Divine Justice is Absolute – The Laws of Happiness and Success – Pr. Francis L. Kaya

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Yes There are laws we need to know If we want to reach Happiness and success in our lives All levels Not just on the physical level Emotional level Intellectual level and on the spiritual Level One law That I have discovered in my dreams long long time ago That completely changed my life And that I now integrate in every situation that I go through I share this law and and what I have learned from it in this new book The laws of happiness and success that I prepare right now That will be very soon available I know a lot of people Are asking for this book and I can tell you it’s coming now Very soon in a few weeks from now So the law Is Divine Justice Absolute That’s not easy for lawyers in for judge I have a lot of students that are lawyers in I remember even my brother-in-law will have We had so many beautiful conversation 20 years ago about that And I talked to him How to understand Justice on another level Every units The judge the lawyer’s everyone We’re all part of a theater play We have a role to play For what To develop quality For what Only develop qualities even the lawyers Will develop qualities the judge Will learn also to discern He is learning he’s not necessarily perfect because he’s a judge He’s learning to his profession we all learn With the work with you So Divine Justice is absolute means that The justice Doesn’t come only from this life You can have For example a defendant In the court And you know the guy is a victim and he’s a real Victor Finished wrapping to you no conflict with another person with his neighbor whatever But there’s a reason why he is a victim Because in a past life He was the aggressor He was the neighbor who was not respecting the other And that’s why in this life He needs to Receive a teaching Of what he has done Two others This is the true meaning Define justice is absolute You can apply this to Your life to all situations That we always read What we sow But it’s not Always coming from this life Sometimes it’s coming From another life


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