Cardinal Gerhard Müller (Highlights) | Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

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The union of male and female is complementary in the sense that their union demonstrates how both are a mutual help to journey towards the Creator who is the beginning and the end of the entire world and of men. Faith in the Creator is linked to this initial experience: in the body, there exists a primordial language, a gift that enables us to receive and communicate love. The union sets off, therefore, a dynamic, a movement, as the Song of Songs recounts, in which the lover and beloved are at the same time in continuous search of the other and of God. Male and female make visible for each child who comes into the world, in a sacramental way, the presence of the Creator. Precisely on the basis of the relationships that are born around “one flesh” of man and woman, God reveals His mercy, comparing it to the Father who forgives the son to the mother who does not abandon him and the spouse who welcomes again the unfaithful wife.


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