Coin Collecting – 50 State Quarters Program

Collecting coins allows you to go back in time and recall the American pedigree. You need to know that this item is limited and that no ten dollar gold coins were issued between the years 1805 and 1837. Collecting coins is a hobby that anyone and everyone could do. But collecting quarters is a hobby that currently it is estimated that one hundred six million Americans do. Collecting coins allows you to go back in time and recall the American history. You need to know that this item is limited and that no ten dollar coins were issued between the years 1805 and 1837.

A low enough mintage could make a coin scarce. But it may not be worth much without strong demand. A high grade may boost a coin’s value, but if its’ population was sky high, its’ value may plateau at some point. Precious metal values may influence a coin’s value, but not all coins are.9999% pure. Furthermore, some coins are worth a lot more then their precious metal content. So their precious metal values maybe irrelevant to their book values. Colors make all the difference in the But a coin cannot be worth more then its’ true market value. So, a white coin is easier to market then a blackened coin. So color only controls a coins salability. Clearly none of these factors completely control a coin’s market value.

Once you acquire the coins you want, you need to sit back and relax. This part maybe the most difficult despite the lack of labor. But it may not be long before your coins goes up in value. The coins you are going to buy are the ones that are ready to go up in value at any time. But again, we want to wait till these coins double or triple in value. So, just keep waiting till the coins mature enough to sell.

Whatever the circumstances, I challenge you to find a serious coin collector who cannot recall why and how he got hooked on building a collection of meaningful coins.

The housing market, credit and financial markets were unraveling and losing ground fast, they were in a correction, but the ascertation wasn’t correct, wasn’t being read right because gold (the flight to quality) wasn’t confirming the “chicken little” theory that was being talked (sold) to the novice investor community. Yet the more these investors moved into gold positions, the more it’s “flight to quality” was being sold, the less traction the metal was making…. hmm! Another thing was very curious to us as we started heading for the doors, and that was the difficulty we had in getting a fair price for the numismatic coins (hard assets) we were trying to sell, a great deal of price haggling. Something we had never experienced in all our trading experience – Never!

Raw coins from dealers and flea markets can and do yield some great finds. You can look through junk boxes and lots of raw coins and find a few good deals. This takes knowledge and that is why I am writing you. I want you to know all you can before you buy the coin.

Did I mention that Silver and Gold coins also serve other useful purposes other than medium of exchange? Well, if you think your money is as durable as gold and silver, try throwing your banknotes into the fire for thirty seconds and let us see what happens!

The great thing with this opportunity is that you do not need any work experience. In fact, you do not need to have any qualifications to join this opportunity. It can help to have some interest in collecting coins, but this is not necessary. If you have the desire to succeed and climb the ladder to success then you’ll love this unique network marketing job.

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