B is for Belief – you will never outdo your beliefs

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Hi it’s Mandy from Mindset for Success.
Now today’s word begins with B and the one I’ve chosen is belief, because it’s
such a huge huge area that I work with with many of my clients. We will never
achieve and do more than what we really believe. And the scary thing is most of
the beliefs that we’re running today we actually picked up before we were about
age nine. So a lot of them we’re not even aware of. So one way to become aware
of how our beliefs may be hindering our success is to look at what you haven’t
achieved. Think of a goal that you want or something that you’d love to do that
you somehow held yourself back and ask yourself ‘what are you currently
believing that’s limiting you from achieving this.’ And then write those down
and then ask yourself ‘what would I have to be thinking and believing differently
to be able to believe that it was possible?’ If you can open up to the
awareness of possibility you shift the energy and you’ll open up more
possibility for this happening. So have a look at something you haven’t achieved.
Spend a few moments asking yourself ‘what would I be believing to not achieve this?’
and then write down what would you have to be thinking and believing differently
to be able to achieve it. And tomorrow I’ll add in a document for you that has
a set of questions that will help you to break up some of your beliefs so that
you can step through your current hurdle or step over your hurdle and hop in to
the next level and play a bigger game in life. So that’s your tip for today. Thank you I’m Mandy from Mindset for Success


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