Divinity: Original Sin 2 | Trolling Xrayin [ENG SUBS]

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Baka Daka: Where are you?
Xrayin: Just use your pyramid DapronX: Surprise DapronX; Open the door, open the door, noooo DapronX: Open the door Kayken: I didn’t know you could change into this DapronX: The **** is that? Xrayin: It’s so weird, I have a lever in my… Baka Daka: I found a silver bar Xrayin: Pass it to me Xrayin: But I had a lever in my backpack Xrayin: And now I don’t see it anymore Xrayin: Everyone, check your inventory quickly… Xrayin: if you have a lever DapronX: Liver? …Liver is sweet man
Xrayin: Yeah Baka Daka: Don’t think so
DapronX: Soysauce DapronX: Liver, here Baka Daka: DapronX pickpocketed you Xrayin: Did you send it to me?
DapronX: Yeah DapronX: Last item Xrayin: Dude are you really…pickpocketing me? DapronX: No dude Xrayin: Eh stop messing around DapronX: I sent him so much junk DapronX: I don’t have it man I sent you a fang Xrayin: What didn’t you sent a lever?
DapronX: No I don’t have it man Xrayin: Why do you waste me ***** time man Baka Daka: I sent you a silver bar, you can use that too right?
Xrayin: Yeah that’s fine DapronX: Omg DapronX: You have to clip that one Baka Daka, clip it


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