Dental Marketing – New Patients From Old

Would you blindly spend marketing dollars on prospects that may or may not be interested in your dental services? Of course not. But many dentists continue to do it. Why? They don’t track their marketing.

One of the biggest dental marketing agency mistakes is not having a website. In this day and age having a website is vital to all business, even your dental business. A website is a crucial tool to add to your marketing toolkit. Patients often look for their future dentists on the web. They read reviews that former patients have written about a dental business and they look for a website to get more information when they are researching for a new dentist or dental practice. You have to have a web presence; not having one is a huge mistake.

Now, back to that patient sitting on their bum in your chair. Here’s what I have noticed: In the practice of one of my clients, there are these little wooden tables in each operatory. They have magazines on them. (Yes, current month and year, and yours should be too, if you have them laying around.) Here’s my thought – Instead of letting people look at a magazine, they should look at my clients marketing message!

Advertising. Although, it is advisable not to overdo it, nothing still beats some sort of exposure. You can start by email marketing. This is a cheap way of making your presence known but take note that this seldom yields results when it comes to sales. Another advertising that you can do is to write blogs and attach anchor texts. By writing articles, you can encourage people to try out products and services without excessive costs in advertising.

Are meta data keywords important? A lot of people in the know say they are not that important. I have seen negative articles written about this topic in tech publications such as, “Web Designer” magazine. We have tested the arrangement of this type of material in my studio and found some rather interesting points of interest. If you do not arrange them in a certain order you will botch up the description of your web page on the SERPS, (Google search engine result pages).

If you don’t know when high school seniors get their pictures taken, FIND OUT! Usually this is August or September of their senior year. Find out from a photographer around your area, and see if there is an opportunity to co-market.

Where to find them: There are plenty of ways to target this crowd. You can purchase lists like the ones military recruiters get. You can also look into advertising in the school paper.

Track Your Progress – Implement some way of tracking the outcome of your efforts. For example, ask new customers who come into your office how they heard about you. This will allow you to see which of your dental marketing tactics is working and which ones you may need to discontinue. Remember, though, it can take awhile for a new strategy to produce results. Stick with a technique for a month or two until you are certain it is not working for you.

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