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Well, there she is, the
National Geographic Orion. Our home for the next 14 days. Here we go! Well, we’ve just arrived,
just off of Bornholm, next stop, Bornholm Island. There’s a lot of wind and
this keeps it all contained. Bornholme! One of the most challenging
parts of getting to Bornholm is getting the equipment on the zodiac. Ponchos have so many purposes. We’re ready to shoot. (upbeat music) And it’s time for our first clue. We’re ready. Of the few round churches
in northern Europe, four are here on Denmark’s
island of Bornholm. Well, that was Bornholm,
now it’s time to go home. We’ve just arrived on the
island of Gotland, in Sweden. Peter, from Sweden, now
we’re leaning on you today, because of course I have a pronunciation that I’ve been working on. Gannarve. Gannarve. Quite good. At Gannarve, here on Gotland, and elsewhere in Scandinavia,
it’s thought that ancient seafarers were buried
in shipshape stone settings. Your Swedish is excellent. How about that? Gannarve, I love it! (laughter) Hi, good morning from the city of Visby, this is our first clue. Hundreds of these picture
stones, dating as far back as the 5th century, have
been found on Gotland. This beautiful island of Gotland. Good morning, what a beautiful day, we are now entering St Petersburg. It’s my first time, so I wanted to see exactly what it looked
like from the top deck. Well, we are high atop
a building adjacent to the Church on the Spilled Blood. That would be a tough, tough
shot, but we’ll try it. (upbeat music) Originally, no traditional church services were performed at St Petersburg’s Church on the Spilled Blood. Well, we just arrived in Estonia. The latest weather forecast is rain, with the possibility of
snow, which may prove a little challenging
since we’re shooting at an open air museum. We are now at the open
air museum in Estonia and the one thing about
an open air museum, locations are far apart. My friend Merilyn, and we are
here at the open air museum. So, we’re taping, we’re
gonna role on rehearsal. Jeopardy! It’s a beautiful morning,
our first clue in Estonia, as you can see, the crew is setting up. To do whatever it takes to make the clue. Ah, I got it, I got it! We’re always willing to go the extra step. This movement from Germany reached Estonia in the 1520s and made
Lutheranism the dominant religion here and in most of Scandinavia. – [Both] That’s a wrap on Estonia. Estonia loves the Clue Crew. Russia loves the Clue Crew. Sweden loves the Clue Crew. That’s a wrap on the baltic. Whee! Congratulations everybody. – [Female] Go team! Jeopardy! Clue Crew, where
will they turn up next?


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