Bishop Barron on Religious Drifters



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  1. Ryan Delaney

    April 5, 2012 3:55 am

    The key word here is "seemed". Perhaps he seemed thus to individuals who were unfortunately uninformed or ill informed as to Arabic custom. To kiss a Qur'an is not to acknowledge the historical truth of its claims, but to offer thanks for a gift received (this applies to any item received as a gift). And a word about "pluralism": to appreciate and affirm all that is good and true and beautiful in a religion (i.e. "pluralism") is NOT "syncretism". Again, I follow the example of the Blessed here.

  2. Bishop Robert Barron

    April 12, 2012 2:23 pm

    Merton drifted for a time, but he eventually found his path and stayed on it. Remaining a Trappist monk for twenty-seven years is not the same as "drifting!"

  3. Bishop Robert Barron

    April 12, 2012 6:13 pm

    Well sure, no one is advocating passive anything. But I would urge you to see that the endless asking of questions, without the discerning of any real answers, is a road to nowhere.

  4. Dan Carollo

    April 18, 2012 6:52 am

    The irony of it all! I'm finding myself finally drifting towards Catholicism after many years in various denominations (baptist, reformed, etc) — not because I'm looking for the "next best thing" — but simply because I've finally found the source of the aroma that has been wafting under my nose for so many years! When Jesus asked his disciples in John 6: "You do not want to leave too, do you?", To which Simon Peter replies: "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life."

  5. Myron Buzzwannanots

    April 28, 2012 4:54 pm

    Thank you for your witness! While people demonize the R.C.C. for the "ped-priest scandal"..these priests & the ones who allowed it to go on, are/will be punished. What people don't understand is EVERYONE has sinned & fallen short of the Glory of God. NO-ONE will be able to blame any person or institution for THEIR OWN sins, before The Throne of Christ. "By your own judgements, will YOU be judged". Food for thought.

  6. Herb Bees

    July 7, 2012 3:55 am

    I'm curious what your thoughts are on Christianity and Islam as well as other religions, but primarily those. And what of Gnosticism? I'd understand if you don't reply, but it be nice if you do answer.

  7. Huntgoddessfishery

    October 9, 2012 3:49 am

    Father, I did leave my Catholic Faith for several decades, and I did try some other ecclesial communities. I don't have anything against them, really. They're very nice people.

    But, I never really stopped being Catholic. I just became a "non-practicing Catholic". I realized these communities had nothing to offer that would justify life without the Mass and the Sacraments.

    "Lord, where would I go?"

    For me, actually, drifting made me love Holy Mother Church more.

  8. nonnylurkerliker

    October 19, 2012 9:11 am

    nothing wrong with religious drifters. they're more open minded. why hold yourself down to one thing? and as far as me i'm just curious. *shrugs*

  9. Yvette Moore

    November 16, 2012 7:05 pm

    I drifted into the Church, but even then I wasn't satisfied. Then I realised (I think by virtue of the Holy Spirit) that I was focusing too much on the externals. Where I go to church, who officiates and the language I pray in are less important than the fact I *do* pray and that I'm part of the Church Jesus began. My prayer life needs some attention, please pray for me Father Barron.

  10. Rafal Omnom

    November 25, 2012 9:16 pm

    Heh, I like how people go for eastern religions thinking it's all rainbows and unicorns without effort, some meditation here, there and nirvana – when actually it's one of the most strict and demanding systems when it comes to any kind of "reward".
    Or people who abandon Catholicism for more "mystical" teaching, without even trying to learn what's in their religion.
    Practicing Yoga without being Hindu is simply disrespectful for devout Hindus, it's like atheists with rosary on neck or smthg.

  11. Lisha Antiqua

    December 11, 2012 10:33 pm

    Within the DVD series you said that Christ is the unifying factor of the world and you named other religions and I believe even said that some truth is within each of them.
    My question is how does this video and what you said in the Catholicism series fit together?

    Thank you for all your work and love. Antiqua

  12. prairie mark

    January 8, 2013 2:02 am

    I was indoctrinated as a Protestant Fundamentalist….at age 25 I realized infant batism could be biblical,read reformed theology for ten years, became convinced Christ was present at the Eucharist,became a Lutheran…and finally at age 57, struggling and kicking against my will came home….Thank God I drifted the right direction…..
    Really I wasn't drifting, I was being drawn.

  13. FaithandReason101

    March 5, 2013 8:10 am

    yoga happens to be part of the hindu's religious practices. The spirituality that allows yoga to be successfully practiced is quite different from christian/catholic spirituality. here's an article discussing that:

  14. FaithandReason101

    March 8, 2013 11:55 pm

    your 'neutral' principles are rooted in hinduism, which is decidedly not 'neutral.' further, the hindu's version of 'union with the divine' is quite different from the christian idea. you are deceiving yourself if you think these are interchangeable 'universal' principles.

  15. Ragin7Cajun

    March 10, 2013 4:41 am

    I have many questions about Mormonism, and if you'd be willing, I'd love to address it with a fellow Catholic. If you could help answer any of them I'd be very grateful.

  16. johnnyjits

    April 26, 2013 12:37 am

    Fr. Barron, I do my best to follow and understand the catholic teachings. However, I find that there are similarities between Buddhism and Catholicism ( Ten Commandments and the five precepts for example). My question is whether or not I can make that connection and believe that aspects of Buddhism reinforce my Christian beliefs. Now I might be way off but I was just hoping for a little further help on this issue. Thank you

  17. Bishop Robert Barron

    April 26, 2013 12:49 pm

    Sure, it's fine to appreciate aspects of Buddhism. Vatican II said that there are "rays of light" coming from every great religious tradition.

  18. soeffingwhat

    April 30, 2013 10:25 am

    I'm not one to criticize People's Beliefs if they are important to them, but who are you to say that People who are spiritual can't choose to believe in God in their own way. There is no proof whatsoever that everything written in the Bible is true. That Book is full of some very very horrible things. I have studied that Book and its no wonder a lot of People are turning against religion in their millions. The Catholic Church is a Man-Made Church, not a God-made Church….(cont)

  19. soeffingwhat

    April 30, 2013 10:29 am

    (cont)….The Catholic Church is full of scandal, Corruption and total hypocricy… If its your God's Church then why didn't he stop it? The CC claims that children are a "precious Gift from God" in their protests against Abortion. Well then, if they are then why did "Catholic" Children die in their thousands due to disease, poverty and other hobbible things while the Pope and his Priests lived in relative Luxury?? Could your supposedly "all-powerful" god not stop that??…(cont)

  20. soeffingwhat

    April 30, 2013 10:33 am

    (cont)..again I am not raging against personal beliefs here, not even yours, but in this Video your saying that People should not be allowed to believe in God the way they choose to… and yes I am Anti-Catholic Hierarchy, I admit that. I'm not saying what I am but I know People who are "Spiritual", who do not have time for any Religion, and these are People who have suffered in their lives and feel they're Spirituality is a great source of strength to them….(cont)

  21. soeffingwhat

    April 30, 2013 10:39 am

    (cont)They don't need Religion, and why should they. As this quote I heard from someone "Religion is for People who are afraid of going to Heaven, Spirituality is for People like me who've been there"…and that makes more sense to me than any Religion. If my previous posts seem offensive then sorry but I have seen the corruption of the Catholic Church first hand and know very well that its not the "Church of God".for those of you who find comfort in it though then thats your choice.

  22. Bill Bengle

    May 2, 2013 11:31 am

    @johnnyjits…I have done zen meditation for years and those techniques help with my Eucharistic adoration. There are many similarities btw catholicism and buddhism. Maybe give "Zen mind, Christian Spirit" by Fr. Rob Kennedy or "Unexpected Way" by Paul Williams

  23. FaithandReason101

    May 2, 2013 8:40 pm

    in studying martial arts, i find the oriental view of 'zen' is very much a 'be in the moment, where you are at" mentallity. in christian prayer, it seems to me, the goal is to move beyond the physical world, and communicate with God. ultimately, many saints reaching higher level of prayers, as i understand it, were not aware of their time and space dimensions as they related to their body.

  24. Nietzsche's Ghost

    May 24, 2013 6:38 am

    I would love to sit down and talk with Fr. Barron. I have many questions, and men like him who can answer them are lacking in the Church. In any church. Thus, one can't help but have a feeling of being alone.

  25. chris purcell

    May 24, 2013 7:52 am

    I definitely agree with you.. I went from being a catholic to buddhism..And back in november back to the catholic church…And I needed this journey to lead me back the church.. Cause it made me appreciate the church that much more..I look foward to sunday morning,to go to Mass.I have friends that go2 calvery chapel.And I went and checked it outb4 I went back to the catholic church.And I felt out of place.I feel like I was called back home to he catholic church..

  26. FaithandReason101

    May 25, 2013 8:42 pm

    ultimately, you are protesting the way people in the catholic church 'act' at times; but you forget that these same actions are part of fallen humanity as a whole, not just as part of the catholic church. what you havent posed a good argument for, is why you think the catholic church got it wrong on 'who God is….'

  27. Patricia Lytle

    June 7, 2013 3:34 am

    I came back to Catholic church 20 years ago. My parents did not go to church with us so I drifted away as a teenager. My children were grown by the time I went back so they were not raised Catholic. I had them baptized in another denomination and they did it by sprinkling. Since then I have heard that is not valid. My three children are now in their 40's and none of them go to church. They think I'm eccentric since I do. My question, is their baptism valid.

  28. Bishop Robert Barron

    June 7, 2013 12:51 pm

    If they were baptized with water and in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, their baptisms are recognized as valid by the Catholic Church.

  29. Elżbieta Hapsburska

    June 25, 2013 8:00 pm

    I have one question regarding God choosing us: doesn't God call EVERYONE to believe in Him, not just a specific chosen few? Isn't that why we are called the Catholic (universal) church? I personally don't believe that some are predestined to be Christian and others are not, I think God calls everyone, but only some choose to do God's will. Is that coherent with the theology of the Catholic church?

  30. Elżbieta Hapsburska

    June 25, 2013 8:14 pm

    Basically, I believe that if God created you, God is calling you to Him. God does not create people for damnation, as you say, Fr. Barron, we are "wired for God." Is it therefore coherent with Catholic theology to say that God calls everyone but not everyone responds? I don't know if that is putting too much an emphasis on human free will but I do believe we have the will to choose, which God gave us because He wants us to respond with love to the love He gives (like you said in Catholicism)

  31. FaithandReason101

    June 28, 2013 5:52 pm

    yes, I think that is exactly what the coming of Christ means…the Church is open to all mankind. Of course some have a more difficult road, and some less difficulties in coming Home.

  32. 1sola1verita

    November 12, 2013 3:48 pm

    Thanks Father Barron for your very important and continuing contribution….. You summed it up beautifully when you quoted Jesus:
    "Not you have chosen Me, but I have chosen you. "

  33. splotsplot

    January 11, 2014 1:57 pm

    Surely "drifting" is that part of the human spirit that makes us really who we are. Our inquiring, inquisitive mind that ultimately gives rise to our greatest human achievements. To try to suppress these desires is off course one of the worst traits of any religion who seek to control and suppress the human spirit usually through threat, violence and removal of true education. It is incredible to think that here now in the 21st Century, organisations like the Catholic Church still operate this way.   

  34. rhinomn

    March 28, 2014 5:51 am

    I asked a religious person in my church on why they say in Church, Why Jesus descended into hell on the Third day he rose? People say this every week and never gave it a thought how odd.
    She did not know. She did know about details of many saints but not this matter.

  35. sauniz

    May 20, 2014 7:01 pm

    No no! Never think for yourself!!! That's heresy! Just accept an ancient epic and an arbitrary creed according to which you read the epic as your moral guide lines

  36. Rick Grimes

    February 22, 2015 9:36 am

    What's right is right. Feelings are not important. Your whole rambling post reminds us why the Church is under assault everyday. People who overvalue their "inner guru" and all that nonsense. Either Christ is the risen Lord, or he isn't. If you believe he is, then stop your yoga nonsense and get with the program. Hippie douchebag.

  37. 656trav

    March 2, 2015 9:36 pm

    Father Barron, I appreciate you so much and very often share and recommend you to my friends of all faiths. I am not a denominational Christian. I have, within my family, Evangelical preachers, My son is Roman Catholic, Mormon cousins, Church of God cousins, Pentecostal Holiness, Agnostics, athiests, Muslim friend and physician. I am Baptized. I have accepted Jesus. I am a repentant sinner. I struggle in my life every day as a sinner, asking not for justice but for all the mercy he can give. As Bishop Sheen said, and I paraphrase loosely, …."all Christians of whatever persuasion must gather ultimately at the foot of the Cross." (Life of Christ). One of the most influential, (to me), books I have read since my Salvation. I suspect Bishop Sheen is totally correct. I pray he is.

  38. 656trav

    March 2, 2015 9:51 pm

    Answer me now! Right now, to paraphrase Job when his suffering came to be so great. Why? I have loved and obeyed you. Why?  To paraphrase God, (respectfully), he said,  because I am GOD. I AM GOD. Before  he created the stars he was GOD. He was and is and always will  be the I AM. GOD. That is the answer…that is all he deigns to give us. It is what we should pray to understand and accept. I try to accept with all the grace he can provide for that understanding. He is GOD.

  39. RinaldoDegliAlbizzi

    May 11, 2015 10:28 pm

    So well put, more words would simply obscure what Ft. Barron explained so clearly. New Age religiosity is unconcerned about truth and much more about self-gratification.

  40. LIsa Fugarino

    May 20, 2015 6:55 am

    I hear this all the time and I went to Catholic school and still did not understand Jesus the way I do today. It took a lot of personal studying. I will say it gave me a foundation I came back to.

  41. Robert Peters

    May 25, 2015 6:16 pm

    This is true, but people who passionately seek truth will also drift (at least in their own minds) through different religions.  God's calling is not always clear.  There's nothing more that I want than the Truth yet God has never made that clear.  My latest drift is into Owen Barfield's very profound book called 'Saving the Appearances".  It is certainly a very different stream of religious thinking.

  42. CiaranMcVeigh

    August 6, 2015 10:36 pm

    Father Barron, religious drifting between Christian churches, is a particularly American phenomenon. Believers can shop around for a new church. Here in Ireland converting from Catholicism to Protestantism and vice versa is VERY rare due to the tribal and sectarian nature of religious identity. I know of a handful of Protestants who converted to Catholicism and only know one person who went from being Catholic to Protestant albeit she was orphaned young and had no family thus divorcing her from that tribe.

  43. Paul Delgadillo

    September 13, 2015 11:53 am

    You totally missed it Fr Barron! I know from experience as a gay man, who dared to tell the truth about my sexual orientation and HIV status at my local parish. People leave because they do not believe they are welcome and do not matter. I used to be a very devout Catholic and I am a former seminarian. I quietly practiced my faith until one of the elderly ladies at our parish pleaded with me to become an extraordinary minister of the Eucharist. That is when the parish secretary and her cohorts started the gossiping about me spreading the AIDS virus through the chalice, which not only the diocese but several doctors at our parish totally debunked. The parish secretary was a listener to Dobson and his Focus on the Family broadcasts, hence the irrational hatred of me..From the time her campaign started at our rural mountain parish, the campaign to get rid of me start. Several calls to the diocesan office on social justice did result in me getting in contact with the lay ministers in charge of those programs, who advised me to stop volunteering at my parish and to simply volunteer in the community, which is not the same as ministry…Now, I am in a totally different situation but I am leery of going to my local Catholic church, where I fear the homophobia and shouldering will start up again. Bottomline, if you want people to stay make them feel and know they are welcome.

  44. Tom Saltsman

    October 24, 2015 6:37 am

    Religious drifting is a very concrete way of saying that God doesn't love us enough to come in a body to show us his personality and save us from sin.

  45. Philip English

    November 30, 2015 4:16 pm

    There is no question that people in this country and around the world are "ignorant" about religion including the one that they practice. It is no wonder that people "drift" when they hear crap like this. Too strong? Paul said that he wouldn't put up with false teachings for an hour! Sooooo Robert? Unconditional election……. Irresistible grace? Are you a Calvinist? "God chooses certain people" Sounds like Augustine to me. I'll stick to the Bible. Did you know that it is God's desire that ALL men be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth? 1 Tim 2. Did you know that the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to ALL men. Titus 2:11. Did you know that He Himself (Jesus) is the propitiation (satisfaction) for our sins, and not only ours but also for the WHOLE WORLD. 1 John 2. Gee that sounds different than what you said. No wonder people drift. As for me I will follow Christ and His teachings. You can follow what and whom you choose. Read your Bible!

  46. David Erlbacher

    January 3, 2016 5:33 pm

    father you are truly a man of God you live as you speak you practice what you preach God Bless you

  47. David Erlbacher

    January 3, 2016 5:36 pm

    it is very encouraging to see comments from non believers which tells me that they really know the Truth and are trying convince themselves that they don't, God bless you!

  48. Leopold Glasspool

    March 14, 2016 9:31 am

    I like what you're saying. The only problem is, most of us are not chosen. We are merely backdrops in this great cosmic opera. Not everyone is a saint and not everyone can be a prophet. The most faithful die without being called to anything. The question then is, what is the marginalized supporting cast character supposed to do?

  49. Edgar Garcia

    July 5, 2016 2:11 pm

    To Sauniz1 who decided to duck and hide. Look up 1st century Theologians. Who were they, but early church fathers. Your so-called modern day progressive liberal theologians are false Theologians. Look up the definition of Theologians. Now do you see your errors.

  50. DJ

    July 29, 2016 1:05 pm

    So religious is steadily becoming a Subway. I will take the tuna sub that says everything I am doing is right.

  51. Med Med

    April 21, 2017 9:32 am

    I am from europe and here we dont have that problem because(i think) Catholic faith is also a part of our national indentity and history which is not the case in mixed america, though here was a lot drifters to muslim(turk) religion in the past and they are still muslims, so i think you should try to show what ur ancestors have been through to save their faith from agressive protestants(cause national(europan) indentity is mostly lost) i think thats a good thing so they dont forget what their fathers went through to save their faith..

  52. Bryan Ricarte

    April 23, 2017 1:43 am

    Catholics that are ignorant and don't want to learn and read the bible will drift away from the church, I myself is a Catholic and still ignorant but know enough to know what is the real church and truth.

  53. Jonathan Skeet

    May 27, 2017 3:37 pm

    I recently left the Anglican Church to join a Baptist Church, but I wouldn't describe it as "drifting"

  54. My OpenMind

    June 1, 2017 7:06 pm

    Direct Quote "The vast majority of Christians couldn't name the four gospel writers".

    Can you?

    Who wrote the Gospels?

    Biblical scholars will tell you that the names were added as later traditions. None of the four gospels claim to be written by the names attributed to them.

  55. Kit

    June 22, 2017 5:50 pm

    I was born and baptised Catholic, and am now converting to Islam. I spent about six years as a hard core atheist, then began to be drawn to Allah via Judaism and Hinduism. In my spiritual journey, I've read all the holy books (Bible, Torah, Bagavad Gīta, Qur'an) and come to my own conclusions and interpretation of Allah (God). In my opinion, I think everyone, regardless of how strong your faith is, should explore other religions to have a rounded understanding. If anything, it will just strengthen your own faith, which you already have, or it'll guide you to the religion which really calls to you, rather than the one your parents chose for you.

  56. DMLDisciple

    June 24, 2017 1:58 am

    I simply love God, love His Word, love others, and go only to churches where there is no condemnation. whatever denominational four walls that is under, as long as it matches up to the new testament then I'm okay with it, even though not everybody does everything right.

  57. Josie S

    October 23, 2017 11:45 am

    Remember the line from Jerry Maguire, "You had me at hello"? Well, this talk sums it all up with the last line describing the adventures that God has a waiting for us. You have totally changed my perspective on the trials and tribulations of life. Instead of being a burden, they are adventures to be journeyed through and with our Lord! So, thank you Father Barron and God bless you!

  58. Heather Allingham

    October 24, 2017 6:58 pm

    As a teen with no religious background, I asked a very old priest how I could become Catholic; he urged me to explore all the other religions first – not from books or TV, but walking in their shoes and becoming as one of each. He said that is what he would have done in my position when he was young. He felt such conviction about it, that he instructed two nuns to join him in praying for my journey. His open-mindedness so impressed me that I decided to become Catholic anyway. They must have prayed a powerful prayer, however, because each time I tried (seven times), something beyond my control always stopped me from completing my RCIA (flood in the church, daughter seriously ill, classes cancelled etc). I finally decided to take his advice. I am now once again (happily) enrolled in RCIA; but not before 40 years of the most amazing and irreplaceable spiritual and religious experiences you could possibly imagine. Please don't judge how people find God just because it's different from your way…He works in mysterious ways and He does know what He's doing. Peace.

  59. Ian Connel

    December 20, 2017 9:27 pm

    I agree that feelings are not truth. However, the implication of your argument is that the Catholic Church is the only "phone" through which God speaks. I was raised Catholic but it's antithetical to the concept of love that God would only speak to those people who, metaphorically, own iPhones. Did God let the reformation happen? Did he let billions of people be born in the east only to be doomed?

  60. Andrew

    January 26, 2018 4:42 am

    What should one do, then, if raised in a secular household, I seek a Christian community to join? Should I wander into the nearest church, regardless of denomination, and accept their version of Christ? How might I determine which corner of the Christian world I should nestle?

  61. John Smith

    March 17, 2018 11:09 am

    As long as you are truly born again and do the will of The Father. Such people exist in every denomination.

  62. doug wigginton

    March 30, 2018 11:32 pm

    Among all the Christian denominations and the Roman Catholic Church which one is the only true Church?Unless Bishop Barron is an exception, he too would say the Roman Catholic Church is the one true Church. This is most evident in the fact that only Catholics can receive communion in a Catholic Church. Yes there are priest who will offer communion to a non-Catholic Christian believer, but as I have been told on many occasions, “Just don’t tell anyone.”

  63. Keri Ford

    April 7, 2018 8:36 pm

    This is a tough one. Because there is not just one denomination of Christianity and there is not just one Religion. Further Western culture is largely secular and we have easy global communications and travel.
    The various religions must take account of one another and saying our religion is true and all others are false is probably rightly seen as religious bickering. Religious faiths need to be able to see where they agree, Theism needs to be seen as something distinct from Atheism that is share by Christians, Muslims, Jews & Hindus.
    In traditional Australian Aboriginal culture there would have been no leaving their religion, but there would also have been little to no sense of having a religion, their spiritual practice was an intrinsic part of how they experienced the world there was nowhere else to go.
    I think though Bishop Barron is right to stress that we need to have a deeper engagement with religion, our faith should not be separated from our reason. Our thought, feeling and actions need all to be in line with our our religion.

  64. Mark Murphy

    April 27, 2018 7:14 pm

    What a wonderful way of making it clear that Christ's church, his immaculate spouse is the place he meant for all of us to receive the sacraments properly and where salvation can be found. Thank you for your courage and not succumbing to the false mercy of being careful not to offend. You are in my prayers.

  65. Alan Bourbeau

    July 28, 2018 12:43 pm

    I have 2 family members who have drifted away from the Catholic faith.
    1. My dad.
    2. My older brother.
    What do these two believe nowadays? Probably nothing. I myself almost drifted from Roman Catholicism to Eastern Orthodox Christianity. But in reality, I never changed my beliefs.

  66. Kev42

    August 9, 2018 9:37 am

    It's true that people pick and choose parts of religion's. It's a clothes shop mentality. It's so they can meet each other at weekends and show off their new outfit. They'll give their 'expanding' worldview a fancy name and then go on social media to show it off. God has become a kit you can buy. It's like I always say, you know you're in the Last Days when you can walk into a toy shop and buy a ouija board. They are gonna get one hell of a wake up call when He comes back. Glory to God.

  67. Joyce Brownlee

    August 20, 2018 3:42 pm

    Catholics can choose from the cafeteria: even Buddhism & Astrology? God's Commandment: ". thou shalt not have any other god's for I am a jealous God". I was Catholic (not of choosing, & was faithful) I was Confirmed by the Bishop & his instruction was "Go and be Christ disciple"! I was excited to actually learn about Jesus & how to be a disciple, that didn't happen afterwards in the CCD class. "Do a report on the moon." I asked about learning about Jesus' life, so I can learn how to live like Him (as the Bishop instructed). Her reply, "God made the moon also, so do the report". Then, I learned scriptures through a bible club in High School. When I confronted my Parish priest re. 1) Jesus said, "you must be born again to enter the kingdom of God"; 2) "There's only one intercessor between man & God, that is Jesus Christ." I was given a Catholic Bible & told to read it & come back we'd talk more. I did just that, and the Catholic & KJV bibles say the same thing. He amicably tried to justify the Catholic dogma. Then in Mass another priest told the parishioners " Christians ought not weep for Christ never wept. When talking with that priest & asked him, why would you tell us "not to weep for Christ never did?" And I mentioned "Jesus wept over Jerusalem, He wept over the loss of Lazarus." He was indignant with me. A few months later I became convicted, a Scripture read, "You cannot be luke warm in your walk or I'll spew you out of my mouth". As I walked past the Catholic church or a protestant church, I would get really nauseated & vomit…this happened for a few months, Then I prayed, asked Jesus to forgive of my sins & come into my heart. Then in prayer it was revealed to me " I had to choose between staying in the Catholic church where they weren't teaching God's plan of Salvation & twisted God's words (it was a spiritual battle I was in) or choose a church where I can read the bible & live according to the Gospels (NT), where Jesus said, "follow me & I will make you fishes of men." I chose the latter 1) it was what the Bishop instructed at my confirmation 2) God never changes, His words were a lamp unto my feet. When the decision was made the Nausea & vomiting ceased. I was set free! And have been in the same denomination since 7/5/1975. Father Barron, teach the Catholic's what Christ commands, it's (truth) in your bible as well!! Prepare your parishioners to meet God for "it's only through Christ Jesus that we can be saved, not of any works lest any man should boast,". Praying for the leaders of the Catholic church, "For all have sinned & falls short of the Glory of God"!! if you believe in Heaven you must know there is a Hell; And the sinners who are led away won't experience eternal life with the Father. Also, remember even Satan knows the scriptures and tempted Jesus, Jesus rebuked Him, saying thou shalt not test the Father. Love & Prayers through the Redemptive Blood & Name of Jesus Christ our Lord!!!

  68. Emmerich August

    January 8, 2019 11:36 am

    The good priest condemns drifting before seeking to understand it. It is not the denomination (which is of the earth) that matter, but belief in god (which is of the soul and heaven). Also, painting drifting as ignorance is too simplistic. The great mystical teachers all thought that denomination can not change the underlying truth, which is greater than any denomination. It is short sighted not to mention this. This is the weakness of dogma, and why the church is failing.

  69. Arjrpz Work

    January 21, 2019 5:40 am

    I see where you are coming from, but at the same time, i do want to mention that our ignorance is not our own fault a lot of times! With all of the information out there, it is and can take an entire lifetime to even being to learn where the real church even is! The amount of insanity a person has to sift through is outstanding! How anyone can be a formal Christian that at the same time says they are a catholic, or a protestant without miraculous intervention or that summoning is EXACTLY how and why we have all of these problems. We dont just have one church out there.. religions, people claiming, just EVERYTHING to get to the truth of things i personally had to ask God to lead me, and he led me to Christ, but did NOT lead me to catholisim or any others miraculous! He led me straight to Jesus and the Holy Spirit.. i already knew God. So i think this video is a little bit nieve to think is our own faults per say. I get the general principal of the message though, and yes i agree that there probably is one Church that is the one Christ started.

  70. Arjrpz Work

    January 21, 2019 5:43 am

    To ask a person to join something they dont fully understand or know about blindly is exactly what happens in most Christian circles.. in this world, as you can see, there are a lot of people who without intervention walk slowly.

  71. The Archivist

    January 22, 2019 2:17 am

    I was someone who went from the Church to drifting along without deciding. I realize that I was following God's lead and ultimately He lead me back to the Church. I really never left, I was simply unable to be Confirmed until my 20s and after God lead me through much inadvertent study of Catholicism by calling me to read this or watch that. Thank God, He saved me from all of the problems of today by leading me through secret ways in the desert.

  72. Kevin J.B. O'Connor

    January 24, 2019 5:22 am

    I started drifting because of college and my college classes. I started calling myself agnostic for a while. Now I would call myself Catholic. Something happened that made me open my eyes. I still struggle with doubt daily.

  73. Ryan Cain

    March 1, 2019 12:37 pm

    Wouldn't you encourage drifting a little though? After all, I imagine the greatest blessing you might pray for me would be that I would become Catholic.

    On a related note, I remember a story told by Metropolitan Kallistos of a woman (he may have called her a saint, but I don't remember clearly) who said she went on a spiritual journey to find God. He mentioned that at this point we expect her to go to several churches, maybe travel the world, etc. But instead she begins to pray alone. The point is that we've romanticized the spiritual journey that goes out when God is calling us to go deeper in–into himself, not ourselves.

  74. victor Batista

    April 15, 2019 11:48 am

    Bishop Barron may the Lord bless you and keep you, may the good Lord shine his face upon you and grant you everything you ask of Him according to His purpose. Bishop I am writing to you to see if you can do a video on the dangers of Catholics getting involve in Yoga and the dangers of it. Thank you God bless you.

  75. Tom Saltsman

    May 12, 2019 3:06 am

    One could rationally assume that the enemy wants to divvy up sound doctrine and arrange it in separate places. He can't do this with the Catholic Church because of Christ's protection on it, so what does he do instead? He simply convinces many bishops, priests, and laity to ignore Church teaching, thereby wasting not only its vast spiritual riches but worse yet: extinguishing its light. Being Catholic becomes more cultural than spiritual. This is not true charity. Therefore, I go to a very loving Baptist church that seriously studies the Bible even though I know they desperately need the guidance of traditional Catholic doctrine and discipline. Because they are led by the Spirit, my Baptist friends are slowly accepting my arguments for such things as "official repentance" (penance), marriage as a sacrament, the communion of the saints, stable church authority, and the deep connection to Christian history. I suggest that 'Word-on-fire' Catholics should try this in their own communities. It's very ecumenical in the best way.

  76. Jonqen

    May 16, 2019 12:08 am

    Unitarian universialism is the way.
    Inclusivity instead of exclusivity.
    Why would the God of everyone just talk to one tribe? Make no sense. Every religion has snippets of objective truth.

  77. Maureen Sheils

    June 26, 2019 9:18 am

    If we catholics were taught the deep teachings of the gospels and prayer that leads to a personal relationship with Jesus we would not be looking else where.I was brought up with every thing catholic,but it was all words in my head the doing of things.I believed but did not love.Only graet sufferings made me search for God and found him in the teachings of the church and the sacraments, but I had to do it myself.Parish priest know very little and can explain even less.Books and the renewal movement were my help

  78. Leyda Leon

    August 5, 2019 12:30 am

    And eventually they get lost… really lost… then come back home and love it more than ever… with the thirst they never imagined…

  79. Captain Of The Lost Waves

    August 18, 2019 11:27 am

    I find this fascinating, in that the age of the "enlightened ego" & raging narcissism, we are asking to forget ourselves,in order for true spiritual authority to inform & guide us. The new age belief system, has been, in my own experience, a journey imbued and fuelled by dis-information…..I believe that the call to "be God,that we are God always felt like a very heavy mantle for any individual to carry….. I concluded that I am a fragment, a tiny piece of the divine searching to be connected with the divine itself. In such a rational "clever society" I witness sheer arrogance in some of my circles…… as if I'm the one who is ' blinding myself with such hocus pocus ' …… then you hold on to your faith with no needing to have it approved or otherwise. I know without knowing how I know that this is my calling. Keep up the beautiful work sir x


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