nature, power, action and will. If they are coeternal, that is, if they existed
eternally, why the names, Father and Son? To make it clear, Son doesn’t mean he is
created by the Father, or he came into existence in a time only after the Father. No. They both have only one existence, because
they both are one being. The idea is that the Father begets the Son
eternally and when the second person, the Son was incarnated in the person of Jesus,
he called God, his Father. But what is really important is that the Father
loves the Son eternally and infinitely, and the Son reciprocates that love. Their love is so strong that this love itself
is a person, and this person is whom we call the Holy Spirit. I can think of an analogy from science. We know the concept of Force in physics. Gravitational force for example. There are four fundamental forces in nature,
and the force is nothing but the interaction between things or particles. But, the particle physics, based on experimental
evidences, tells us that this interaction between the particles is itself another particle. Applying this to the Trinity, the relationship
between the persons of the Father and the Son is also another divine person, the Holy
Spirit. The very nature of Godhead is imparted even
in the particles that are fundamental building blocks of nature. And all the more, God, who created man in
his own image and likeness, also gifted him with the same love so that humans can relate
with one another in the same way the persons in the Godhead are related. And this ability to relate with one another
in love is what makes us ‘persons’ like God himself is. Having said these, the Holy Trinity is still
a mystery; we cannot fathom it completely. We can know about the Trinity only what God
reveals to us. Using our intellect, we know that God is one
and God revealed himself through the person of Jesus that He is three divine persons. Thus, the answer to the question, ‘what’,
is God and to the question, ‘who’, is Father, Son and the Spirit. God is one in three persons or three persons
in one being. Therefore, Christianity is a monotheistic
religion which believes in the existence of one God and this God is multi-personal, in
other words, a triune God. Thanks for watching. Please like and share this video with others
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  1. Gabby Sanchez

    February 17, 2019 3:03 pm

    The time stamp 5:32 in the middle of god why is there illuminati in God's chest? please answer me angelo!

  2. Dictator Czar

    February 18, 2019 4:41 pm

    Your videos are the truth. I’m very happy seeing this. I hope all your videos spread across the all corners of the Earth.Non Trinitarianism churches and polytheism churches are bad and are full of lies. But they still have some truth. It’s just makes no sense to have these insane and heretical doctrines.

  3. approvedofGod

    May 11, 2019 8:28 pm

    You are not quoting history, scripture, or the words of Jesus. This is typical of Catholics.


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