Christian Prince – Stupid Muslims With Stupid Logic About Divinity of Jesus Christ


you know the first thing we need to
notice here that while we are deviating with the Muslims about their profit
being a child molester the Muslims are debating with us about if Jesus is God
which is amazing I mean you can tell with a different right while we are
talking about Mohammed Meah rapist the Muslims we are debated with us about the
qualification of Jesus to be God while we are debating about Mohammed
being a thief or be bitten about us about the holy Jesus who in the Quran in
chapter 19 verse 19 it says and it confess that he is the Holy One
so look like we and the Muslims we reach an agreement that we cannot lift
Mohammed to a stander more than a thief criminal killer this is why we are
debating about him in that standard in that level we are not debating if
Mohammed is a prophet or not because even the Quran does not have any
prophecy of Muhammad have you ever heard of somebody he was called a prophet but
yet he don’t have a prophet in prophecy in his book actually he does but he have
false ones and we can prove it easy and we did many many times so in order to
believe that somebody is a prophet well we have to examine his a prophecy and in
order to believe that Jesus is not God then we have to examine the one who said
that which is Muhammad to make my my idea a clear for maybe some of you do
not understand what I’m trying to say you see if I am a
judge in the court and you bring a witness and this witness says
something whatever it is he said I saw you doing a crime he said I saw you
killing somebody hey I saw you doing this I saw you doing that the first
thing I need to do as a judge is to examine how we’re truthful this man is
because not everyone is a qualified to be a witness do you understand guys what I’m saying
it is my idea is it clear why why Muslims reject Jesus to be God
is that because really they don’t really want to believe or because Muhammad he
said so because Muhammad says so and we prove it easy that whatever Muhammad
says Muslim they believe right away it doesn’t matter what he say as an example
when Muhammad he said that Mary she was a person who have no man in her life
yet she gave birth to Jesus you will not find a Muslim when I debate me about if
Jesus was born of a virgin have you ever heard of a Muslim want to debate the
Christians about Jesus being born of a virgin no why just because Muhammad he
said so suddenly it’s logical you see they speak about logical this week while
you speak about logic people who belong to Islam which have no logic at all like
God he would provide me 80 thousand women for six and each one of them here
but is one might I mean what is the logic there God who were to make my
private part in this what is the logic there a God who would give you 80
thousand little boys you know to serve you what is the logic there just because
I pray five times a day you will enslave eighty thousand women and 80 thousand
boys to serve me that’s it because I was good to you you are going to bed to 160
thousand a human being by enslaving they make Ben my sex slaves are my servants
so when a Muslim he be bait you he debate you based on no logic he have no
logic he had just a follower he is not a person who is using his brain even their
prophet when the Christian they challenge him to debate what he did he
said to bring you your children I bring my children to me your wives
bring my wives to bring you you know goats I bring my goats and let us invoke
Allah to curse the what is lying even their prophet could not debate which
mean Muhammad himself is not mature enough to have any kind of debate
because he is not mature he have a brain of a little baby his false is a liar and
he cannot debate us there is no Muslim can make a debate zakir naik is not
mature Shabbir Ali is not mature and those are the elders so what about the
kids and here we go we are here let us see who is the Muslim can call us and
can give us any answer of anything or even give us a question you will see
even their questions is a stupid I never saw a Muslim he have a smart question my
skype is open only Muslims can call please I don’t want to see any Christian
calling me the Muslim they made articles top 10 reason that Jesus cannot be God
actually somebody post in in my channel in YouTube saying number 1 God cannot be
born just to show you the stupidity of of the of the of of the reason you see
when when somebody give you a reason like this obviously he’s a stupid he
have a mental issue if you say that God cannot the second you say God cannot
regarded so this after cannot it’s mean he cannot be God are we listening guys
when a Muslim he says to you God cannot I don’t care what is after cannot that’s
it he just admitted that his God his logic of God is a stupid because how you
say he is God Almighty and you say then he cannot how are we listening just from the beginning we destroy their
their debate without even debating it we call God Almighty for he is almighty you
know what Almighty mean obviously the Muslims they have no idea what Almighty
they have idea what is all believed answer they have idea what is all hid
all naked in the Quran in the in the around the Kaaba what is all naked in
there and the hedge what is all naked in the heaven what is all having sex in the
heaven but they have no idea what is Almighty mean how dare you to say you
believe in God Almighty but yet you are saying to me God cannot be born how is
Japan that is my friend when you say to me God cannot be born you are just being
certified stupid now you have a pH PhD instability because obviously your God
cannot and we are talking about you God my God he can and this is my my my god
is my his my god hey and this is why I don’t accept your God you see if we go
in the Quran just to show you the logic of the of the author of the Quran that
it’s a logic of somebody have even no education you know go at leas go to
Greece learn some logic for you know and learn from a rest or how to be a
philosopher you see because what they are talking about Muslim by the way they
consider philosophy is Haram but they give that they give us their own poopoo
philosophy if you go in the Quran Quran or the maker of the Quran he give us his
own philosophy why he don’t have a son it will be carefully chapter 6 verse 101
the Muslim translation mat mine I have no idea I mean I’m not the one who
translate this this is the one the one is speaking
they’re supposedly is the god of the Abdul the one who told them to kiss the
black stone that stone yeah we are worshiping one God but yet we kiss a
stone and the stones is holy and the stones forgive our sin tak the god the
god dude who called me just two days ago and he told me yes the stone I asked him
why you kissed the black stone he said because it’s an act of worship what kind
of people who worshipped one God but yet kissing a stone is an act of worship I
talked to the one god how that can be what that is don’t have to do with your
God pagan pagan in denial they think we are the pagan when the fact they are the
pagans they pray to us in front of a stone they born to the stone they kiss a
stone and baby they call it holy stone and yet they call us pagan they pray
from around the earth to a direction of a stone not direction of God God is not
there and even the Muslim they agree that God is not there read with me
carefully please I forgot
literate like your prophet you do not know how to read uh-huh sorry I take it
back to him is do the pre-meal origin of the heaven and earth how like how man
how can he can how how can he have a son if you don’t have a girlfriend I mean
this is God this God he’s saying to us that he is the same as me he cannot have
a son unless he have a girlfriend and he is a question in what he’s a question
his ability how can he and here we notice Allah
always he speaks about himself as a third person how he who’s he
I mean who are you the one is talking who are you why he don’t say how I so by
Allah question his ability he just approved to us that he cannot be God how
he can have a son if you don’t have a girlfriend they will thank you nice to
meet you man I just been informed that you don’t have a girlfriend let us
listen as the Muslims so why the Muslim doesn’t use the same logic when they
speak about Mary just to show you the contradiction and the stupidity of the
author of the Quran if this is a logical thing for the Muslims and this is the
logic of Allah the Muslim they should follow the logic of Allah if the logic
of Allah how he can have a son if you don’t have a girlfriend will why Allah
don’t ask the same question and say how many can have a son but she don’t have a
boyfriend is it the same Quran say is that Mary she have a son but yet she
don’t have a boyfriend you know I mean you see how we strip at
this argument so if the guard of his client consider himself not God
I don’t play Muslim to say how Jesus can be God God cannot be born because you
are questioning the ability of God God cannot be born who are you to say to God
what he can be what he cannot be so why you call him God then call him Mickey
Mouse call him a cartoon call him a fiction the God we cannot be he cannot
be God – that is a very stupid argument now a Muslim will say to you are you
saying to me that Jesus your God he was born with a vagina my friend if Jesus is
born of a vagina and that make him Disick Hualapai to be called Holly so
why the whore in chapter 19 verse number 19 called him holy his Jesus in the
Quran not born of of a vagina maybe he was born from the ears of Mary your book
calling jesus is still holy if we go to chapter 19 the book of the devil huh we
will find chapter 19 verse 19 it says he said nay
I am only a messenger from the Lord to announce to thee the gift of a holy son
do you see it if Jesus born of a vagina that would not
make him holy so how come he is holy in your book and he was named you see how
he can destroy their logic so easy so fast they taught they try to disgrace
Jesus by saying he’s born of a woman but in their book here we go he’s born of a
woman and this is supposedly the end of God saying to Mary that you will have a
son but he is a holy son and he is worth he’s a gift of heaven author and
apologist Ravi Zacharias I believe the writings in the Old Testament can point
a Jew to faith in Christ can the writings in the Quran about Jesus point
the Muslim towards the life faith and that’s a fabulous question let me be
careful on how I answer this there are two or three things you can do with the
Quran to point to Jesus Christ for example there are some things the Quran
says about Jesus that are true he tells us that he was virgin born it doesn’t
give that privilege to Muhammad himself Jesus is the lone virgin born being
testified to in the old and the New Testaments and then of course in the
Quran he is described as being born of a virgin a remarkable attestation number
two it also he’s referred to as Kalamata law which literally means the Word of
God now the Muslim who argues with you will try to say well it actually means a
Word of God and they even if you don’t want to push up the fact of the matter
is even Mohammed is not given that category of one who is described as a
word of God or the Word of God then Jesus is described in the Quran as
Ruhollah which literally means the Spirit of God three fascinating
discussions of Jesus Christ in the Quran where he is described as being virgin
born as the Word of God and as the Spirit of God that although in the Koran
by the way it does tell us that Jesus had the power to raise from the dead
which again it does not give any such credential to Muhammad but having said
that be very careful when you get into an argument with a Muslim because the
Muslim was determined to dig his or her heels in they will find a way to escape
out of everything that you try to say to them most important things love them
love them with a genuine love I can challenge you to go to almost any Muslim
who has come to know Christ and ask them how they’ll give you one of two
Unser’s the love of a fellow Christian who came to me and talked to me in the
workplace or whatever or I had a dream about Jesus and he revealed himself to
me Jesus is using their worldview with which to speak


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