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limiting beliefs holding you back Stay tuned. This is Damon Cart from NLP Gym
destroy limiting beliefs with this simple NLP technique if you haven’t
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videos on a regular basis all the lease have limitations police are basically
generalizations that we make about ourselves in the world based on the
information that we take into our five senses which then gets passed through
all these cognitive processes that we have so we’re not really connecting and
experiencing reality directly therefore we don’t know all the possibilities or
we don’t know all that’s possible because we don’t know all that’s
possible we formulate these generalizations we take experiences
where there’s all these commonalities we draw a circle around commonalities of
many experiences that we have and we say okay this is how the world works this means this here is the limitation
here’s what’s possible here’s what’s not possible ultimately though the truth is we don’t
really know all that’s possible and we can have a lot of fun discovering what
is possible this doesn’t mean that generalizations
are bad we’re going to generalize this is how we learn new things this is how
we navigate a world with so many unknowns we need to have a sense of
filling in the gaps and making meaning and understanding the world around us is
best that we can we’ve been creating generalizations are police since we were
babies that’s where it starts once we start to
have the experience of creating experience part of acknowledging
experience we start to create generalizations about that I believe
that served you very well when you were 13 years old might not be serving you so
well at the age of 31 in fact it’s probably limiting you unfortunately for most people your
beliefs especially the living ones are on conscious instead of looking at a belief
for what it is which is just a generalization that you’ve made about
your own personal experiences we tend to look at our beliefs as absolute facts this is one question your beliefs and
re-evaluating your own values on a regular basis is so important in NLP the
very first model in NLP called the meta model there is a language pattern
called the universal quantifier the universal quantifier when you when you
can hear this language pattern in someone’s language or in even in your
own language or your own self talk this is a clear indication of a
limitation in your model of the world that your map of your reality of what
you think is possible and impossible the universal quantifier uses things like
always and never like I always fail I never win people don’t care women are flaky men don’t listen people
are horrible according to the metamodel you can
challenge these limiting statements known as universal quantifiers which are
also generalizations you can challenge them with questions which forces the
person to go back into their own experience and find counter-examples to
this generalization this limiting belief and the key here is the counter example
you will always find counter-examples that counter the generalizations you
made based on your own experiences you have had experiences that point at this
generalization possibly being true but you’ve always had counter experiences to
that counter examples that contradict those experiences for example if a
person says I always fail you could say always you’ve never won anything you’ve never
even won a game of checkers so there was the person has to go in and
in order to answer those questions finds counter-examples to i will never win if
someone says when are flaky you could say you’ve never known a woman to show
up on time hard to do what she says she’s going to
do of course we have we all we followed on either or that woman or we’ve known
that woman who has shown up and who did what they said they were going to do the
same thing for men don’t listen is that true that absolutely true that
there’s not there’s never been a single man in this world who has listened to
anyone or that people are horrible really horrible horrible everyone in
this world is horrible so these questions challenge the limiting belief
by forcing the person to go back into their database of experience and find
the counter counter experiences counter-examples to the generalization
that made counter-examples contradict that generalization healthy
generalizations are not absolute like I said we’re going to make
generalizations no matter what they’re important to make the healthy
generalizations are going to include counter-examples you are going to
understand that there are exceptions to your generalization it’s also presuppose
that the generalization is not fact it’s not ultimate truth we don’t know
ultimate truth we will ever know ultimate truth because we have a limited
system of pulling in reality and in doing so we have to make these things
called generalizations which again are not facts these are conclusions and judgments that
we’ve drawn based on our personal experience but again that’s our own
personal experience pass through five senses pastor all of our cognitive
processes that are indicative of who we are and every other person can
experience that completely differently when you identify a limiting belief a
good place to start is to ask yourself what is this limiting belief doing for
me it’s not there by mistake it didn’t just happen there is some
positive intent within you that created the generalization and it is doing
something for you it may not be serving you now but it did
at one time so get in contact with that and tap into it what is this belief
doing for you discover the positive into discover the resource that you can
combine with that positive intent to create an empowering believe while
leaving the limiting part behind for example let’s say I believe I will never
be rich well there’s a few things here that are
a little bit as an aside to this process I would want to first know what does
rich mean to me and what is the ultimate higher value I would want to fulfill by
being rich so say my positive intent and having
such a belief that with limiting is that I don’t want to be disappointed so then now I know what my positive
intent is here so what do I want instead of being disappointed well I want to be joyful I want to be
happy in this limiting belief about not being rich is an obvious indication that
i’m placing my joy and happiness on outside circumstances whether or not I’m
going to be rich and not wanting to be disappointed if i’m not rich but would
it would be like to access the resource of joy and happiness within myself in a
way that’s not dependent upon other people are outside circumstances and
it’s easy for me and it should be easy for you to to tap into my own
experiences and think of times we have been joyful and happy it didn’t cost me
a dime and the happiness and the joy came from within it wasn’t dependent on
other people it wasn’t dependent on outside circumstances the joy and
happiness was mine that’s the counterexample times when
I’ve experienced drawing I’ve experienced happiness and it wasn’t
dependent on outside circumstances it wasn’t dependent on me being richer not
our morning disappointment by not being rich the joyful and happy experiences
would act then as counter-examples to this limiting belief sorting for joyful
experiences and connecting with those joyful experiences right away gives me a
sense of being joyful and happy without having to pay for without having to fear
disappointment and without there being a dependency on anything outside of myself
and to top it all off while i dunno that there are many rich invisible
people i believe that it will be much easier for me to become rich if i’m
coming from a place of joy and I was joyful person independent of whether or
not become rich and even if i don’t become rich well at least some joyful and i would
rather be joyful and not rich then rich and miserable however i don’t think i have to choose
between the two that again would be another limiting belief i believe i can
be joyful and rich at the same time you can break any limiting beliefs you have
just by sorting for counter-examples give it a try if you want to master LP
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    November 27, 2016 8:51 am

    I love the way this has been explained. It's so simple and easy to apply. Thank you – one of my favourites so far that I will refer to again.

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    December 16, 2016 6:18 am

    Excellent!!! Love your videos. Would really like to talk to you about our business A.C.T Advanced Communication Technologies… And we would like to ask you to be a guest speaker/you tuber guest. We have an idea. If you can let me know and we can connect.

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  5. Ruppells Booden

    October 30, 2017 8:11 am

    the thing is, some of these limiting beliefs are very well hidden. if you cant reveal what it is, what are you doing here?

  6. Where the heck is my Kummerspeck?

    December 4, 2017 11:10 pm

    When Iβ€˜m ugly and I say Iβ€˜m ugly, then thatβ€˜s not a limiting belief, itβ€˜s just: the truth

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    I think you have some real skills here. I've heard all this before and it's helped so much. It's a common thread in successful people. Challenging the limiting beliefs that is.

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    Do you think their is a connection between nlp psychology and hermetics and "magic" "spelling" "cursive""etc

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    Mind magic of nlp…mind magick of hermetics the 7 hermetic principals sho u how to influence your own life on diffrent planes of our existance mainly mental and physical how to be player not pawn so to speak ..its aincent widom…Nlp seems kinda the same premis …what is ur take on what im trying to say

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  14. Yin-Yang Self Center

    November 13, 2018 12:47 am

    Excellent explanation my man! How can I identify limiting beliefs deeply buried in the Subconscious? Usually NLP techniques are more applicable for issues which are known. Maybe I'm generalizing lol but besides questioning the belief already known, how can I identify an unknown belief?

  15. Yin-Yang Self Center

    November 13, 2018 5:41 am

    Wow thank you for the quick response Maestro and eloquently answered. Almost felt like you read my mind, when you spoke about destructive behavior. In my case is self sabotage (fear of failure and success at the same time lol). My case is one of those when you know conciously what's the issue and yet you cannot correct regardless of the tools. Tools like meditation, nlp and I spent so much money and yet the issue still lingering. If you're not too pricey I might do private sessions with you. Send me your email please and thank you in advance.

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  17. maya israelov

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    Most of beliefs are wrong.
    I do in my practice 4 questions from Byrone Katy to put doubt to the belief like "is it true".
    I am Nlp Master Practishioner
    and i know that part of beliefs we have from our ancestors and from our past lifes in our mental body.
    Because of that it important to clear limiting beliefs and trauma on a deeper lewel.our soul is in our mind and have all the records from all our past lifes and it calls akashic records.

  18. Marshall Samford

    February 3, 2019 8:39 pm

    I've been spending a few days learning the metamodel, and it's been one of the most important techniques I've ever learned. If you have goals for your life, and you use the metamodel to make sure your having empowering beliefs then it's very powerful.

  19. Dark Sun

    July 1, 2019 2:30 am

    use this shit to buy a better microphone or noise reducer or smth and keep up the good work

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    Great video brother. I am extremely intrigued by NLP. I’m currently working on becoming a certified hypnosis practitioner . I just wanna be of service and help others become their best version! Thanks for knowledge I am so grateful . πŸ™πŸ»πŸ’šπŸ’«πŸŒŽβ˜πŸΌ

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    July 10, 2019 10:28 am

    A memory flushed in where I saw in my mind's eyes that if I met new people, they will lose their interest in me thinking that I am not interesting, I am not fun, I am not smart and when they do find it out, they will associate/be friends with me anymore. So, they will start looking down on me, like I am worthless.


    September 21, 2019 10:06 pm

    Great presentation , Im A master practitioner and im researching Limited beliefs and different techniques i think your one of the easiest to follow in what usually comes across as a technical maze created to be watched over again & to make potential custumers feel if they buy in itll become easier to understand lol that is indeed a great talent and wider insight

  23. Perfect in Ar-Zone

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    So, example please? I started getting ill while (and after) driving, two years ago. I have a diagnosed nervous system issue. So, I feel that I have to pace my driving and not drive too far. Every time I go out, even to the store, I pretty much plan to not feel well when I arrive home. I can barely remember what it is like to feel vibrant and healthy when I get home from driving. So, the presupposition when I say, "I'm going to the store", is that afterwards, I won't feel well. What do I do to switch that in my brain? Clearly a limiting belief I want to leave behind. I'm ready to leave that behind! What if I can't bring to memory what it feels like to feel healthy and vibrant when I arrive home from being out? Thank you!

  24. Asha Khoya

    November 20, 2019 6:24 pm

    What are about the experience that you never had before? Like doesnt know how to drive and now has limiting belief about being a driver.

  25. Bill Vrett

    December 15, 2019 10:45 pm

    as social animals there is ABSOLUTELY no independency of outside circumstances.Feedback or friction from/with other people,or the environment in general, is therefore what makes us happy or sad


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