Divinity: Original Sin 2 | Loot vs friendship [ENG SUBS]

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DapronX: Alright, let’s identify everything Baka Daka: And send all warrior items to me Even if I’m not going to wear them Xrayin: I’m going to put everything in my chest, calm down DapronX: Eeeh
Baka Daka: Ok so it’s going to be like that DapronX: Alright then
Baka Daka: Do you really wanna start a loot battle with me? DapronX: All I have to do is this
Xrayin: Wtf Baka Daka: Let’s just beat him I’m throwing my shield on him DapronX: He ran away DapronX: He wanted to act tough but he almost died Xrayin: ****** ***** *****


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