BEYOND Belief and into Being: The Next Level of Manifestation


this video I’m gonna show you how to go
beyond beliefs and into being this is something that will change your life if
you apply and you know exactly how to do that by the end of this video welcome
back to another video my name is Aaron and I help people expand their
consciousness now in this video I’m gonna be showing you how to go beyond
beliefs and into being and this is something I’m just now coming to
understand it a very deep level and now that I look back at my own life and how
I’ve gone from working a nine-to-five job that I didn’t like I’m actually
staying at the Wynn Hotel right now cuz I’m getting ready tomorrow to to
tomorrow morning to fly to Tulum so I’ll be there for a month making videos there
so I’m really excited to share with all of you but I’m at a hotel that’s right
across the street from where I worked for like 10 years five years at one
place in five years at another place and it’s when I went and made that
transition from working there to doing what I love for a living there was
something that changed and I’m realizing now that it actually goes beyond just
that of beliefs however by changing this one thing it then also changes your
beliefs and it has to do with going beyond the belief level of consciousness
going to a new level or it’s not new but everyone has it and this is also where
something called archetypes come into play and I’ve started to come to
understand more and more of those as well so what I’m gonna do in this video
is show you what are called the logical levels of consciousness it is something
by a model that’s by a guy named Robert Dilts and it has to do with
understanding how our behavior works how we work and what I’m gonna do is I’m
going to show you that so that you know how to get to the next level or how to
get to the core of who you really are you couldn’t always say as well that
this is a form of your vibration your vibration is a combination of what you
think how you feel and what you do however when you get to the miss next
level it encompasses all of these so I want to share those with you what I’m
gonna do right now is I’m gonna take you with me and I’m gonna show you this
little level thing so of course you’ll notice right here
see how clear I can get it okay so with these levels you’ll see that right here
we have the different we have the discolor logical levels of consciousness
now at the very bottom we have the environment which is like the wear and
the win the environment is where you are if you change your environment you can
change your life but it doesn’t actually get to the core necessarily so then
above that you have behavior it’s the actions you’re taking it is the kind of
habits you have it is what you do and that is at that level you change that
you then also can change your life but remember it’s not as deep as this part
up here then you have skills and capabilities well these are the
developed how you do the behavior of the how you do this it could be something
that you’ve learned how to cultivate it could be a certain type of talent that
you have it could be the way you go about manifestation these are your
skills and your capabilities and then we have our values and beliefs
now beliefs create reality well this is true but what stems from beliefs now
beliefs are still like little boxes because the thing is is for you to
believe something to be true you’d have to believe something that also not be
true so the idea is that by having this box any limitation any belief is a
limitation now think about that when we’re talking about a belief we’re
talking about let’s say we have a belief that I can make a hundred thousand a
year that’s still a limitation because you could make two hundred thousand
dollars a year so beliefs are limitations that we use many of our
beliefs have come from our past have come from what our parents have told us
to do have come from what we think we can do and then what you’ll see right
here is this is beyond beliefs this is into a state of being this is what I say
it’s about being it’s the identity it’s the who so we have the why the how and
there’s like a book by simon Sinek called start with why very powerful but
you could even say that even more powerful as a why is who are you who are
you what is your identity how do you see yourself and that’s why in this video as
well i’m gonna talk a little about archetypes but in the past sometimes
what happened is something happened we identified with it and then we think
it’s who we are so for example you maybe you had a you know somebody that treated
you bad when you were young well now you don’t just see that it’s
something that happened to you it’s what happened to you
you see it as I am bad he developed a belief that I am bad or I am unworthy
which then keeps it perpetuated until you change that identity and this is
many times when we’ll have that of a certain archetype like the victim the
hero the villain this will then be something that stems from us and then
our beliefs will be equal to it each level that’s we go deeper has more of an
effect on us so more powerful than just our environment is behavior more
powerful behavior on our vibration as our skills and capabilities more about
how powerful than that is our beliefs and then identity now there’s a top
level up here called awakening now this is where we realize that we aren’t
necessarily our identity this isn’t the spiritual awakening when we realize that
we are infinite spiritual beings having temporary human experiences and we see
our connection to a larger Hall so this is where I and my content is and where I
like to share content about is how we can we awaken to more of who we are
because then we see that this even the identity that we may gain is still a
form of illusion it’s still something that we’re using for a period of time
and the idea is that if you could become aware that your identity is you may have
an identity says oh this happened me in the past this was really bad the ideas
that’s one possibility that’s one thing that’s not just who you are you are
beyond that and when you start to see again the spiritual awakening and you
see that you don’t have to continue to play the game maybe the game is that of
the the ego of the victim you know or and one of the most powerful things I
think I ever did when you may have known my story I’m an accidental arm and
everything and one of the things that changed for me is I used to see myself
as a victim and then what happened is I changed that choice that meaning of
something that happened in the past I identified so much with that that that
was my that was my reality I thought I am bad there’s always someone that has
to control me and therefore that state on autopilot but then what happened is I
ended up changing that meaning I saw that that didn’t happen to me that
happened for me because that eventually led to my awakening so
then in a weird way I was very grateful for it because then it allowed me to
become more of Who I am to also help other people break out of
their own belief systems and to help people like I do on my youtube channel
and in general so this is about understanding the meaning you give
things but even beyond the meaning the identity that you may have acquired from
the things that have happened you see the truth is where infinite spiritual
beings of them temporary human experiences something happened in the
past and you may have said this is who I am now and because this is who you are
now that remained on autopilot I am NOT as the first belief we have is I am NOT
something I am not worthy I am not enough I am not lovable and then and it
could have it could have been something that we’ve acquired from our parents
maybe they believe that about themselves or maybe something happened to us that
then had us to wire that identity in now now that we kind of see that scale what
can you do to influence your identity level well first off be aware of the
identity of who you currently are are there certain archetypes that resonate
with you some of the archetypes are Joker warrior wizard hero fill a damsel
in distress one that gets walked over you know some of those are more official
archetypes and others but sometimes will not realize it and the way that I think
of archetypes is a little bit different than maybe were the way if you’ve heard
it before but we are all connected to a collective consciousness and these
archetypes are different vibrational frequencies that have been in our
collective consciousness for thousands of years so what happens is because
there’s a certain momentum with that way of thinking if we identify with it we
will easily lock in the grooves within our collective consciousness of many
other people that have thought the same way their frequencies that can influence
us if we’re an unaware of it or if we choose to it may be right now you
realize you’ve been a victim your life and you want to start being being
hero and then your hero for the wire but a while but then you realize there was a
shadow side of the hero because then he was always a battle you have to fight
always have to prove yourself and then maybe you want to be the wizard so you
can use these archetypes as a part of your identity there’s a lot of people
that it may have had a certain archetype in the past between the bad guy or the
bad girl like the villain then they stay consistent to the way they see
themselves so what they might do is they may sabotage themselves they may find
themselves acting out unnecessarily and getting themselves into trouble so be
aware not of the what out of the how not of the where not of the win beware of
the who you are how you see yourself and how you can then let that go and get to
that next level which is the awakening of a larger system your vision for life
you can also think of this as you can powerfully you can powerfully change
this by changing your vision what is your vision how do you see yourself and
that vision is something you can move towards and that’s something that I did
as you’ve probably heard me talk about many many many other times on my youtube
channel but basically what I did is I was being a certain way I became aware
of my identity my identity was that I was working a nine-to-five job that I
did not like and I made a choice I said I am going to wire in a new sense of
being I’m going to simply be a full-time youtuber before I am a full-time
youtuber and then my reality will reflect that so I decided to make a
video every single day and I’ve done that since February 2017
now that’s the thing you see normally we think the way it works is we think that
the way it works let me show you on that little handy dandy chart that I have we
think the way that it works is you must first develop let’s see the skills you
first need the skills to be a youtuber or a full-time youtuber
then you need to behave as one you need the environment you need a really good
camera setup you need the believes can I do it can I do it rather than just
deciding that that is who you are because all this other stuff anyways
isn’t really who you are anyways you’re an infinite spiritual being so if you’re
gonna choose this and you realize that at a certain time you did
choose this you can insert to say wait what do I want to continue to create
this maybe do maybe like being the hero but at a certain point you can then
change the identity the way you see yourself and when this change is all of
this trickles down like water coming down it just trickles down but you see
most people try to create transformation from this level I’m gonna change my
environment now the best part is if you align all of these together if you can
create the behavior I was making videos every single day I saw myself as that
possible for me I saw other youtubers doing it I was like like if they can do
it why can’t I I started understand why am i doing it I want to add value to
people I want to help people wake up and then started making daily videos I
wasn’t good at first but then after 30 videos 100 videos now over thousands of
videos I’ve developed a skill of being able to make videos on the whim like
this I came up with this idea last night and after I was learning this just
levels of consciousness thing and if some that just comes on autopilot so
instead of trying to just create change from the beliefs beliefs create reality
it’s about going down to the identity the way that you see yourself giving
yourself space for understanding who you are because yes the beliefs in have are
on autopilot becoming aware that beliefs will change your life in a very powerful
way and that’s even something I teach in something called the shift Academy which
is my month to month Academy where I show you exactly how to shift your life
shift your identity into a new state of being by changing your beliefs and
becoming aware of how the falseness of it and it’s something where every single
month there’s a two-hour long interactive Q&A where I do zoom sessions
which means I bring people on and coach them and then other people can see them
being coached and you can see the transformation for yourself and then you
even have the potential to work with me one-on-one in front of the group setting
and then there’s videos that you get every month there’s a meditation archive
there’s bonuses like the raise your vibrational set point live event that I
did actually right across the street here with Victor Otto and Leroy
Alexandria we filmed the whole thing it’s a free bonus you get when you
joined the shift Academy and if you want to join you want to check it out there’s
no contracts you can cancel at any time I teach a process called belief shifting
which will also shift your identity very easy to apply it would change your life
if you do it see it in the bottom of the description
box below or in the top you know it’s Erin Doughty comm slash the shift
Academy you can join and its lowest price you will ever see it plus you get
all those bonuses so that’s something that you can do as well and that will
help you with this change of changing your identity because when you change
your identity you change your life and when you do that everything changes and
the way that you can start to wire that new identity in is through understanding
that why you do what you do is it’s because it’s who you are
the beliefs why but really why because of who who you are Erin why do you make
daily videos it’s because I every video helps the algorithm and then I can grow
more mmm it’s more so it’s because that’s who I am I get up every morning I
don’t have to I have 60 videos that are done that I could just not take two
months off but I don’t because this making daily videos it’s like eight them
7:00 in the morning right now I’m kind of loud I know there’s people next to me
that can hear my voice right now it’s early in the morning but guess what this
is who I am this is who I am so identify who are you who are you my
goal and what I do is I help people understand who they are as spiritual
beings and that you can decide who you are and that by it by choosing it
deliberately you can then create your reality a much more powerful way than
going to the surface level things to change things so who are you who are you
anytime something happens give it a meaning that this is developing your
character and identify the version of you that already exists because all
parallel reality versions already exist identify that version of you and simply
decide give yourself permission to be that version of you it’s that simple and
then be it be it beyond belief into being be that identity that is who you
are this identity is kind of an act because there’s something to happen in
the past you thought that’s who you were but you’re still an infinite spiritual
being so it’s not really just who you are you can continue your whole entire
life to play that out that’s totally fine but you can also play out a new
level of identity you can play out your way of being who you are this is also
normally connected to your heart to adding value to others
in some way even just by being yourself get to your heart who are you what do
you love doing and when you find that you’ll find that things just happen in a
very powerful way because you’re aligning your high yourself to your
lower self and then that also adds a value to the system which is the
awakening you had it has value to the other people the other people which are
actually reflections of you so for this video understand who are you get into
being by identifying who you really are and what I mean by that is the vibration
of the perfect version of you doing exactly what you love simply decide
that’s who you are now you can use those lower levels you can wire in the
behavior the environment the skills and capabilities the beliefs or you could
just be get straight to the core give yourself permission and let the water
trickle down let everything else begin to change so would that being said like
I said if you would like to join the shift Academy get coaching from me
helping you to transform your life you can finally do that it’s available as
the lowest price that you’re going to see it you’re gonna be able to get it
that is in Aaron Doughty calm sighs the shift Academy and I’m excited to see you
on the inside there other than that as always peace much love and namaste


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