Belief – Gallup Theme Thursday Shorts Season 1

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Belief is a theme that I think has
a lot to do with values. It’s actually a part of what I
often call a values package which includes a theme like
Responsibility and Connectedness. All three of those things have some
things in common but specifically I believe Belief is about people who are
naturally guided and driven by important causes, purposes, or values. And those
causes, purposes and values can be very broadly defined. But for a
person they’re usually quite specifically defined. This theme falls in the executing
domain in our, kind of, leadership research around themes and domains.
But I actually think, as I said, it certainly drives people. So it
certainly has a motivational, “executionary” piece to it. To some degree has almost a direction
piece. It guides people so it’s almost a way of thinking, I think, as well, when
we think about it conceptually. If I were to pick some words that describe
what Belief looks like in people, the word “missionary”, and I mean that
in the broadest sense of the word, not a specific faith. But people who are
missionaries for some mission. “Mission driven” might be another word.
“Values driven”, “purpose driven”, “others oriented”. Someone who is a
contributor to bigger… to things outside themselves. Some adjectives: usually people with
Belief are quite certain. There is a stability about them. There
is a… The values that they have are often unchanging values. It doesn’t come
and go. It’s something that is strong and certain and stable. These are
people… When I experience people who are passionate, I often find that they have
Belief, this kind of emotional enthusiasm and energy that’s aimed at
some particular cause, purpose, or value. They’re often (inaudible) and in
some cases are willing to make sacrifices for that cause, purpose, or value.
And so obviously the balcony of this particular theme is that these are people
who really know where they stand, and maybe even more specifically, what
they stand for. They’re often altruistic. They may be family-oriented. That’s
another value that can be a part of this: the importance of family and values.
They’re often ethical and they’re often very committed. If I were to think about
the basement, you know what does this theme look like when it can become
problematic, it could be people who might be perceived as stubborn or set in their way. Maybe unaccepting
or intolerant of others, opinionated, maybe even in our world of, you know, fundamentalism, I think that
could be the basement of Belief. I think sometimes, and this is
kind of interesting, when we talk to Kelly and we talked to Tim their Belief occurs in a set of other
themes and I think those themes can often shape it. For example Tim has WOO to go along with his Belief and so
I think that’s a theme that can almost help
to soften the edge of Belief a little bit. I put it
this way: You might might want others to embrace your values
or mission. This theme, that WOO theme, can help you win others
over. Not only to yourself but to that cause, purpose, or mission so you could be a charming missionary, which
would be a good thing. Kelly’s got Command in her top five. That doesn’t soften
the edge, that sharpens the edge. And sometimes you need the edge
sharpened! Not everyone agrees with values, about
values. This theme could help to deal with the
opposition and resistance. So you might be, a… Kelly might be a fighting missionary. Someone who’s willing to get into
the battle and use power to
help move that mission forward. So that’s
how other themes might play into this. In terms of some of the numbers…
Frequency in top five: This is not a, not one of the most frequent, but it’s
more in the middle. Eleven percent of the people in our
database have Belief in their top 5. One out of every 10 people you’re going to
find, that they might have it. So it’s kind of in the middle of the road.
In terms of themes that are most likely paired with this particular theme, and I
don’t know if either one of you have this, so you don’t fit that…
But the theme that is most often, most likely paired with Responsibility in
people’s top 5, or with Belief, it’s Responsibility. So that makes some sense as they both
have kind of a values orientation to them. The theme that is least
frequent focused, and this is where you’re kind of unique Kelly, it’s Command is
one of the themes least frequently paired with Belief. So you are, in
fact, a very unique person. And so we really want to talk about that
combination – how your Command works with your Belief, because there
are not too many people who have this The other two are Significance and Focus. In terms of raw and mature, as I have
observed, this theme in people, one of the things that I’ve noticed
about mature… mature Belief is that it is typically more “for something”
rather than “against something”. It’s… Here’s how I describe raw Belief.
It moves away from or against those with differing values. It’s really against.
Whereas people who are more… mature in their Belief,
whatever that belief might be, they move towards engage… try to
engage those with differing values. So that’s more of an observation on my
part just kind of an understanding of this particular theme.


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